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What were the terms of reference for Fijian Troops and where was our senior officer?

“The President has instructed the Department of National Defense and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to prepare a report on the events over the past weekend as a guide for future policy and actions in similar situations,” he said.

On Monday, the AFP said it wanted UNDOF commander Lt. Gen. Iqbal Singh Singha, an Indian national, investigated by the UN for allegedly endangering the safety of the Filipino peacekeepers when he ordered them to lay down their firearms as demanded by the Syrian rebels.

AFP chief Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang said Singha ordered the Filipino peacekeepers to surrender their firearms to secure the release of the Fijian peacekeepers who were taken by the rebels after they surrendered their firearms.

Catapang said such order was not covered by the terms of reference of peacekeeping agreement with the UN.

The Fijian peacekeepers – at least 44 of them – were captured by the Syrian rebels who overran their position last week. They remained in captivity as of yesterday.

Their 75 Filipino counterparts, holed up at Positions 68 and 69, engaged their attackers in a seven-hour firefight after days of standoff


11 thoughts on “What were the terms of reference for Fijian Troops and where was our senior officer?

  1. The senior officers of Fiji Military should be sent to the Philippines for combat training and leadership courses.

  2. Check out this link from the Morning Mail 3/9/14

    Here is one quote:

    It is to be wondered what the families of the captured Fijians have to say about the Brigadier’s attitude of plenty more where they came from expendability toward peacekeepers?

    Here is another:

    Money to be made in peacekeeping

    The money made in peacekeeping is seen as one key reason for the Pacific nation’s involvement.

    The Australian National University’s Jon Fraenkel and Stewart Firth estimate Fijians brought home $322 million in their first 30 years of service with the UN.

    Some research even suggests total remittances from Fijians working overseas has become more valuable to Fiji than traditional sectors like sugar and manufacturing.

    In the last financial year, the UN spent nearly $8.6 billion on peacekeeping operations.

    Each UN member contributes to this budget, with the US, Japan and France the biggest donors.

    The UN then reimburses countries that are volunteering peacekeepers at a rate of just over $1,000 per troop per month.

    Fiji currently has 734 personnel on UN peacekeeping missions, of which the majority are troops.

    In a country where the gross national income is only $4,765 per person, more than $1,000 per troop every month is seen as good money.

    It is no surprise, therefore, that Nepal and Bangladesh are among other key contributors of troops to UN peacekeeping missions.

    And what is the Military Chief’s attitude towards the captured troops:

    We will send replacements. Plenty more where they came from. We want our money.


  3. Sai Lealea

    7 hrs ·
    I have just been passed the following information in relation to the capture of the 44 Fiji UN Soldiers at the Golan Heights!

    Information received from —–…!!!!

    1. Is it true that the members of the captured location were having a birthday party for a senior officer with taralala and kava the whole night and were incapable of a decisive action the next day when the terrorists came knocking??

    2. Is it true that not a single shot was fired and everyone ran into the bomb shelter instead of the gun pit??

    3. Is it true that Lt Col Alipate Vosaicake (a veteran of Lebanon, experienced officer, decisive officer, intelligent and courageous) was sidelined as the Commanding Officer of the Fijibatt Golan Battalion??… “It would have been a different story if he was the CO in Golan”, said —-.

    4. Is it true that 12 x SNCOs including some WOs (the backbone of any army) were off loaded and replaced with young and inexperienced soldiers???

    The citizens of Fiji need answers… credible answers!!!…

  4. Sa levu ga na pose nai taba. Na badge o dusia toka qori boy, sa boicici sara tu ga qo na kena i rogorogo. Ra nakita sara ga na sotia ni Filipino na biuta mai na taba qori, baleta e vakairataka sara tu ga na via via tera kei na I vukivuki esa tu vei ira na noda sotia. Vakacava me dua mada e biuta mai na I taba ni nodra maji vakaiyaragi wavokiki Suva tu kei nodra I liuliu Voreqe koya va sunglass tu qai dua tale tu na kena bandana. Vaka sera ga me lesu tu mai dua na vei tavuraki bula kei ira na meca baitkadi mai Syria se Iraq. Kerekere dua mada e biuta mai meda vakalialia mada na nodrai vukivuki qaciqacia viavialevu koya sa qau laurai tu qo na kena yalo e dina e tu, oya na rere kei na lamusona na gauna era sotava tikina eso tale ga era vakadakai. Fiji Army boicici qai boisonasona. hahahahahaha.

  5. Me tei eso na vuni tapi mai na Golan heights, mera. Vaka vuvuli cara. Kina o ira. Na noda. Sotia. Qaqa.the PUSSY BRIGADE, era na tereni. Ena vei tapi to wait to. Fight. Another day ,se. Vaka cava. Bai and tikonasona

  6. they were not even Cats who fought and ran away to fight another day. They were mouse who meekly surrendered to be totally subjugated to the will of the enemy. period. Calling them cats or even pussies do not do any justice to these sleek intelligent ferals who know when to fight, kill and disappear in the face of overwhelming odds. That better applies to the Philipinos. The 45 were more the meek mice that willingly trotted into the hands of the known enemy. Let’s pray for them though.

  7. Ratu She Shithead & Orisi Mouse,……………….

    Still can’t use your head!!!

    As Sunil Kumar had said – There’s a time for everything!!!

    This is not the time for insensitive comments!!!

    Anyway – read this article first:


    Have you considered the thought (the senior captured soldiers may have considered after knowing that there will be lots of problems expected from both sides prior to starting their duty at Syria) that the best way to fight such an intense situation and achieve your main goal is to play it cool and remain steady – and refrain from using excessive force?

    To show the rebels and Israel that our troops who are part of the UN are bringing peace to both sides. Our soldiers are willing to give their lives in order for peace to be achieved in these tense area.

    Our soldiers are the peace-makers – not Rambos as Sunil Kumar had mentioned. They want peace for both sides – the Syria and Israel side. They don’t want to escalate the situation and make it much more worse – hence used their head and were courageous to surrender and be taken captive so the situation can be calmed down.

    SO there can be peace!!!

    Sunil Kumar had raised an important issue and perhaps can be questioned again to you:

    Do you believe your God of peace can work miracles and use the power of love and humility to calm the situation in Golan???

  8. Nabua shithead

    But the as oles do not hesitate to use excessive force on unarmed civilians here at home. Your argument is like cow dung. Believing in God is easier said than done so stop the bulcrap…luveni baku.

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