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The Zimbabwe Electoral Fraud Method.

The Zimbabwe  Electoral Fraud Method.

1. Establish a large number of postal voters.

2.Send out postal papers.

3. On the close off day for postal voting compile a list of all registered postal voters that have not voted in time.

4. Forge voting papers for all these voters with the Government party receiving all the extra votes.


Watch for a large percentage of overseas votes.





7 thoughts on “The Zimbabwe Electoral Fraud Method.

  1. Speaking of fraud, mahen chaudhry committed a big one on FLP supporters by pretending to represent their interests while filling his own pockets. Now he wants to hang on to the leadership despite being convicted in court. This man’s greed and lust for power knows no bounds. Dr Rohit Kishor should be the leader. he was very impressive on FBCTV. Despite the false smear campaign against him by Rajen Chaudhry, Dr Rohit Kishor came across as very reasoned and honest. Unlike the populist politician, NFP party leader Biman Prasad, who is making all kinds of false promises to people and pie-in-the-sky schemes just to get in parliament. Biman and mahen belong to the old, corrupt,guard while Rohit Kishor belongs to the new generation. People need to vote wisely this time.

  2. @ the Fra duster

    Mahen might have once been the slipperiest one in Fiji in 2006, but he still has NOTHING on the bald-faced sedition, murder, assault and corruption that Baini and Khaiyumi have had Fiji in during their dictatorship.

    You are right; People need to vote wisely this time.

    Vote for who you trust, vote for anyone but Fiji Foist.


    Lord, on the eve of Fiji’s 2014 elections, we pray that you will look with pity on the struggle of the people of Fiji who have endured years of hardship and suffering due to the instability brought about in Fiji by it’s military leaders. They have used the military in the past to usurp power from the rightful democratic leaders of this country who are mandated by the people of Fiji. Leaders who the misguided military were sworn to protect. Wrongly accused of corruption, these elected leaders have been replaced with a corrupt regime which has taken the country backwards and enslaved future generations with the burden of debt.
    Lord, you’ve seen the hate and greed in their murky hearts. After repeated intervention into Fiji’s public affairs, the military-led regime have forced a constitution on the people of Fiji which favours the usurpers of power and grants immunity to those responsible for the injustices and social ills caused by the 2006 military coup.
    We pray that the Fijian people, who have seen their rights eroded by the dismantling of their former institutions such as the Great Council of Chiefs, find the strength of spirit to return Fiji to its former state.
    We offer prayers to the Roko Tui Dreketi in her bid to contest the 2014 general election. Ro Teimumu Kepa, who as a Fijian leader shows great promise in taking this beautiful country of ours, into the future for the good of all its citizens.
    Ro Teimumu is a mother, a woman who is educated and of chiefly Fijian status. She stands like a beacon of hope amidst the turmoil of angry power seeking individuals. Lord we hope that you will unite the people of Fiji on election day to vote SODELPA into government. As a leader with true leadership experience and qualities, Ro Teimumu is what this country needs right now. A leader who is gentle and offers all communities of Fiji a rallying point for all parties so that a common goal and a bright future are possible for Fiji under the guidance of its first woman Prime Minister. To lead us away from the injustices of past military actions that have been forced on the people of Fiji with brutal consequences. We pray for an end to the present illegal, un-mandated rule of a government which has ruled with an “iron fist” for too long. May they see the err of their ways and accept the punishment which is rightfully due for their illegal actions. May they remain true to their promise and defend wholeheartedly the government of SODELPA when it comes to power.
    Together, we can achieve great things, but we must unite to reject the unlawful rule of Bainimarama and Khaiyum first. Unite to achieve a bright future for our grandchildren and great grandchildren which is guaranteed under the sound leadership of the Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa and The SODELPA political party.
    Lord, we hope that you will make the blind see that they have followed for too long, the leadership of individuals who have only greed and distain in their hearts. May they open their eyes and see that it is time to reject outright these evil doers and replace them with the kind and considerate leadership of a woman who can lead us all into a prosperous future.

    May God bless Fiji and SODELPA.

  4. Zimbabwe is it! The old fox Mugabe can teach every despot in the world a few new tricks. And Khaiyum is a fast learner. All seats in parliament will go to Fiji First.

  5. overseas voters need to take photos of their ballot votes before posting it, because it is bound to be changed when it leaves their hands

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