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Fijian troops who surrendered to terrorists have made us the butt of international jokes.



Does anyone in Fiji realise how the 44 Fijian troops who surrendered to terrorists have made us the butt of international jokes.

I was at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville yesterday and heard two senior officers laughing that if the had invaded Fiji in 2006 then the Fijian army would have surrendered without a fight as it appeared from the photo released that they were all fat old men.

Not the RFMF I was so proud to be a member of.




55 thoughts on “Fijian troops who surrendered to terrorists have made us the butt of international jokes.

  1. In his attempt to justify the surrender of Fijian soldiers, Tikoitoga’s analogy is that the situation was analysed, and they saw it fit to surrender rather than stand their ground because of the likelihood of high causalities. If this is how the Fiji Army reacts in the battlefield, then they are better off staying at home because in any crisis in the battlefield, there is hardly any equality in regards to numbers and weapons. Any man or woman joining the military understands fully well the high possibility of death when sent into war zones. If they are not prepared to die, they must not join at all. What happens now is that our military is a laughing stock all over the military world. Fiji’s army can no longer be trusted, especially by the Israelites, because they now know that all the enemy has to do is send in more terrorists than the Fiji soldiers manning check points and the next thing would be a white flag from the Fiji troops. What the Filipino soldiers did was normal for any army. They were prepared to die rather than become prisoners of these brutal terrorists. Now, some people will say, why don’t I join the army so that I go through the same experience as these captured soldiers. That is the crux of the matter, the reason I am not in the military is that I am not prepared to die in the battlefield. You see, if joining the army is one’s calling, then let the person face it’s consequences. Nevertheless, I am still praying for their safe return.

  2. Tamai Miller

    Sa i taba ga ni vuni ei na surrender sa tu ni kua mai delai Nabua; Levu ga na kodro wavoki i Viti..the legacy of Bainimarama.

  3. “The role of Infantry is to seek out and close with the enemy, to kill or capture him, to seize and hold ground and to repel attack, by day or night, regardless of season, weather or terrain”.

  4. Au raica na FBC TV nona vatarogi o Bai mai vua e dua na dau vola i tukutuku baleti ira na sotia ni viti era tauri tiko va vesu mai Syria. Qai solia na matana ca/kaukauwa vua na dau ni vola I tukutuku ya ka tukuna vua ena domo kaukauwa ni era bula vinaka tiko na sotia vesu. Na rairai kei Bai e vaka e dua na rairai ni tamata wavoki sega ni vaka na PM. Au vakabauta e ganiti koya vinaka me gole i Syria me lai veivosaki taka na nodra sere na sotia ka ra vesu tu ena vuku ni nona lewa ca. Ka me na vakaraitaka vei ira na lawalawa era veivesu tiko ni o koya na tagane me vaka ga na i tovo ni nona veivosaki kei ira na lewe ni vanua sega ni vayaragi tu e Viti. Au vakabauta ni dredre vua me lako ka bibi vua na veidigidigi sa roro tiko mai baleta ni via taura tiko ga na ulu ni veiliutaki i Viti.

  5. Ratu Sai sona levu……… you can’t even tell us your real name.

    I’m Sunil Kumar and I’m proud to be Fijian.

    I’m proud of my iTaukei brothers who have been keeping the peace in Middle East.

    You Ratu Sai – just one big sona levu! Period!

    Too much talk.

  6. I am disappointed that the Fiji soldiers had to surrender to the terrorists because it has lowered their reputation which had glowing commendations by UN and some others prior to this event. The warrior image has now been badly tarnished regardless of the circumstances. Had it been like the Philippines we would have held our heads high in pride of our soldiers. There may be some contributing factors which needs to be raised, analyzed and revealed to see why this has happened. Was it lack of training, lack of pride, low morale, wrong focus (more on money than on duty), poor leadership etc.

  7. Sunil, what have they been doing over there in the Middle East? Surrendering to terrorists.

    Which part of that story is good and honorable? There is nothing to be proud of. The honor in the RFMF was sold to Frank and Aiyaz for easy government appointments and lunch money.

    A taste for Power has corrupted the RFMF.

    The Rats have taken over the barracks and we need to clean out the camp, once and for all.

  8. We are PUSSY will fight another day,there is no other day left to fight ,your cowards will all die tikoitoga sona wadu

  9. @Sunil Kumar

    Peace my friend. We are all saddened and appalled too by what has happened. Saddened because of the captivity of the Fijian soldiers, a situation they clearly dread and which we are equally anxious about. We pray for their release and reunion with their families including conseling where needed. Butthis whole situation is appalling too because of the taint it has brought on the RFMF as a whole. Compare the analyses and choice of action by the two separate commanders – the Fijian command and the Philipion command. The Fijian chose the cat stance after analysing the situation whilst the Philipino chose the tiger stance. The result we have is the consequence of their choices. The tiger from the Philipines earned his and his troop’s freedom by not surrendering while the Fijian cat led his troop to captivity by surrendering their weapons. Isn’t this a clear demonstration of the cat’s dishonourable, timid and ineptitude character? And isn’t this what we see of the whole RFMF today?

  10. md60

    The episode is not yet finished.

    I thought you Christians have big belief in your God and believe a purpose for this to happen.

    So all the sona levu up there should not talk too much and wait and see as the story unfolds. Maybe your God has a purpose for my iTaukei brothers.

    Ratu Sai – just one sona levu fala. Wanting to spoil the good deeds of my iTaukei soldier brothers.

  11. This is not about belief in God. Its about a bunch of sissys who torture people in Fiji but surrender without a fight at the first sign of trouble.

    The episode is far from over but the as oles have been shown up by the Phillipinos fro the cowards that they are.

    Kumar you go n 69 md60

  12. It is time for the military tigers (Bai and Tikoitoga) to lead the rescue team to Syria. As good leaders they must do this. Where are the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Roving Ambassador Naivalurua? Are they hiding under their wives skirts? They should be out there negotiating for the release of the soldiers.

  13. @ Tamai Miller

    Ai; the article below is what its all about: shows up the sorry state of affairs within the Fiji military command structure, as well as its rank and file.

    Filipino force defied UN commander in Golan crisis

    Tuesday, September 02, 2014

    Update: 10:50AM Manila says it ordered its troops to fight back and escape, instead of surrendering to the Syrian Islamists as the UN wished.

    The Philippine military said on Monday that a UN peacekeeping commander in the Golan Heights should be investigated for allegedly asking Filipino troops to surrender to Syrian rebels who had attacked and surrounded their camp.

    The disagreement is another blow to a UN peacekeeping mission that has been threatened by an escalation of violence in a buffer zone it has been guarding between Israel and Syria. A number of countries have withdrawn their troops from the peacekeeping force due to rising rebel attacks.

    Forty-five Fijian peacekeepers who surrendered their firearms to the rebels last week are still being held by the al-Qaida-linked insurgents.

    The commander of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, or UNDOF, which supervises the peacekeeping mission in Golan, was overseeing talks with the Syrian rebels to secure the freedom of the Fijians.

    However, Catapang said he would not agree to any resolution of the hostage crisis that would put Filipino troops in grave danger.When the besieged Filipino troops sought his advice after they were ordered to lay down their arms as part of an arrangement with the rebels to secure the Fijians release, Catapang said he asked them to defy the order.

    “I told them not to follow the order because that is a violation of our regulation, that we do not surrender our firearms, and, at the same time, there is no assurance that you will be safe after you give your firearms,” Catapang said.

    .”Our stand is, we will not allow our soldiers to become sacrificial pawns in order to save the Fijians,” Catapang told The Associated Press.

    “They should look for other ways and means to save the Fijians.”

    UNDOF did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

    Catapang said an investigation would allow the UNDOF commander to explain his side and the Philippine military to explain why it advised the Filipino peacekeepers to defy his order.

    Due to the differences over the handling of the Golan crisis, Catapang said he asked a Filipino military officer playing a key role in UNDOF to resign.

    The Philippines has given notice it will not deploy a new contingent when its current peacekeeping force ends its already-extended stint in October.

    The latest crisis began after Syrian rebels overran the Quneitra crossing located on the de facto border between Syrian- and Israeli-controlled parts of the Golan Heights on Wednesday.

    A day later, insurgents from the al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front seized the Fijian peacekeepers and surrounded their Filipino colleagues, demanding they surrender.

    The Filipinos, occupying two UN camps, refused and fought the rebels on Saturday.

    A first group of 35 peacekeepers was then successfully escorted out of one camp by Irish and Filipino forces in armored vehicles.

    The remaining 40 peacekeepers were besieged at the second camp by more than 100 gunmen who rammed the camp’s gates with their trucks and fired mortar rounds.

    The Filipinos returned fire in self-defence, Philippine military officials said.

  14. Congratulations to the courageous Filipino warriors who refused to surrender to Islamic terrorists. The cowardly UN commander (not hard to guess which country he is from) who asked the brave Filipinos to surrender must be named and shamed – then brought to justice for cowardice. the Filipinos told him in no uncertain terms to fark off!! We need a Filipino to lead the Fijian so called soldiers. The current leaders are trash!!

  15. Someone once coined that their is a very fine line between stupidity and courage.

    The philipino’s got lucky. Otherwise, we would have called them stupid.

    Food for thought.

  16. Soldiering is not about stupidity and courage but courage and cowardice. The Fiji unit demonstrated cowardice through its leadership.

  17. @ ‘biman’

    Lucky my foot!

    Try not to harbour jealousy in your faint heart whilst begging the nation to pray for your captured soldiers whose stupid decision to give up so easily is symptomatic of the bigger problem facing Fijians – its cowardly dictatorship.

    What the nation wants to see is a rescue plan and the top 5 goons at a press conference, pictured in the Fiji news on the way to Syria already to bring back their soldiers. How? That’s their headache to figure out and what they’re paid to do!

    In the meantime, check out a fav. hit by the Beatles for your ears only….


  18. the issue with our military man in delainabua is this, the lack of vision and lack of experience in conflict management, maybe in peace keeping duties YES, but come on Fiji as a military of strength then you must be kidding. I thought with a sandhurst grad like Mosese tikoitoga, then a sensible and logical reason in explaining the reasons why it was practicable and logical for the particular commander to surrender. what a joke!!!!!
    from my personnel experience there is no way in hell I would surrender, either way if the odd is stack against you, and you have a fort to defend then thats where you utilise your resources and call in assets that are available like other forces within the vicinity so on and so forth. What an embarrassment, you guys better start putting skirts and brand yourself as dads army. take a look in the mirror and see what a bunch of losers you RFMF are!!!

  19. Tamai Miller

    You too one big sona levu.

    The RFMF captains analyzed the situation and saw it necessary to surrender their position.

    They did not do this because they were afraid – far from it!

    They did this because they have a standing order to follow and the situation demanded it.

    They were not blinded by their pride nor by their worry of death nor their reputation being tarnished.

    They did what they did because of the situation they were presented with.

    They are PEACE keepers not some idiots wanting to play Rambo.

    They gave up their lives for the sake of something bigger than themselves and the trust in their god and the UN to cool things down and sort things out.

    There is a time for everything – a time to be brave and fight and a time to think of the bigger picture and the courage to do what is right.

    To surrender and give in your lives and not to make the situation worse off is a courageous decision for a bigger good.

    So you Tamai Miller and others up there just one big sona levu! Too much talk.

  20. Kumar you are nothing more than a barking dog with his tail between his legs and you would do well to analyse your lamusona motive.

    If surrender was the better option; they might just lose their heads in the process. They would have been better off fighting it out where their fate is in their hands rather than in the hand of thugs wielding a kitchen knife at their throats.



  23. The Fijian soldiers have acted in line with the national character of all Fijians:


    Wether it is a unsavoury dictator such as Khaiyum or the violent brand of islamic terrorism that we see in the middle east, Fijians surrender at the first sign of resistance and power. The entire nation is bending over and asks to be screwed some more by Khaiyum, the RFMF lamusona behave like true surrender monkeys. Fijians are great heroes only, when they can beat up unarmed women and torture innocent civilians.

  24. If they only do the same at home instead of interfering in the affairs of government. Why go to the other side of the world to keep peace when they cause instability at home.


  26. ratu sai or ratu sona……why are u so angry ….u should be praying for our boys instead of criticizing them…..u must be one hell of a coward….i have never seen a man to go to a so low down gutter level….

  27. Ambassadors of peace

    WE are united as all Fijians across the globe in our thoughts and prayers for our fellow countrymen and their families back home.

    Hopefully these rebels understand our boys are peacekeepers and not mercenaries.

    If only these rebels would take some time to spend with our troops, they’d realise the world would be a much more peaceful place if they had the heart and soul and fabrics that make us Fijians. The way the world should be. Godspeed for a safe return

    Imagine if one of them was your brother, your dad or uncle-how would you feel? Lets not criticize them, but rather hold hands together and pray for their safety. They are our people!!! God bless them and God bless FIji <3

  28. Vinaka Sunil Kumar.

    Yes our soldiers deserve our support for such a time as this.

    We are all Fijians and we must unite together for our boys when they need us the most – no matter which political party or religious group or race or creed they belong to.

    We are all Fijians and need to stand together in times of need.

    God bless, guide and protect Fiji and our peacekeepers.

  29. Why should I pray for them? It is their choice to be military officers and it was their choice to surrender. I have relatives serving there right now, I respect their choice to be there and what befalls them as a result.

    Did anyone ever asked the nation to pray for victims of brutality perpetrated by the military right here at home?

  30. Su nil Kumar
    Peace Keepers are there to defend the buffer zone. When they are faced with threat they must stand their ground or fight their way out. Not surrender at the first sign of threat. The rule of engagement is they must return fire if they are fired at. Were they fired at in the first instance? The Fiji Military leadership should have applied situational leadership under such circumstances and fight, not surrender. Learn from the action of the Filipino peacekeepers. Sunil Kumar you are a typical sona levu soldier living in the footsteps of your coward leader Bai who is only good in fighting unarmed civilians. By now Bai and his cronies should be on the ground negotiating or fighting for the release of the soldiers.

  31. Can we have a sensible exchange of ideas and debate rather then demeaning others to name calling? just shows your intellect and lack of knowledge and non existence of tolerance.
    I can say I am a former fiji solidier ex sapper then opportunities did opened up to further my military career in UK which I excelled tremendously. I ended up on operations leading men into war-zones not on peace keeping duties which I did with honour and pride not because of me being trained by the best military in the world but also taking pride of been an Islander that represented Fiji and be part of what is proven to be professional.
    However I used to come across the UN Fiji soldiers in the middle east and I do feel pity and sadden with the lack of resources and general awareness of a peace keeping force that is out there. the lack of awareness and training to deal with the real threat and having some sort of training that mirror the threat that is there and not only stag on and stay in a peace keeping role and majority of there induction training just on awareness training and peace keeping.
    A point that I think All will agree on is this, we condone what has happened to the Fiji lads in Syria, what I dont agree with is commanders on the ground on that day that made the decisions to surrender and that is just embarrassing and not what you signed up for as a soldier? to protect the people and its sovereignty. It is also unthinkable in a modern day army to have a non combat officer non infantry trained leading a force like that, an infantry officer or Equivalent will be ideal. however a lot have to be looked at the Fiji military organisation and re-model in a way that it is role related and specialised role.
    I personally think it starts from the top heavy officers and get rid of the amount of Cols, LT Cols out there which is just a waist of space and streamline it, then the list goes on …….

  32. @Sunil
    the soldiers were only following orders, the CRW said it, the current soldiers (who now realised the depth of corruption by this govt) said it and the RFMF command are saying it.
    the current soldiers continue to say, they only doing what they doing to put food on the table.
    when will the soldiers wake up to their real task (what they signed up for) and live up to their OATH?

  33. Au vakasarava toka na kedratou i taba na cauravou mai na Golan heights au raica rawa e vica na ka e na I rairai ni matadratou.
    1. Confused on orders given to lay down arms when they know fully well that they can do it.
    2. Fiji U.N Peace keeping started in 1978 and it’s over 35 years now, have they changed the training syllabus, weapons, selection criteria age group of those selected to suite weather conditions, geographical layout of the place and different situations they are going to face.
    3. Mentality of following orders first and complain later should not apply in situation where your life or comrade’s life is at risk.
    Kauta lesu na vakanananu ni bula mai na UNIFIL e na 78 & 79 e dua na Palesitana a bolei ira na sotia ni viti ena Battallion HQ mai Qana, vivigi koya tu e na grenades kei na nona vanavana tiko mai.
    Soli nai vakaro me kua ni dua e vana sega ni via muria o kovula Qio ex- Malaya mai Vanualevu a qai vanai koya mate. Ke a sega oya ke a dua tani nai talanoa.
    Mai na Cautata O.P (ALBAZURIA) e ra a tarogi Ratu Penaia kina eso na sotia ni ra sa via lesu tale mai ki viti kara kaya ni vaka ga e ra kau mai mera mai vakamatei baleta na i vakaro e tiko me kakua ni vakayagataki na dakai vakavo ke sa soli na veivakadonui.A sauma o Ratu Penaia ka kaya ” kevaka o kila ni o sa tiko e na dua na situation ka na rawa ni vakaleqai kina na omu bula kei na nomu I tokani vana na meca me mate sara, sega tale ni dua nai tukutuku e rawa ni solia”.
    Vei kemudou na cauravou, au sega beka ni dua vata kei na nomudou vakabauta vakapolotiki
    ia au duavata kei ira kece sara nai taukei e na gauna oqo na nanumi kemuni e na masu.
    Mo ni kila ni o JIOVA e levu cake sara mai veia Alla na nodra kalou na veivesu tiko qori.
    Me nomuni na vakacegu. GOD BLESS.

  34. Dei tiko boys,keimami sa veimasulaki tu ga yani mo ni yaco bula kece mai.

    God allows some tough situation like these to happen so that his plan will unfold.

  35. Ratu She Shithead……………


    You wanting to to argue just for the sake of arguing!!! Use your head – you idiot!!!

    As Sunil Kumar has said – there’s a time for everything!!!

    So remember there’s a time for everything – and if it happens that you wish to raise an important point then at least use your head to present your case in a sensitive way!!!

    Especially when we all don’t know the full story!!!

    We are all proud Fijians and must exercise cautions on sensitive times!!!

    Hehehehehehehe…………………….. you cock roach!!!

  36. Ena qai yaco ga mai gauna eda na qai kila na dina ni veika ea yaco.Ena rai vaka sotia infantries esega ni dodonu me yaco ya.,ena na yasana vaka peacekeepers e dua tani tale na rairai ya,Vakabauta ni sa na kenai otioti saraga ni ratou na via vakaitavi tale ena dua na UN mission o ratou na Phillipines ena M/East ena veika e ratou sa cakava.They will never set their foot again in tha Middle East.Baleta o ratou nai lala qo AL rebels ratou tiko kece ena vanua kece qo,M/East.Ena rai vaka PK, mataivalu ni Viti ena rawa ni doladolava na veikatuba ni veilawalawa Rebels wili kina na ISIS ,AL Qaida, me rawa kina meda veirogoci.Rogoci kina na domodra kei na ka era gadreva dina tiko.Katuba levu sa dolava qo na mataivalu ni viti e vuravura.BLESSED ARE THE PEACE MAKERS FOR THEY ARE CALLED CHILDREN OF GOD.O cei e cata me vakatokai kina.Ni vakacegu.Da nanumi ira tikoga ena masu.

  37. No matter what roles a military organisation play in a conflict zone, wether it is conventional, or peace keeping one thing is for sure…….!! you do not surrender and lay down arms, what happen to the right to self defence? if you believe your life is in imminent danger then minimum force can be use to render or eliminate the threat? wasn’t that part of the Geneva convention? the right to self defence and the right to bear arms? bringing that back to the Fiji Un lads, an embarrassing and lowest moment for the Fiji soldiers.

  38. Nabua shithead

    Indeed there is a time for everything or what goes around comes around.

    For 8 years the Fiji military has been riding roughshod and brutalising unarmed civilians at home. Now they have been shown up as cowards when faced with armed opposition.

    I am a proud Fijian but I am ashamed of the Fiji military history of interfering in the political affairs of the country.

    The vicitims who have died at their hands have all been forgotten and their loved ones left to fend for themselves. There was no call for prayers on their behalf, so you see you are just a two faced hypocrite, a sewer rat.

  39. Ratu Jack Lamusona & Ashamed Anony

    Use your head you idiots!!!

    Learn to humble yourself and not let pride blind you!!!

    Learn to control your anger so that hate also doesn’t blind you!!!

    Learn to have the courage to do what is right when the opportunity presents itself!!!

    Our soldiers in Golan are peacemakers who are out there to bring about peace ……….. how many times should I tell you this??? You mad???

    Most of us believe our military are not afraid of anyone – and were willing to stand their grounds and defend themselves – even in the face of death.

    They didn’t fire at the rebels because of the reasons I’ve already mentioned: the situation was tense and alot of fighting had already happened even before Fiji went there in 2013. Some countries had even withdrew from Golan!!! Some rebels had no more faith in the UN in its mission of bringing peace.Alot of commentators who had vast knowledge of Golan and the current environment had even predicted that Fiji will be facing a huge challenge!!!

    The question these soldiers were posed with is what should be done so there can be peace as this was their main mission.

    In such situation only a courageous group would fight the problem using the right weapon:- the weapons of love, respect and humility!!! There is power in these weapons that will cool off the tense situation and calm the the environment so there can be some order and peace.

    We Fijians should be proud of our soldiers for having the wisdom to know what should be done in such tense times in Golan – and actually do though it.

    Now I ask you – please stop your derogatory and insensitive comments and pray for our boys as the nation is praying for them.

  40. Nabua Prick

    Baci vosa tu lai nomu sona..sa cawa ga mai na ena i boi ra ulukau. Courage is what the Phillipinos showed. Only as oles like view the action of the Fiji bocis as courage…sa da lasutaki.

  41. No matter what the excuse will be? the damage has already been done, “surrender even without a fight”, that will stick with the Fiji soldiers forever. I know it is a fact Fiji is a good nation when it comes to peace keeping duties and most is due to the nature of the people, friendly and have a low tolerance and mostly to do with our culture of listening to leaders and the acknowledgement of the chiefly system and that where it ends and does bring a big disadvantage and problems with it.
    Anyway to say Fijians are to be proud of there soldiers? then I do beg the difference! since the 2006 coup till now it is with shame and fear, that is what majority of the Fiji people view the Fiji military.

  42. Ronaldo,

    Hello, I am from the Philippines. Please do not brand the Fijian peacekeepers as cowards. The mere fact that they volunteered to do peacekeeping in the Golan Heights during this tumultuous times be speaks of their bravery. It is my opinion that they were ordered to surrender by the UNDOF Commander (http://www.timesofisrael.com/intl-military-officials-question-readiness-of-fijian-peacekeepers/).

    On the part of the Philippine Peacekeepers, please do understand that all of the members of that unit are veterans of Muslim Mindanao insurgency which are still ongoing. All of them have fought for years against this type of muslim radicals back home and all of this Filipino peacekeepers are Christians and when they come home they will be surely be sent back again in Muslim Mindanao to fight again. For a Filipino military especially a Christian one, who will be caught alive by this same type of Muslim radicals will definitely pay dearly with his life.. If a wounded Filipino soldier ever captured alive by these kind of people he will suffer and in the following order: the Muslim radicals will skin off the skin of both feet of the soldier and let him walk the length of a basketball court while pouring rock salt on the feet of the soldiers; next he will be held down by the muslim rebels and cut off his genitalia while being kept alive to suffer and pour salt on it, and afterward when he has suffered enough they will slowly cut off the necks of the Filipino soldiers Slowly. For those who have not engage with this kind of people please understand that based on their belief as a group or faith, the reason they mutilate people especially Christian is to prevent their soul from entering heaven. They believe that if a person who died is physically incomplete then he will belied entry to heaven.

    I hope i have given you also an insight on probably what was on the minds of the Philippine peacekeepers when the resisted the Syrian rebels and refused to surrender despite the orders of the UNDOF Commander. Besides when there was a 7 hour firefight the UNDOF Commander did not attempt to rescue or reinforce the besiege unit.

    Another thing which I want to point out also is that the duty of the UNDOF is between the Israel Government, Syrian Government and the United Nations. Their duty does not include any renegade bandits. The UNFDOF commander should have just considered they rebels a common criminals which must be repulsed by the peacekeepers.

    It saddens me to read now that the UNDOF and the commanders is trying to save face by saying that he did not order the Philippines and Fiji troops to surrender at the face of the enemy. So basically the Philippines and Fiji were made liars for reporting the such surrender orders were issued by the UNDOF Commander.

  43. I think we should be proud of them because first of all they knew what they were getting themselves into and yet they went, some of you may say its for money which maybe true in some cases but the question is would you have done otherwise judging form the economical state Fiji’s in at the moment .
    Secondly: before they were even deployed, fully developed countries that were already serving were planning to pull out of the mission due to the intensity of the ongoing exchange of fire. Those brave Fijian man were armed with M-16A2’s which first came into use by the American navy in the late 1980’s. This gun was semi automatic, and the guns the enemy was using were high caliber, most of them AK 47 which is a high caliber automatic assault rifle, they also came in numbers which made it less difficult to overrun the camp
    i’m not saying that the m16 is a bad weapon or that the other countries are cowards for pulling out,what im saying is that this soldier’s had to take it up against men who were well equipped and also funded by very rich people, terrorists who had a certain mindset that made them believe that what they where doing was actually right (if im not wrong ). before the men went in to fire they were advised by Lt General Iqbal Singh Singha commander of the UNDOF to surrender their weapons, the reasons as to why, I personally don’t know. those Fijians were brave for following the orders of the commander because who knows It
    could have gone the other way.

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