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For once I totaly agree with Mosese Tikoitoga that Fiji’s Muslim community is not at risk.

Fiji army head considers complaint against Rabuka

Updated at 9:24 pm on 3 September 2014

Fiji’s military commander has threatened to lay a police complaint against the former Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, over comments made about the soldiers captured by Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights.

In an interview with Radio New Zealand this morning, Mr Rabuka said Fiji’s Muslim community could face a serious backlash if the peacekeepers were harmed by their captors, the al-Qaeda affiliated group, al-Nusra.

Speaking to Auckland’s Radio Tarana, Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga says the comments are very disappointing from a former Prime Minister and could be tantamount to inciting violence.

“This is totally a mysterious comment, it could border on inciting violence and I think it should be reported to the police.”

Fiji’s military commander Mosese Tikoitoga.

Sitiveni Rabuka has since come out to say that he stands by his comments and was just pointing out something that could potentially happen.

11 thoughts on “For once I totaly agree with Mosese Tikoitoga that Fiji’s Muslim community is not at risk.

  1. The problem Mr Rabuka highlighted is not only true for Muslims but all people of Indian likeness, including, arabs, sri lankans, pakistanis, Italians, greeks, afghanis, etc. Itaukei in their normal frenzy don’t know how to differentiate between them. Sadly the comments made by the former PM is very likely to happen ,particularly in rural ares and perhaps in the city as well….the normal crooked gujirati business community may be repatriating their family members to Australia, NZ and other countries already in preparation.Rabuka know the natives very well and has used their sensitivities, before to devastating effect.

  2. Well said Rambo, you seem to know what you are taking about. If you cannot prevail against armed muslims in the Golan, why not beat up un-armed once at home?

  3. Rambo is, and always has been, a major supporter of Rambo.

    He bears a great shame for having reduced the RFMF to a private club of thieves and traitors; fit only for subverting and harming the nation that they were supposed to protect.

  4. What do Radiolucas and Former PM Rabuka have in common?


    Radiolucas and Rabuka both belong to SODELPA.

    Vakamadua na veivala.

  5. Rabuka, if he has ever learnt anything from his treasonous act, should thank god and the people he is not in prison for life. Though he may have forgotten, the people have not. If he has doubts about this, then he has to answer this question: Why did he and J R Reddy lose the election and the right to return to Parliament?

    The world has idolised soldiers, worshipped them as heroes, and made violence and murder a prime entertainment factor is movies, stories and music. Many in Fiji idlosed Rabuka for his crime in 1987. Their hero became their prime minister and ascended to be a life member of the GCC. These tell us that the world human society have not progressed but have regressed to the savage state. So it is that here in Fiji, we have become a colony of monkeys, satisfied with our monkey leaders and donkey courts. Thanks to the so called heroes, Siti, Vorere and Khai.

  6. Rabuka is such an arsehole. We in Fiji seem to be cursed–so many idiotic politicians and so few leaders who care about Fiji.

  7. NFp president Tupou said that when NFP joined with SVt/rabuka, he was elected. She also said that NFP will work with FF and frank post election once he is elected. (Source: straight talk)

    Well, it seems Tupou and NFP have changed their bandwagon and is trying hard to sleep with FF post election.


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