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Its unlikely Frank would alow a delay

Fear Fiji election could face delay

Updated at 10:45 am today

A lawyer for the Fiji Labour Party says if it is forced to take legal action to have a candidate re-instated it could delay the entire election process.

The Labour Party is angry its candidate Steven Singh remains disqualified even though a conviction against him had been set aside.

The Electoral Commission agreed and requested his inclusion on Friday but the Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem, says he had not been advised by the deadline so Steven Singh missed out.

On Saturday 248 candidates were assigned their numbers on the ballot paper.

Lawyer Anand Singh says Steven Singh’s constitutional rights have been infringed and legal action is an option if those bodies do not promptly sort things out.

“It is quite a peculiar set of circumstances here right now and it is quite extraordinary. So we will end up in court and which would mean if we are successful in whatever we are asking for this may delay the whole election process.”

Anand Singh


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