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For the courier company employee to be marking the ballot paper himself, that’s an offence clearly.”

Couple ‘forced’ to vote

Avinesh Gopal
Thursday, September 04, 2014

AN elderly couple was allegedly misled yesterday by a courier company employee into voting for someone whom they did not want to vote for.

It was the first incident of alleged irregularities reported as pre-polling began in the country yesterday in the countdown to September 17.

Jai Ram and his wife Satya Wati, both 80 years old of Horton St in Suva, said their daughter-in-law had applied for postal ballot on their behalf.

“A Fijian of Indian descent employee of the courier company came home this morning (yesterday) with the postal ballot papers and opened the envelopes,” said Ms Wati.

“He asked me who I will vote for. I told him that I’ll vote for the person who can bring peace to the country.

“He said only one person can bring peace and he gave me that candidate’s name.

“That man then ticked that candidate’s number and told me it was OK.

“He then took the ballot paper away. I didn’t want to vote for that person.

“I had wanted to discuss with my family members in the evening and then vote for the person that I was thinking of voting for,” she said.

Mr Ram said the courier company employee showed him a candidate’s number and told him to tick on it, saying he was the best candidate.

“I circled the number and I realised later that it was not the person I had wanted to vote for. I wanted to vote for the Fiji Labour Party.

“The man should have left the ballot papers behind but he took them.

“He insisted that he had to take them away,” said Mr Ram.

Chief Operations Officer, Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu confirmed receiving a report on the matter.

“We will have to get the other side of the story too from the courier company employee and an investigation will confirm what happened,” he said.

ACP Tudravu said the matter would be referred by the police to Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption for investigations, saying it was the first such case reported yesterday.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said his office was aware of the matter and FICAC was looking into it now.



14 thoughts on “For the courier company employee to be marking the ballot paper himself, that’s an offence clearly.”

  1. But I bet that noone is surprised – Aiyaz and Frank have had many years to try to plan their escape from justice – lying, cheating and thieving is like breathing to them by now.

    Prepare for the end, Fiji Foist – the dog days are nearly done.

  2. I thought the courier’s job is merely to deliver mail not to open or explain anything regarding the mail. The as ole deserves a stint in the slammer.

  3. Was the courier driver Muslim…since every Muslim you know goes around saying that they will support FF ‘under any condition’ and until their ‘last breath’. Just wondering

  4. Electrol Commission-tooth-less old and tired tigers.
    Minister of Election: Muslim,
    Supervisor of Election: Muslim.
    Any complains: Goes to FICAC.
    Courier Driver: FF supporter
    Elctions office rental cars: Muslim owner
    How coincidental. FICAC lawyer is a Muslim too!

  5. Let the fun and games begin. The postal voting has only just commenced and we are getting stories like this. Right from the start!!!

    How can anyone have confidence that the result will be fair? Even if this were to be the only incident, so early in the peace, confidence in the process will remain so low that no one will accept the result (except for Frank, Bai, Saneem and maybe a few foreign governments).

  6. @ Games

    I don’t think anyone ever thought that Aiyaz and Frank wanted this to be fair.

    Remember that Frank wants 99.9% of the Vote

    By hook or by crook, these tyrants will try to get what they want – but they cannot rewrite history…

  7. Criminals cannot get away from justice forever. There’s always going to be a cock up and the arm of the law will hit them. Looking at the mess that Fiji is in right now, one senses that the rope is tightening on the necks of the thieves. Public finances over the years not reported, a self-styled constitution imposing immunity from treason and robbery of the public purse, stage-managed election driven by ‘animal-farm style decrees’ that features sewing machines, garbage bins, salary for regime workers and couriered ballot papers etc, intimidation, torture and murder of citizens including ongoing suppression of freedoms and rights, – all in the presence of acquiescing and conniving judiciary, media and police, superviser of election etc! People have even forgotten about the missing millions from the container at the ports authority wharf and the $500m raised by ANZ from international bond market to help the regime – just to mention two! And on top of it 44 Fijian lives now in captivity at the hands of terrorists, used as pawns for negotitation in an undisclosed place, so far away from home! Fiji is in a very very big mess and things will get even worse because the criminals will not give up and are still adamant to make their get away. But the roads and escape route have slowly been cordorned off, the noose is getting tighter and believe me they know this too! Justice hovers and awaits them no matter how long it takes……..tik…tok…tik…tok…tik…tok!

  8. @ Courier driver

    And a muslim had his banana rammed at your rear.

    Pls stop racist comments.

    You will be surprised at the number of itaukei and hindus who support the FF party.

  9. Just vote for the party who is transparent and accountable to the people they serve..We dont want to live in fear but in peace and freedom to express ourselves. An ethical leader is one who rules with transparency and accountability.Do you see that in this current government?

  10. how many paid members are there for other political parties? if you need to get to know the real support.. you should get actuals from each party.. and I bet your racist comments will run up your rear. and i see transparency and accountability with the present caretakers.. all others are vouching for policies that will lead to corruption.. or make way to be corrupted..

  11. And of course.. the courier driver could have been earmarked by other pollitical parties to cause the discomforting scenarios

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