Pray for poll, Christians urged


Fiji is at a critical juncture, with the elections just around the corner and church leaders have met together to organise prayer sessions.
Salabogi Mavoa of the International Network of Churches which was formerly known as the Christian Outreach Centre has called on all the christians around the country to join in praying from September 1-7.
He said Fiji was going through hard times with wicked ways standing in the path; hence God had called on them to mobilise the churches and pray for the healing of the nation.
“We’re really praying for the nation of Fiji, we are at a critical junction in our history and it is important that as the people of God to come together in prayer,” Mr Mavoa said.
“As Christians we feel that we have a responsibility towards our nation, the healing of the nation as the body of Christ would come together and pray and repent, from the wicked ways that’s standing in our path.”
He said Fiji was looking forward to the elections but they needed to come together and pray.
“We are meeting today as a committee to organise the programmes for next week from September 1-7 for the last three months; we have been having prayers at Sukuna park for the first 7 days starting from 6pm to 6am,” Mr Mavoa said
“We will not have any preaching on those days, as our two main focus is repentance and prayer, especially on the 7th.”
In Suva the prayers would take place at the ANZ Stadium.


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  1. Excellent idea, prayers haven’t fixed anything yet and they are not likely to in the future but a good way to get together for a socialise.

  2. I respectfully disagree with Anonymous at 7:29 pm. All prayers are answered whether with a “yes” or a “no” or with a “wait, it’s not the time yet”, but they are all answered by the Almighty God. Mine have been answered many times and I am still awaiting for answers to some of them and the answers will truly come. They need to be offered in sincerity and with faith in God and in the name of Jesus Christ.

  3. Vinaka Tualeita. “The prayer of a righteous man has a powerful effect”. Prayer opens portals into the divine realm of God Almighty. He is absolute Sovereign and Ruler of all realms. He is our Creator and He is forever faithful. With Him, nothing is impossible.

    The only suggestion I wish to offer is that we confine our prayers to our private domains and our secret places as much as possible. Human nature being what it is tends to make public prayers like those of the Pharisees. We must be sincere and our private and secret prayers may touch the mighty hand of God. He alone is worthy of our absolute trust. May we surrender our lives and hopes and dreams and nation completely to God in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

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