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Is the real issue Praveen Bala?

No-one is surprised that Khaiyum has come out and defended his Mini-Me in defying the independent Electoral Commission but the real source of this problem is the Electoral Decree and the way in which it was created.

The Electoral Decree gives the Electoral Commission 3 days in which to consider any objection to the nomination of a candidate but it also says “the Electoral Commission must arrange to provide a copy of the objection to the candidate whose nomination is being objected to and must provide the candidate with an opportunity to respond to the objection within such time as determined by the Electoral Commission”.

The Electoral Commission is expected to listen carefully to all sides of an issue before making a decision but then it is given no time to do so. The decree says “the Electoral Commission must make a decision on the objection with written reasons, as soon as possible and in any event within 3 days upon receipt of the objection”.

Regime Judge Kamal Kumar rightly blamed the drafters of the decree for the problem.

But what is the magic of 3 days when the issue is credibility? The nomination of Praveen Bala or Parveen Kumar (it makes no difference what you call him) will hang like an albatross around the neck of Bainimarama.

By over-ruling the exercise of the responsibility of the Electoral Commission, Khaiyum’s man is safeguarded, but this is the man facing charges of causing death by dangerous driving. His court case has been put off until after the elections when the compliant court system can deliver the verdict Khaiyum wants.

7 thoughts on “Is the real issue Praveen Bala?

  1. “Compliant court system”. That is a polite way to put it.

    They are as corrupt as a judiciary can be. No doubt Judge Kumar was told what to do and say. So much for free and fair elections. With Mini Me as the figurehead, Khaiyum will run the show, even though he is standing for parliament. At least they are transparent. Blind Freddy can see the corruption from a mile off.

  2. Do you want proceedings or ruling
    to be to your liking ,than I think that will come from a Kangaroo court not this one because that ruling is final, genuine and will be moving on

  3. Warden Narsey make a lot of sense.

    Prior to this coup the coup perpetrators were Nationalists. This coup has seen Indo Fijians benefit the most whilst the Itaukei have had the Methodist Church neutralised by Frank and the removal of the GCC.

    So just because we Indo Fijians are the major beneficiaries it does not mean we should support treason and coup culture.

    If we support Fiji First, when the iTaukei are the majority population we are setting ourselves up for danger in the future. By Supporting FF we are supporting coups.

    If (or when) a military leader rises who wants to advance Nationalist policy, then we are screwed.

    No one can say – we don’t support the taking of power by the military and the gun. We will have voted for FF who have done just that.

    Chaudhary took a key government position with these traitors. This clearly shows that FLP are prepared to support coup culture when they benefit.

    The Indo Fijians need leaders who have not “sold out” like MPC. We need leaders who are prepared to advance our position through diplomacy.

    Support FF and we have signed our own death warrant. This coup has seen Indo Fijians benefit. Vote for legitimising a coup regime and we may not be so lucky next time around.

    All Frank and Khaiyum have done is stir up racial hatred by destroying the GCC by force. That will continue to fester until it explodes down the track.

    We should do what is right. Support democracy. Support the rule of law. Support the indigenous interests in this great country. Work together for the benefit of our nation. Not force things upon the people and incite racial tension.

    Vote for anyone other than FF or FLP. Vote for the candidates who have not benefited from this illegal gang of thugs.

    Place your Nation’s future above any short term benefit. By peace and democracy not through military thug behaviour and coup culture.

    Do not support treason. Vote for democracy.

  4. Oh yeah…the morons at play. Praveen Bala, the pathetic bhiaturanga administration and that garlands………………..oh what a display of ego and self serving needs.

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