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The difference between 40 Filipinos and 40 Fijian soldiers.

Forty Filipinos at one position, part of the total 331-member Golan Heights contingent, stood their ground and defended their camp for seven hours of intense fighting . After a two-day stand-off, the Filipinos managed to escape under cover of darkness . Forty other UN Peacekeepers from Fiji who had chosen to surrender remained in the hands of the Syrian rebels.



3 thoughts on “The difference between 40 Filipinos and 40 Fijian soldiers.

  1. Better to take a chance in fighting these terrorists than to surrender our firearms, our posts which we are supposed to defend at all costs, and ourselves to them and their satanic thirst for Christian blood.

    Once they know that these captured soldiers are Christians, they are automatically regarded as “infidels” and will be treated as any “infidel”. If they can behead an American journalist, a bonafide citizen of a sovereign world power, what is to stop these terrorists from doing the same to almost unheard-of third-world islanders?

    My heart also goes out to close relatives who are praying and wondering whether their loved ones will or will no more be seen again by them. That uncertainty and confusion is worse than to receive a sure and certain news of the demise of their family members in combat.

    But turning to God and His Son, the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, can bring peace and solace to our hearts. They are called King of Salem (Shalom=Peace) and Prince of Peace, in the scriptures, for the very purpose that They bring peace and comfort to our hearts and minds during times like this.

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