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Frank’s plans for sugar -a new CSR?

August 28, 2014

Islands Business News has forecast the collapse of the sugar industry when the current EU agreement under the Lome Convention lapses.  We’ll face tariff barriers that will kill our high-priced production. The EU offered 350 million Euros in aid to lift our productivity but Bainimarama knocked this back in 2009.  He wasn’t interested in an election until he had had at least 4 years dictatorship so he could censure the media, stack the judiciary and jail political rivals.

A blogger on another site claimed that the sugar industry’s problems started in 1987 but the facts are clear. In 1986 we had 22,000 growers producing 4.1 million tonnes of cane from 70,0000 hectares.  In 1996 we were still producing 4.3 million tonnes of cane.  By 2006 after leases were not renewed and growers dropped out, production fell to 3.2 million tonnes.

It took Frank to cut acreage and yields to the point where we produce on 1.5 million tonnes of cane in 2012.  Sugar produced fell from 310,000 tonnes in 2006 to 150,000 tonnes in 2012.

So what is Frank’s plan? In January we were told of a Chinese mission visiting to discuss a possible refinery joint venture and the scope for purchasing 100,000 tonnes of sugar in the medium term.  Does this mean Frank plans to sell FSC to a Chinese company?  If he does we can be sure he’ll bankrupt cane farmers first and hand them and their land to a new CSR, the Chinese Sugar Refinery.

Frank’s plan for the sugar industry is well hidden from sight but his plan for power is easy to see in legislation like the Land Use Decree which gives him the power to hand huge tracts of land to a Chinese sugar refinery.  Cane farmers should not think the Land Use Decree was crated for their benefit. If it was, he would have used it for that purpose already, but he’s left cane farmers to the TLTB.

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3 thoughts on “Ex FDN

  1. It is neither fair nor appropriate to bring up the sugar issue just before the elections. This will incite disaffection with the sugar minister. What makes it worse is the distortion of facts. Firstly, the EU has violated Fiji’s sovereignty by holding back the 500 million dollar which was promised in aid for the sugar industry. This hostile act denies Fiji her god given right to chose its own government and its own form of special democracy. Who says that an elected government cannot be removed by a well meaning military whose only desire is to protect the wellbeing and freedom of all Fijians? The reaction of the EU was completely out of proportion and in fact a violation of international law as interpreted by our great leader, the Honourable Khaiyum. Then there are the lies that the sugar output has fallen under the leadership of our highly competent and visionary sugar minister. The opposite is the case! Not only has sugar production flourished and increased under his wise leadership, the export revenue form exports have skyrocketed. Sugar farmers have never been happier than now and they all support the great leaders. They will all vote Fiji First in order to ensure that the great Khaiyum and his Rear Admiral will continue to support the industry for another four years.

  2. The Chinese are out in force to get their hands on all resources, especially land and agriculture. Being the most corrupt nation on the planet, they do not hesitate to bribe dictators (Mugabe is in China as we speak) to get their deals done. It is only logical that Khaiyum and the Rearer have lined up a big deal here. The entire sugar industry lock stock and barrel with a couple of thousand hectares thrown in from the land bank. This will be deal that makes them seriously rich.

    Vote Fiji First to make it all happen!

  3. You must be joking. How can Vorere understand the operations and successful strategies of a company such as the FSC when he cannot understand simpler matters? It saddens me to see how people still perform ceremonies and respect this idiot. I hope the people of Fiji are not going coo coo just like the dictator Marama ni bai.

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