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Who was the author? Judges use of precise and correct English in his judgement is beyond his grasp of the English language.

The sentencing of Keni Dakuidreketi to 6 years in prison (after the 5 assessors unanimously found him “not guilty”) says a lot about the corrupt judicial system in place. Parole can only happen after 5 years for Keni. The Shri Lanaka judge read his judgement from words he could not have written! So who was the author?

 Francis Keane was sentenced to 18 months prison sentence for manslaughter and that he came out weeks or months after first day in jail and Rabaka’s murderers sentenced for 4 years but they came out in two months and walking free; and the main murderer still walking around free, one cannot help but see CORRUPTION at the very place where it is being judged.
How long can Aiyarse and Bhaini be leaving with their conscience? Or do they have any?

9 thoughts on “Who was the author? Judges use of precise and correct English in his judgement is beyond his grasp of the English language.

  1. You must be off your rocker to compare the Kean case with the justice that has been dished out to the scumbag Dakuidreketi. The Honourable Kean has whacked a Whippy and should have been commended for that. Instead he suffered the injustice of being convicted of manslaughter. Fortunately our great leader cannot tolerate injustice and he made sure that the Honourable Francis Kean did not suffer any financial loss or hardship that is normally associated with prison time. Once again our great leader has shown that he stands by his man and went on to reward the Honourable Kean with a lucrative post as a PS. Ask any of the staff in his ministry and you will find out quickly that he is beloved by all he surveys. So stop spreading misinformation, use the bullshit management protocol developed by Croz Walsh and first and foremost vote Fiji First. The great leader needs all seats in Parliament in order to implement true democracy in Fiji!

  2. Agree with you paad maro gandhaye.

    What is your take on the election?

    My prediction is that FF will win 30 and sodelpa 20 seats and all other parties will not cross the 5% mark.

    Nfp will get just under 5% and while FLP will not get 2%.

  3. Your prediction is wrong because you have not understood the nature of the special type of democracy we have in Fiji. Our great leader has declared that he wants all seats and it is a punishable offence to deny him what he wants.

  4. A friend asked me who will the people of Cakadrove vote?

    Tui cakau?
    Rt jone kubuabola
    Rt inoke kubuabola

    I don’t know and I won’t be surprised if they vote for someone else,

  5. @annon

    I wish NFP would win some seats as they have some good candidates, Pramod Rae, Adi Eci are old USP friends while Raman Pratap is a friend from Lelean days.

    Think you are right, battle is between Fiji First and Sodelpa. with Frank the deserved winner.

  6. We should not delude ourselves by thinking that justice comes from a kangaroo court in animal farm. The Fiji judiciary as it stands, forms the heart of the law of the jungle in operation! Sri Lankan judges handpicked by their recruiting sergeant Injustice Gates were all instructed to go by the law of the jungle and uphold the principle that some are more equal than others. They are certainly performing to the condition set by their paymaster in deliverying injustice to Fiji! When all is over they will happily retire to their indian ocean island to do some fishing while the recruiting sergeant will hvae to stand in the docks to answer some seriuos charges!

  7. Answer:
    As what usually happens in the Fiji courts. Aiyaz makes the decision and the school teacher (Gates) drafts the judgment. It has been well documented that the majority of Sri Lankan judges (at home and abroad) do whatever they are told. Exercising independence is not in their make up. That is why Gates recruited lackeys and got rid of anyone who used their own judgment.

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