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Photo shows captured Fiji soldiers unharmed


Last updated 13:21 31/08/2014


This photo, tweeted by an al-Qaeda linked Syrian rebel group, is thought to show 38 of the 44 Fiji soldiers they are holding prisoner at an unknown location

An al-Qaeda linked Syrian rebel group has this morning tweeted a picture of at least 38 of the 44 Fiji soldiers they are holding prisoner at an unknown location.

The soldiers, part of a United Nations border monitoring force, were captured without a fight, on Friday. Another UN group made up of 38 Filipino soldiers refused to surrender and are still fighting.

The unverified picture shows the unarmed soldiers apparently health.

Fiji Broadcasting reports that Military Forces Commander General Mosese Tikoitoga will update the country later today on the fate of the soldiers being held by the group Al Nusra Front.

Tikoitoga admitted yesterday they do not know where their men are now being held.

He would not release the soldiers’ names, citing the sensitivity of talks with the Syrian rebels.

He said the UN was conducting talks with the captors.

“They confirmed that our men are safe and they are all well.

Tikoitoga said according to the leader of the Al- Nusra group, they had been moved to a location out of the range of any security forces (Syrian security forces).

“So their whereabouts at this stage, unfortunately, I cannot confirm and nor can the UNDOF (UN Disengagement Observer Force) team.”

Amidst growing questions over why the Fijians so quickly surrendered, Tikoitoga said it was too early to judge what had happened.

“I think from the (Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF)) perspective this is the first time it has happened to us, we’ll continue to look at our operating procedures, we will not shy away from our responsibility as international peacekeepers.

“We understand what the UN is trying to do in the region and we understand our role as good global citizens. I am very hopeful that we will get our soldiers back in time, judging from past experiences where all UN hostages have been returned in good health.”

The capture of the Fijians comes as their country heads into general elections on September 17, the first elections since 2006 and a military coup.

On Friday the military strongman Voreqe Bainimarama appealed for the release of the soldiers.

“These men are peacekeepers, not combatants in the Syrian conflict, and there is no need for them to be detained,” he said.

There are currently 1223 peacekeepers serving in UNDOF from the Philippines, Fiji, India, Ireland, Nepal and the Netherlands. UNDOF has been tasked with monitoring a cease-fire between Syria and Israel since 1974


27 thoughts on “Photo shows captured Fiji soldiers unharmed

  1. If this is the lot that were taken prisoners after they surrendered without a fight: than it is not suprising at all. Most of them look like they have gone well past their use by dates: there is hardly any fight left in them.

    The Fiji military should seriously re-examine their selection criteria for deployment to such volatile areas of operation.

  2. Those looks on their faces are so sad, please GOD help us to have them back home, soon.
    These men went untrained since we have sanctions on our nation and none of these boys have been to Sandhurst or Waioru any other reputed training exercises ,not even with friendly Chinese forces. All the RFMF money has been squandered on fancy tinted four wheel drives.for the Voreqe and his ugly children. The S.O.P ‘s actually don’t exist, They only have S.O.P’s for local rebellion control backed by Khaiyum decrees.

  3. For all those people who are criticising the army, hope you have the balls to join the army in the first place.

    Do you pick a fight if are outnumbered by 5 to 1. No.

    Instead of praying for the soldiers, by making such comments reflects your upbringing. Your hatred for FB should not tarnish or cloud the good work done by RFMF.


  4. The RFMF no longer exists, proud man/woman. It disbanded itself and was renamed “FMF” with the word “Republic” added on to make it sound similar, back in 1987.
    The old British ,American , Gurka training is all gone AND NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WANTS TO JOIN THIS LAMUSONA BRIGADE .
    Five minutes into battle and the white flag comes out. Five minutes of Mutiny and most of the soldiers from both sides die….WHO the f”””k would want to join unless theres nothing to eat at home and its the only form of employment, in which even that’s not done properly. The whole qauri force should be disbanded and the money spent to educate your children…beats spending tax payer money on marching boys and girls with a fettish for holding guns.

  5. @proud fijian what the hack are you talking about, the. Bullies have met their match. Vaqakoro tiko mai. Viti, killing survillans, torturing them at the camp, sai vei tale na vaka terateraj, they should be all Killed and their. Boss Qiliho beheaded .serve them right.people stop praying to God for help.Ni mate yani ni yavu. KAWA ca

  6. Sobo sa da loloma dina ….blame lies with the rot from the top with Bai & Tiko……..
    How come the Filipinos knew what to do and FMF didn’t?
    Vakaloloma noda sotia baleta sa sona na veiliutaki ni ratou sa via liutaki viti sara qai macawa mai na keba ni ra sega ni rawa ni rawata na vakayagataka na dakai

  7. The Filipinos who courageously stood their ground and refused to surrender to the Islamists are now free? These FMF bash and intimidate their own people but run down the cassava patch (like the goose bhaini) when faced with real guns and throw up their hands in surrender. Well done brave and courageous Filipinos!!

  8. There were twice as many filipinos who escaped in the night. How can we call them brave.

    If we can’t have sympathy for our fellow fijians, how can we itaukei be united. And if Frank was wrong, why blame it on the poor soldiers.

  9. @proud fijian

    Because soldiers should be prepared to fight not surender meekly. There were 38 Plillipinos as compared to 44 Fijians.

  10. My prayers are with the captures soldiers and their families back home. But where is Bainimarama and Khaiyum? Don’t they have the guts to speak and comfort the people of Fiji during these difficult time? Shame, shame and double shame.

  11. Proud Fijian, ISA…when you say outnumbered 5 to 1, I know exactly what that means, since the indians in this country have had to suffer itaukei burglars on the same ratio, having to endure ,beatings, rape inside their home and loss of limbs in many cases. However that said, Isoa LOANAKADVU should never have been given command if he hasn’t been in a real combat situation…..mind you nobody in FMF has been in a real combat situation since MALAYA and the second world war….So the command of the Army should have remained in British hands and so should the governance been too. By the way, Field Marshall Aiyaz Khaiyum would like all hostage soldiers to revert to postal voting for the Fiji First, due to their physical inattendance. But the new decree is about to be released ,which states that the hostages MUST vote for him, he is very angry that he cannot go to the mosque anymore due to lack of pussy cat body guards wasting time reading about their comrades ….somewhere in the sand pit and refusing to hold his smelly shoes every Friday ,whilst he prays…for more decrees.

  12. sa levu ga na metali ni yavu SONALEVU,voleka ni lutu na taba na bibi ni metali nai cici e kalamu,mo ni vaka matei taucoko,sega na isa.ni tu mai viti ni moku laki ira tiko na lewe ni vanua ,eso era mate sara,cava tale na surrender tiko va qo.ni yavu lamulamu,vinaka mo ni yadua na dakai bitu,baleta e vaka tale e dua na drama qo,ni vei vutu cici.

  13. Please bring these proud soldiers home where they can safely bash women and torture civilians. This war zone stuff is not the thing they do very well.

  14. The Filipinos were on the dot with their decision-making knowing full well the drastic implications for them if they had succumbed willingly like the Fijians. The fact that they fought their way out with no casualties, but possible casualties on the rebels side, now poses grave danger to the captured Fijian hostages. But kudos to the Filipinos for bravely doing that and saving themselves from any further danger. By any military standard, Fiji Army appears to have completely misread the situation and overestimated their enemies’ strength. The number of rebels that confronted the Fiji hostages quoted by Commander FMF keeps increasing by the hour, so as to over project the overwhelming force they were facing. Come on, aren’t Fiji soldiers supposed to be well trained professionals as they purport themselves to be, and 45 of them fully armed at that. 200 or 400 rebels, they could have easily held them off for at least a few hours and support would have arrived to extricate them from the situation. Something went seriously wrong there, and now Fiji army is seen as the weak point in the entire UNDOF operations in Syria. They have sold themselves short and exposed the UNDOF to a much bigger risk which was unavoidable in the first place. Fiji regime foreign policy of creaming up to Russia and Iran will also be the killer in any negotiations. Russia and Iran are official allies of Assad’s regime, which these rebels are trying to overthrow. Having Fiji Army hostages have certainly upped the stakes for these rebels. They will play this situation expertly and sadly, the lives of the 45 soldiers will be nothing but mere cannon fodder for their deadly ambitions. And this whole saga points to the FMF’s incompetent command system and structure, with weak willed and indecisive officers and grunt men in the front lines. Never has the Fiji Army image been so ridiculed and mocked in the international scene.

  15. I have never seen such blatant hatred for our soldiers. In 87 and 2000, they were the saviours. All of them were itaukei’s.

    For all those who are putting hate posts, I hope someone abducts you or your family and we will see how many of you wet you pants.

  16. @Kelekele

    Your hope for posters in this blog to be abducted is in vain. The fact remains the once proud reputation of the Fiji military is in tatters, soiled as toilet paper. To meekly surender without a whimper is outrageous. The Phillipinos stood their ground as soldiers and they are now free. For the as ole Fijians they are still in captivity and serve them right for their cowardice.

    The only ones who wet their pants are the soldiers, you and Frank when he dashed down the vitavioka.

  17. @ Kele, the reason for so much hatred is that in 1987 and 2000, they did not beat up and kill innocent women and men. they did not ridicule the Chiefs and they did not trample the Church, Vanua and the Taukei Land. This all happened from 2006 onwards and continues to this very day. Sa rogo na kudru ni vanua, so who’s wetting their pants right now huh? Army should swallow their pride and ask for forgiveness from Lotu, Vanua and taukei people. Only then will there be whole hearted support and prayers for the hostage. Otherwise too many of us have been hurt, ridiculed, displaced, lost our jobs, had close/immediate families killed and just plainly suffered one way or the other because of the actions of this military supporting and providing the muscle behind this evil thieving regime. So why not display more courage and rescue the hostages.

  18. @Tamai kele

    They raped the indo fijians, looted their shops, and the list goes on.

    Very clear from your comments what you mean without saying it.

  19. Tamai Kele ,so its all right for everyone else to get the buturaki, rape ,loss of jobs and land ,but not ok for itaukei to go through the same shit aye?? MADHARCHOD KAIBITI

  20. Kele and Seru Cakobau, point is they are seeking prayers of support from the very Taukei whom they stomped to the ground. The Army will never seek support from the kaidia and muslims because without saying so, you imply there will never be any genuine forgiveness from that side for what was committed by these same soldiers in 87 and 2000. Only the prayer and forgiveness of the kaibiti can save these 45 lamusonas from their peril. Do we see the muslims and hindus doing vigils in their mosques and temples, NO and THEY NEVER WILL. This event can be the turning point for better or worse, for some or all in Fiji.

  21. hey kakua va qo Tamai Kele, keimami kaibiti sa na masu ga vakaukauwa. Forgive and pray for their safe return. We the Methodist are doing a masumasu anyway. Forget the rest of Fijians, we take the initiative for our brothers and sons.

  22. We are PUSSY will fight another day,hey dickhead,there wount be another day ulukau,mosese tikoitoga kerei bai me sosomaka na qalana kei na nonai soresore i gusumu,drau yavu tamata sona levu. drau matai ga na vaqakoro taki ira tiko na leweni vanua e viti.

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