Four police officers have been suspended with immediate effect pending further investigation into the death of Vilikesa Soko while in Police Custody.

At this stage, I will not release information about the identities of these officers because the criminal investigation is ongoing and all evidence is sub judice, meaning that it cannot be discussed publicly.

However, I will say now that those involved will be subjected to the full force of law and once we have completed our investigation, we will pass our findings to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

I expect this to be very soon, but I want to stress to the public and especially to Vilikesa Soko’s family that we are leaving no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of what happened. We want to be as thorough as possible so that all those responsible are brought to justice.

I would like to once again extend my sincere condolences to the Soko family



  1. Please note Polcom you have limited room to move here. Andrew Hugh also tried the same thing and he was on a plane out of Fiji faster than he could say I love Khaiyum.
    What counts is the PM’s statement: “At the end of the day, I will stick by my men, by the police officers or anyone else that might be named in this investigation. We cannot discard them just because they’ve done their duty in looking after the security of this nation and making sure we sleep peacefully at night”.

  2. Mumbai (AFP) – Low-caste Indians are still routinely forced into manually removing human excrement from toilets despite a highly-publicised law introduced last year to end the “discriminatory practice”, a rights group said Monday.

    Across the country, “manual scavengers” at the bottom of India’s entrenched caste hierarchy still perform the unsanitary work on a daily basis, Human Rights Watch said in a report after interviewing more than 100 people involved in the labour.

    Low-caste workers often find it difficult to obtain any other form of work, with some toilet cleaners facing threats and harassment from local officials and residents if they try to quit, HRW said.

    Women working as scavengers clean out primitive non-flush toilets by hand and with basic tools, collecting the faecal matter in bamboo baskets and buckets and taking it away in handcarts to dump.

    In rural areas they are often given leftover food, old clothes and access to land instead of wages — all at the discretion of households they serve, the report added.

    “Successive Indian government attempts to end caste-based cleaning of excrement have been derailed by discrimination and local complicity,” said Meenakshi Ganguly, HRW’s South Asia director.

    “The government needs to get serious about putting laws banning manual scavenging into practice and assisting the affected caste communities.”

    Indian lawmakers passed a long-promised bill last year to ban manual scavenging, with provisions to give the workers and their families alternative employment and assistance.

    The bill was the latest attempt to stamp out the age-old practice, with earlier laws against it introduced in 1955 and 1993.

    Caste-based discrimination, by which those on the bottom rung are known as “untouchables”, is also banned by India’s constitution.

    Both male and female scavengers are called on to clean excrement from open defecation sites, gutters and drains, HRW said, while men usually do the more physically demanding job of cleaning septic tanks and sewers.

    “If I go to a hotel to find work, they ask my caste. Once I tell them I am Valmiki (a low sub-caste), they will only give me work cleaning the toilets,” said Bablu, a teenager from Bharatpur city in Rajasthan state.

    “I want to do something else, I know this is discrimination, but what can I do?” he told HRW.

    The rights group said the government needs to work with local communities to create a comprehensive programme to implement the 2013 act, ensuring financial help, housing and other livelihood support.

    “Caste-based custom, backed by coercion, is still binding people to manual scavenging, and that demands government intervention,” Ganguly said.

  3. Beloved Aunty,

    The Compol is putting up a good show but the devil is in the detail. He is a professional and his investigation will be thorough….but then he has to refer the matter to the DPP. I will just get Pryde to say their is insufficient evidence to prosecute. Anyway, nothing will happen before the elections. If Prydedoes go ahead then Gates will fix it. I really don’t want to release those photos of Pryde and Gates and their young friends but they know what will happen if they don’t play the game. I love being in control.


  4. It is a bit refreshing hearing this statement and actions from the new compol. It is the right thing to do in a normal order of process. But the compol still has his work cut out in the days ahead.

  5. I agree Dredd. Its a good first step in the right direction. This is the first of a series of vital steps to positive outcomes for the Soko family and for our general public. It raises our hopes somewhat, but as Aunty Nur and the Nephew have rightly pointed out, a lot more is still needed to be done until we can see justice being done. But a THAN YOU COMPOL is quite in order. Please do your duty with dedication, honour and integrity. We the people of Fiji are behind you.

  6. While it is encouraging to see the PolCom act against thuggery and murder in the police force, I am afraid that this just a bit of window dressing. The proof will be in downstream handling of the cases. Chances are that nothing will ever get to the courts and if it will there is a pliable judiciary that is keen to please the dictator.

  7. these DOGS will be on full pay whilst on suspension,they will be free after the election.bai and kai have already rigged the election.

  8. Yes gentlemen. I think its too early to predict an outcome. But we certainly have grounds for scepticism and doubt about how far this will go and whether or not the whole truth will eventually be revealed in court and the actions and decisions of the presiding judge/s. The fact remains that COMPOL has allegedly suspended the officers concerned, That is a great step already, given the complete lack of action by our police over the last few years on similar cases and the absolute complicity of the Chief Monkey and dictator. However, its great to hear the President of Fiji First Party USA commenting on this case and his party’s action on the proposed elections. I tend to agree with him, based on facts and observations. Vinaka

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