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When MONEY becomes more important than safety….. Replacing those captured while all other countries are recalling their peacekeepers as the situation is out of control

Going Golan

Tevita Vuibau
Monday, September 01, 2014

THE military has started selection of soldiers to replace the 44 Fijian peacekeepers who are captives of Islamist militants in the Golan Heights.

And RFMF commander Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga says there is no shortage of Fijian soldiers willing to replace them.

During a press conference yesterday morning, Brig-Gen Tikoitoga said Fiji remained committed to the UNDOF mission.

“In fact, yesterday, we started selection of the next 44 to go and replace the 44 that are now in captivity,” Brig-Gen Tikoitoga said. “If it happens that they’ve gone through some traumatic experience and need to be returned home, we have 44 ready to replace them.”

As of yesterday evening, all Filipino peacekeepers trapped by Islamic militants on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights were safely evacuated. But nothing is known of the whereabouts of the Fijian peacekeepers captured by Al Nusra militants on Friday.

Brig-Gen Tikoitoga says their best guess is the 44 will be used as leverage in negotiations with the United Nations.

“We can only now guess what they want and the closest that we can come to is they will probably use our guys as leverage for something.

“But I don’t think it’s anything more than that. They know Fiji can’t offer anymore than what we have soldiers on the ground.”

The RFMF commander was pragmatic of the effect this approach will have on the al-Qaida linked Al-Nusra faction.

“Do they get political mileage for this? Maybe they do.

“But sooner or later they will be very unpopular because the whole world will come down against them.”

Meanwhile, as families trickled in to the crisis centre at the Officers Training School in Vatuwaqa for news of their loved ones, unverified photos of the captured 44 were making the rounds on social media.

The photos, one a group shot and the second a photo of the peacekeepers ID cards, were allegedly posted by Al-Nusra.


10 thoughts on “When MONEY becomes more important than safety….. Replacing those captured while all other countries are recalling their peacekeepers as the situation is out of control

  1. If Frank was there he would never surrender, he would just run, he holds the world record in casava patch dash!!

  2. Is there any cassava in the Golan Heights?

    Best that he take lots of spare pairs of sapo too. He and Meli can name their new unit the Cassava Patch Dashers.

    Finally, he can have a title that he has earned, instead of stolen.

  3. The leader of the troops is Capt S Siwatibau Rabuka.

    He has done his analysis and came to a decision.

    You idiots think it’s easy to be soldiers.

    You sona levu.

  4. Commander of the Philipino soldiers did his analysis and chose to resist and counter the rebels but Siwatibau Rabuka did same analysis and chose to be a cat rather then a tiger! He lured the Philipino troop commander to take the cat stance along with him but the Philipino tiger did not surrender. The result – the tiger commander fought his way to freedom along with his troop while the cat commander was taken captive with his! Question is which of these two commanders is the more honourable?

  5. Sunil thinks that if your job is hard, you should be allowed to choose not to do it.

    Maybe they should skip the whole RFMF part and Frank and Aiyaz can just make them new government ministers.

    Remember the honor of the real fighting men of Fiji, not the thieving, cassava patch-sprinter kind.

  6. Radio,

    How do you know all these soldiers are FijiFirst?

    Some of them are SODELPA, NFP, FLP and PDP supporters.

    You dare paint them all with the same brush!

    My soldier iTaukei brothers are going through a difficult time and we should be praying to our gods to protect them.

    But you just interested in shit talk.

  7. Sunil, why don’t we call a spade a spade. Yes, we are not fully aware of the circumstances of that day. But we do have two parallel events of similar circumstances. The above comments were merely pointing the two different responses to a similar situation. Our Filipino soldiers chose to stand their ground. Our Fiji commander decided to surrender. Until we know the full story, let’s not be carried away with chatter and idle negative talk. The fact remains, the Fijian commander surrendered. The question is why?

    As related by other observers, that decision is a function of his training, personal experience, and on the ground assessment. The fact is that the former commander of RFMF who sent them there is a coward in the fullest sense of the word. He ran away from battle. he ran away from his prosecution. He ran away from accountability for his actions and management of Fiji State resources. He has been running away from the battle all his life.

    Yes, our God is Lord and Sovereign. All things work together for good for those who love God, and for those who are called, according to His purpose. Vorere Maramanibai is a coward. He has destroyed the fine tradition of the RFMF. He will be held accountable someday soon. On that you can be absolutely certain. Whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap.

  8. Fijian soldiers have not being tested since independence. What ever they achieved in Malaysia/Malaya during the world wars 1 & 2 were under Colonial British supervision.

    Under local commanders this is the first time the Fijian soldiers (99% i taukei’s) were tested. When one joins a military as a soldier that person puts his/har life on line and not to be such a pussy cat and ready to surrender.

    The result of all these lamu sona soldiers are before the whole world to see. What ever little reputation they had after the 1987 coups are now down the DRAIN.

    Shame on all i taukei soldiers and their lamu sona commanders.

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