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Anger at new pre-polling dates in Fiji

Updated about 1 hour ago

A candidate in Fiji’s elections is outraged at the decision by the Electoral Commission and Supervisor of Elections to begin pre-polling on September the 3rd, two weeks before the official election date.

Fiji SODELPA party candidate, Mick Beddoes, has labelled the Electoral Commission and Supervisor of Elections as incompetent following the announcement.

In a statement, Mr Beddoes says when the 17th of September one-day election date was announced, political parties said it would be impossible to do, but he says the regime continually insisted that it could be done and would be done.

Now he says it has announced pre-polling dates from the 3rd until the 12th of September, which effectively turns a one-day election into a 10-day election.

He says the announcement places an increased burden on parties to bring forward their plans for polling by two weeks, sacrificing valuable final day campaigning.

Mr Beddoes adds that campaigning is supposed to stop 48 hours before voting, so all parties have scheduled meetings and other activities right up till 15th September, based on a promised September 17th one day election.

He wonders whether this means campaigning will now have to stop this Monday.

Mr Beddoes says he hopes the International Observers are taking note of these developments.


5 thoughts on “Ex RNZI

  1. Leopards don’t change their spots.

    Traitors, cheats and criminals – the Fiji Foist have no problem with lying, cheating and rigging their way into power.

    Noone will be surprised if it happens. It will just be another sad day for Fiji when it does.

  2. This pre polling is a fraud. Villagers were not told of dates which is next week ,,,told only yesterday and thousands of Lau / island people still in Suva for Methodist church meeting will not vote,,,,,,another fraud on the nation

  3. JUST WATCH AND Seeeeeeee!!!! The truth will come out, “GOD ALMIGHTY IS WATCHING” SOMEONES UNDER “SAPO” WILL GO WET AND Yellow wat will be next ????? Don’t play around guys my God is watching and my Ancestors in Heaven too….better watch out nd stop cheating!!!

  4. Well Mick that’s exactly how my husband’s butt buddy Aiyaz intended all along. New rules, new requirements, new deadlines and now effectively a new election commencement date. How’s that huh? I’m just enjoying all this from Geneva but missing those army boys from the barracks, who my hubby misses too. My hubby and I envy Tony Gates for having direct access to those boys.

  5. I am truly sorry but not at all surprised to hear this. Many will also say so. We have been trying to warn our population and political leaders about the reasons why this election .will never be fair and free. It might be too late now to do anything, except to consider options from out of the box.

    The whole intention of the proposed elections is to vote them into power. Nothing else mattered to them. This election was designed and engineered to be a counterfeit process, a farce, a sham and an illusion. But the question is: What must we do now? Are we going to continue hopping along with them and hhhhhhooooopppping that a good outcome will come out of this evil process?

    You see, there has been a fundamental problem affecting us all along. This is the problem of clear thinking. We all know (most of us anyway) that Voreqe and Khaiyum are liars and two deceitful people. They have never honoured their word. They have crafted decrees for us which they themselves do not live by. But, somehow, we the people ‘believe’ them by following their dictates without any question. Because of the promises and hope of an election, many of us bought it hook, line and sinker. We cautioned people about the contradictions, the fallacies, the glaring irregularities, the dots to be connected. Yet our political parties its ok, we will go along. On Sept 18, we will know.

    But then, another rabbit has jumped out of Khaiyum’s pocket. Oh the master magician has done it again. .He has mesmerised Vorere. He has mesmerised many of our poorly educated and begging chiefs and citizens. Even McCully and the lady from Oz have been trapped in the net weaved by Khai and his bummies. What a circus we are witnessing in paradise.

    To conclude my fellow citizens, let me leave with you some coconut – pawpaw logic / fallacy. A coconut tree will bear only coconuts. Similarly, pawpaws will only come out of a pawpaw tree. When you see pawpaws on the coconut trees, you know something is not right. By the same token, when we see a coconut on a pawpaw tree, your alarm bell must be ringing. We have been seeing instances of this contradictions and blatant lies and deceit repeated over and over again. Yet we choose to ignore them for some reason, hoping that yes, paws can come out of the coconut trees. meaning, these lying and deceitful sons of the devil will deliver good at last. Unbelievable. But of course, one is the PM and his brain is the AG. So what my friends? A leopard does not change its spots overnight. It requires a DNA transformation.

    My elder brother also fought in the Solomons during WW2.. This was one story he told us when he returned. He said, they (the Fijian soldiers) could tell that an enemy was up on a tree because they saw leaves of another tree or plants on the top of the coconut tree. (Apparently, their fellow soldiers from other places could not tell the difference). When they aimed a bullet at the shape of foreign leaves, there was a human cry of pain and the shape fell to the ground in the form of an enemy sniper. Coming back to 2014, I think it’s not too late to aim a ‘bullet’ at the leafy shapes at the top of the coconut tree. The enemy is hiding at the top. Vinaka.

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