Granny, 83 misses tick

Serafina Silaitoga
Saturday, September 06, 2014

AN 83-year-old woman with hearing difficulties was escorted out of a polling station in Macuata yesterday for allegedly yelling out the number of a candidate she wanted to vote for.

But for Arieta Samosi, who is deaf, yelling was her normal tone of conversing in the village of Nabukadogo.

And she explained that her yelling out the number was simply because of the advice given to her over the past months — to just circle, tick or cross a candidate’s number.

Ms Samosi said when she entered the polling station, she couldn’t even understand or had a single clue about what the polling officer was explaining to her.

So she thought all she had to do was say her number as advised.

But being disqualified from voting brought tears to her eyes as she had wanted to participate.

During an interview with this newspaper, she explained how she was taken outside of the polling station without being told the reason.

“Au ma te veitigitigi saraga. Sa mosi saraga vei au niu maka ni veitigitigi. Au erea me tuga a me ca’a ina (I wanted to vote and it hurts me that I couldn’t vote at all. I am asking if something can be done please),” Ms Samosi said.

Village headman Mosese Nawabalavu said policemen were there and should have been called in to assist.


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  1. Would be interesting to know who was she voting for as it would indicate if there was any bias or if the process was clean. If she was disqualified because she favored other party than FFp then a clear bias can be declared but if she favored the ffp then it could be declared that the process was clean and straight. Because the old lady had a handicap exceptions should have been made to accommodate her electoral wishes. Many other worse things have happened but allowed to proceed.

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