Villagers wary of false promises

Litia Vulaidausiga
Monday, September 08, 2014

UNKEPT promises have made some villagers of Wema in Noikoro, Navosa, wary of supporting certain political parties.The village is home to about 150 residents and as Kinisimere Diligodrau puts it, they were just happy to be able to vote and more so, at home in Wema instead of travelling to another isolated village.

However, they do hope aspiring politicians on the campaign trail will be just as enthusiastic post-election when it comes to delivering on their promises.

Village headman Amenio Takeiwai said the government had at least made some progress with the tarsealing of a considerable stretch of the Sigatoka Valley Rd.

“At the moment, the current government serving us has been popular because of the new roads, taking care of the school fees of our children and bus fare,” he said.

“Those parties which led previous governments came in with all these promises but once they got their seats in parliament, they forgot Navosa.”

Other communities which cast their votes in the province included those at Nabuabua where the polling station was open for an hour or so.

The rugged terrain also had a batch of Elections officials transported to Nakoro by helicopter.

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  1. People should understand why this government are doing all these left, right, centre for instance upgrading roads, handouts,etc, for Fiji because it has no opposition to challenge them. In a democratic government you won’t see this happening because there will be lots of opposition since a lot of money are involved here.


    Fiji first Party Supporters, please tell your leaders stop fooling the public because you are doing what you can do without any restrictions or oppositions and our future generations will have to foot the bill in US currency from money borrowed in Chinese currency.

  2. It is so sad that our people are judging election candidates and parties by the hand-outs they receive from the Government. It shows two things. The genuine need of people for the basics in life. The other is the sad outcome of this current regime’s vote buying tactics using Government funds without any accountability whatsoever. When we condition the public to a hand out mentality, it is unsustainable and very costly in the long term. It is also extremely counterproductive to our goals of empowering our citizens to be productive and successful without the dependence syndrome. This must be part of the social science curriculum in schools. Good governance and responsible the new millennium.

  3. Vote 279.

    FijiFirst is the only party that cares for all races.

    FijiFirst is the party that ensures to deliver what it promises.

    Other parties just pay lip service.

    So vote 279 for a better Fiji.


  4. Remember Fiji – previous Govts. promised but did not deliver!!!

    FijiFirst delivers what it promises and gives the nation more.

    FijiFirst walks the extra mile for its people.

    FijiFirst manifesto the best manifesto ever by a party.

    FijiFirst making a big difference.

    Vote 279 for a better and stable Fiji.

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