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Our Methodist Commander insists Fijian troops cannot be tried under Sharia Law and normal rules of engagement apply with terrorists.

Fijian troops cannot be tried under Sharia Law: RFMF Commander

13:10 TodayTaken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

The Commander of the Fiji Military Forces Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga says the detained Fijian soldiers cannot be tried under Sharia law as current agreements do not allow it to happen.

The Times of Israel reports the al-Nusra Front has threatened it will put the Fijians on trial under Islamic law as there has been no breakthrough in talks on their demands. Tikoitoga says, to his understanding, the Sharia law only applies to Muslims who breach the teachings of the Quran and as far as he knows, none of the Fijian soldiers have done that.

I must say that all UN Missions in any country has a memorandum of agreement with the host country – that our soldiers that whatever they do in those countries cannot be tried in those countries. They can only be expelled by the countries but it’s up to us to try soldiers that may misbehave in the countries that they work in. Tikoitoga adds, the news article is speculative of the situation because as far as they know, the Al-Nusra Front group has not made any such threats.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/22770/fijian-troops-cannot-be-tried-under-sharia-law-rfmf-commander#sthash.Su88NCli.dpuf

8 thoughts on “Our Methodist Commander insists Fijian troops cannot be tried under Sharia Law and normal rules of engagement apply with terrorists.

  1. Is he for real? Since when do terrorist organisations have MOU’s with the UN. This is further evidence that none of the leaders in Fiji have any idea what they are talking about.

    I suppose the journalists that have been beheaded have a UN grievance? This is frightening. Those soldiers need leaders who can negotiate their release.

  2. Our great AG has already a decree in the making that would ban terrorists from harming RFMF warriors. These brave men deserve to be protected. Bring them home where they can relax from the battle stress and torture a couple of unarmed civilians.

  3. No they don’t. After all they are terrorist just like Bai and Kaiyum who didn’t recognise the 1997 Constituion.

  4. The Commander should do well to keep his mouth shut because everytime he comments he shows that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader. He is just plain stupid to say what he said. The captive soldiers can be tried under any law the terrorist deem fit and beheaded if they decide to do so. He can take his MOU and use it as toilet paper, as far as the terrorists are concerned.

    Mo is losing his cool if not his marbles.

  5. Its a big mess. Simply shambolic! This is why the country needs people who know what they are saying and what they are doing. There are big questions already hanging over Fiji’s involvement at this peacekeeping mission and Tikoitoga’s public statements dont make things any bit better! The desperation to maintain soldier loyalty and assign them to hot spots for money enticement was going to crack one day and we may have just hit that now. This tragic situation should not have occurred but the consequence of turning the military into a money making venture and a mechanism for greasing support for undemocratic overthrows of Fiji’s elected governments is what we are witnessing here. Apart from this shambolic state of affairs, How can a military tasked to protect a nation, abuse/torture/murder the nation’s citizens? How can a military that is supposed to guard peace, stability and freedom and rights of citizens deprive a nation of these very virtues? How can a military that is servant to the state become master of the state? How can disciplined men of a military become thieves, criminals and self-imposed leaders of a nation? And last but not least How can a military that has illegally overthrown a government create its own constitution, impose immunity upon itself and assume the duty of guarding a nation’s democracy?……..HELLO…..These are things that the military has become……….no where else but in Fiji!!

  6. Hello, I am from the Philippines. Please do not brand the Fijian peacekeepers as cowards. The mere fact that they volunteered to do peacekeeping in the Golan Heights during this tumultuous times be speaks of their bravery. It is my opinion that they were ordered to surrender by the UNDOF Commander (http://www.timesofisrael.com/intl-military-officials-question-readiness-of-fijian-peacekeepers/).
    On the part of the Philippine Peacekeepers, please do understand that all of the members of that unit are veterans of Muslim Mindanao insurgency which are still ongoing. All of them have fought for years against this type of muslim radicals back home and all of this Filipino peacekeepers are Christians and when they come home they will be surely be sent back again in Muslim Mindanao to fight again. For a Filipino military especially a Christian one, who will be caught alive by this same type of Muslim radicals will definitely pay dearly with his life.. If a wounded Filipino soldier ever captured alive by these kind of people he will suffer and in the following order: the Muslim radicals will skin off the skin of both feet of the soldier and let him walk the length of a basketball court while pouring rock salt on the feet of the soldiers; next he will be held down by the muslim rebels and cut off his genitalia while being kept alive to suffer and pour salt on it; afterward when he has suffered enough they will slowly cut off the necks of the Filipino soldiers slowly and behead him; and finally the amputated genitalia will placed in the mouth of the cut-off head. After all of these have been done, these muslim rebels will get the cellphone of the dead soldier and text message everyone in the phonebook and inform them that they have killed the owner of cell phone and they themselves will describe in their messages what they have done to the soldier. And if the said cellphone is mms capable they will send a photo and videos of the mutilated soldier or videos while being mutilated. For those who have not engage with this kind of people please understand that based on their belief as a group or faith, the reason they mutilate people especially Christian is to prevent their soul from entering heaven. They believe that if a person who died is physically incomplete then he will be denied entry to heaven.
    I hope i have given you also an insight on probably what was on the minds of the Philippine peacekeepers when they resisted the Syrian rebels and refused to surrender despite the orders of the UNDOF Commander. Besides, when there was a 7 hour firefight the UNDOF Commander did not attempt to rescue or reinforce the besiege Filipino unit.
    Another thing which I want to point out also is that the duty of the UNDOF is between the Israel Government, Syrian Government and the United Nations. Their duty does not include any renegade bandits. The UNFDOF commander should have just considered these rebels a common criminals which must be repulsed by the peacekeepers or police entity.
    It saddens me to read now that the UNDOF and the commanders is trying to save face by saying that he did not order the Philippines and Fiji troops to surrender at the face of the enemy. So basically the Philippines and Fiji were made liars for reporting the such surrender orders were issued by the UNDOF Commander.
    As for the Indian commander of the UNDOF, he should man the the outpost with indian soldiers and demonstrate to everyone what is the proper procedure when dealing with these Muslim radical bandits (note: not legitimate Syrian Government Personnel). I guess the outcome will be that all rebels in Syria will fall inline to get the weapons from outposts manned by Indian soldiers because it is their protocol according to the Indian UNDOF Commander to lay down their firearms. Please note India General that you and the Indian Army in the Golan Heights are considered as Kufars by these muslim rebels. Good Luck with your protocols and join them in the outpost. (Typical Indian line of reasoning when being cornered, they really live up to their world reputation, which is to place the blame on someone self and be free from blame).

  7. ANONYMOUSE ABOVE, YOU SOUND LIKE A TYPICAL INDIAN HATING KAILOMA LOCAL cutting and pasting from the internet, most likely went to Marist Brothers school where the Christian priest have done things to your bum .The story above is so typical of a Marist boy…isa you can’t hide, kailoma.we can read you through and through .Oh and what an utter load of rubbish on your hypothesis !!!

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