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The Cassava Patch runner makes another dash

August 25, 2014

If there is one thing we can surely all agree on now about JVB, our unelected PM, it’s that he can’t face the heat. At his Sydney meeting he made sure that anyone who could ask him hard questions couldn’t get through the front door. He knows he can’t answer questions and has to rely on Fiji Sun to print statements written by Qorvis. When he held a media conference only hand-picked journalists were allowed. An independent journalist from Australia’s ABC was turned away. The cassava Patch coward runs as fast from independent journalists as he does from gunfire at QEB.

Fiji Times August 24, 2014 Mixed reactions


2 thoughts on “Ex FDN

  1. I appeal to all the family members of Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama. His children, brothers, sisters, and close friends and associates. Please know that we the people of Fiji are ashamed of Voreqe. We are also fed up with him. But we all know he is not so well educated and is mentally unbalanced. The guilt and fear he has are taking its toll on Josaia. Each time he talks, it is very clear he does not know much of what he is doing. When he reads statements, we can see he does not really understand what he is saying. Ever since December 6, 2006, we knew he was lying to avoid prosecution and gaol terms for all his wrong and criminal actions. We also know that the constitution and election are intended to save them from strong arm of the law. So please take Josaia back to the island in Kiuva. He needs rest. Take him before we the people take him ourselves. He has been a very bad person. Please take him before he kills himself through guilt, stress, lies, deceit and sleepless nights watching his shadows. Very soon he is going to watch the bodyguard that watch for him. Please take Josaia home to Kiuva, He needs to quarrantined. Thank you.

  2. “LEQA MA TIKO, KALOU MA REVA” o ira mai KIUVA era laveti koya ni rawa tiko kina nodra veivakatorocaketaki!! “O ATAMA ME KANA MAI NA BUNO NI YADRENA” SA VKARAITAKI KOYA TIKOGA ENA NONA LASU2 MAI NA TEBE NI GUSU KINA MATA ERAU LAKO VATA…..”ISA TURAGA JISU NI LOMANA NONA BULA” SA CA VEI IRA ERA SA KILA ERA QAI KITAKA!!! na kena totolo na kena vinaka me lesu i Kiuva se i Kadavu!!

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