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Three candidates are emerging as front-runners in the battle for the Fiji Labour Party leadership.



Three candidates are emerging as front-runners in the battle for the Fiji Labour Party leadership.
Leading the race is Doctor Rohit Kishore followed closely by suspended lawyer Kini Marawai and current President Lavenia Padarath.
While current leader Mahendra Chaudhry is adamant that the party will wait till the results of elections are declared before the elected members elect a parliamentary leader, there is growing frustration within the party with this stance.
There are efforts within the party to hold a delegates meeting next weekend for members to elect a leader.
It is understood members are unhappy with the decision to wait till after the election.
Mr Chaudhry said yesterday: “We will wait until election results are announced and then the elected members of parliament will choose a parliamentary leader.”
n Doctor Rohit Kishore is not new to Fiji’s political landscape. He may be the change that the party desperately needs- a young, energetic, qualified former Lands Permanent Secretary, he would usher in a new direction for the party. Dr Kishore has weathered a campaign to malign him by Rajendra Chaudhry, Mr Chaudhry’s son, who left for Australia after his practice was suspended.
n Kini Maraiwai a former journalist and a Suva-based lawyer, had stood in the Lau/Taveuni/Rotuma open constituency on the Conservative Alliance (Matanitu Vanua) ticket. He lost to the late Savenaca Draunidalo by over 4000 votes. In 2012, he was suspended from practice as a legal practitioner in Fiji until March 1, 2016.
n Lavinia Padarath who won the Nausori Naitasiri Open Constituency for the Fiji Labour Party (FLP) in the 1999 parliamentary election. She was subsequently appointed as Minister for Women, Culture, and Social Welfare. She lost her seat in the House of Representatives in the general election of 2001, and failed to regain it in the 2006 election, but was appointed to the Senate as one of nine nominees of the Leader of the Opposition.



10 thoughts on “Three candidates are emerging as front-runners in the battle for the Fiji Labour Party leadership.

  1. If FLP nominate Dr Kishore they may have some slim chance of recovering the ground that the corrupt MPC has lost them. The fact that RPC tried to discredit him is a ringing endorsement. If RPC was behind him we know he would be controlled by MPC.

    As for Kini Marawai he was a crap lawyer and is an MPC man through and through. He will be a dopey puppet for MPC. He is rubbish.

    Get rid of the Chors and Marawai and the FLP may be able to re-group.

  2. Now who is going to vote for a party that does not have a valid visible leader in place before an election?

    It seems Chaudhry is determined to bring the FLP down simply so that he can turn around and say that it was because of the position he was put in. Is there no limit to this man’s ego?

  3. My father is the greatest ever leader in Fijian History. At least I put my name on my posts. Who are you cretins who criticise such a great man. He made FLP. They are nothing without him. When my father is acquitted he will be leader again. He has proved that money was a gift yet people keep saying he has done something wrong.

    These corrupt Fiji courts are the ones who have broken the law. Not my father. You losers will be sorry when he is not your leader. I would rather vote for Khaiyum than Kiss Whore

  4. Indo fijians will not vote for FLP even if MPC ran for elections.

    The bigger question is who will the former FLP supporter vote for now: NFP or FFP?

    We will know on the evening of 17th.

  5. M P CHOR Chaudhary is the biggest sob leader, a biggest crook, a biggest Trick star that Fiji has ever seen.

    It’s high time those labor faithfuls with balls get rid of this bastard to get some respect in the party.

    Those who ran away from FLP , the like of corrupt Urai/Felix and others – its a shame that you guys run away, instead of tackling this bull bastard by its horn,

  6. You all overlook the most important fact in this: Chodo is first and foremost a tight arse amateur who is responsible for his own downfall. I offered my advise to him years ago and told him how to hide the money he has stolen. He did not want to pay my fees and did his own thing. The great Khaiyum and his Rear Admiral in contrast are much smarter: I have hidden their loot so carefully that even a sniffer such as Victor Lal will never find it. So vote Fiji First in order to make sure that smart people govern the country.

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