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Police investigate One Fiji office break-in

Police investigate One Fiji office break-in

07:01 TodayTaken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Maggie Boyle

The headquarters of a political party was broken into late Friday and confidential documents related to their manifesto stolen. One Fiji Party General Secretary Sitiveni Kalou says initial police investigations have confirmed the robbery could have been sabotage.

“We reported it to the police, they had teams come in and they’ve done their investigations, they think that its not your average robbery because there were other things in the office that would have attracted people who are out to steal things.”

Kalou says despite the robbery, the party is continuing their election campaigning with their 13 candidates. Police confirm the incident and investigations are ongoing

. – See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/22795/police-investigate-one-fiji-office-break-in#sthash.rMkE4HCR.dpuf

8 thoughts on “Police investigate One Fiji office break-in

  1. “” confidential documents related to their manifesto stolen. “”

    The mind boggles as to what could be confidential with respect to a manifesto?

  2. Dearest Aunty,

    We know these dumb arse peasants will not accept our election win even though it is ….free and fair, (ha ha, sorry, Qorvis have told me to work on my humour so the people will love me even more).

    Anyhoo, the Supervisor of Elections (mini me) allowed us to register a late candidate even though the forms are printed and postal voting has commenced.

    The new candidate’s name is………………. Jone Sodelpa.

    Many people have been sending us anonymous hate mail telling us they will vote for Sodelpa. Jone is very pleased about it and so are we.

    I can hear the whingers now. “How did FF win? We voted for Sodelpa”. We will let them have their wish. Am I a genius or what?

    Jone is just like the other FF candidates. He doesn’t think unless I tell him to. He did time in Naboro for break and enter. His skills are already proving useful. He is probably our most ethical candidate.

    Beloved Nephew

  3. I know who did it, the same fellow who broke into the PM’s office and stole the laptop about 7 years ago after scaling the heavily guarded home affairs building, bloody amateurs.ITS the RFMF PSY OPS TEAM. They’re psychologically disturbed group of soldiers ,all pretending to be specials Ops…….hahahahahaha, too many Rambo movies at Century theatre !!!

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