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“Blatant misappropriation and abuse of taxpayers’ funds”

‘Release all reports’

Geraldine Panapasa
Tuesday, August 26, 2014

GOVERNMENT’S financial and appropriation statements for 2006-2012 do not contain reports that represent a comprehensive audit of all government ministries and statutory organisations, says National Federation Party general secretary Kamal Iyer.

He said the audit reports, made public on the Ministry of Finance website, was restricted only to the financial and appropriation statements.

“The people of Fiji would like to see, in respect of the audit of government finances, for example for 2012, is the Auditor-General’s output and targets as per the Auditor-General’s corporate plan where he states that a total of 15 reports would be issued to Cabinet through the Prime Minister and Minister for Finance.

“This was namely a report on the audit of the whole of government accounts, reports on the audit of ministries and departments, audit reports on government commercial companies statutory authorities and audit reports on municipal councils.”

He said those reports must be made public immediately for the sake of transparency and accountability. Mr Iyer said the NFP had been asking for the release of all audit reports from 2007 to 2013.

“If the Auditor-General’s statement on the audit of the financial and appropriation statements for one of the years, 2012, is a yardstick, then a full audit of the State’s finances would undoubtedly reveal blatant misappropriation and abuse of taxpayers’ funds,” he said.

“In his qualification statement of financial and appropriation statements for the year 2012, the then Auditor-General Tevita Bolanavanua raises 14 concerns regarding the statements.

“Some of these are investment in the sinking fund totalling $192.2million being overstated by a massive $138.5m. The Auditor-General is only expressing an opinion on a mere $53.7m.”


2 thoughts on ““Blatant misappropriation and abuse of taxpayers’ funds”

  1. Sorry, the release of Auditor General’s reports would be illegal, clearly violating current legislation according to which it is a crime to incite disaffection with the government. Imagine the public would be allowed to see all the dealings and wheelings that we have done in the last seven years. The streets of Suva would fill with angry people demanding the kleptocrats to be hanged. We cannot let this happen can we?

  2. This AG, and holder of 99% portfolios in the current regime arrogantly states contrary to what was said when they forcefully took over the country:

    PM’s Office books auditored
    Monday, March 24, 2008
    Update: 6.55pm A team from the Auditor General’s Office has started checking the books at the Prime Ministers Office.

    Prime Minister’s Office permanent secretary Parmesh Chand said this was normal procedure and there was nothing to worry about as all their books were up to date.

    Auditor General Eroni Vatuloka said their Terms of Reference was in the Constitution and they would take until the end of the month to complete their work at the Prime Minister’s Office.

    Also other countries have very clear guidlines:

    If AG is such a great lawyer that he says he is, why hide teh accounts? why wait until after the elections? why say that teh Opposition party while assign someone to chair the committeee-does he feel he will be the one in ooposition chairng the review afte rthe elections-again to rubbish queries.

    What a mockery to the philosophies of Islam:


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