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Close to 40 people attended the meeting……… I was there and it was 31 people and not hard to count.

We will accept election results: Luveni

Residents of Nadawa, Nasinu, attending a campaign meeting on Wednesday night were reassured that the FijiFirst party would accept the results of the poll even if it did not win.
This was after FijiFirst candidate, Dr Jiko Luveni was asked by Ulaiasi Tuikoro what she meant when she said that everything would be back to normal after the elections.
Dr Luveni replied that during this campaign period parties would come and try to run down other parties because there was a lot of competition amongst them. However, that would be normal after the September elections.
“We are normal now before this period of campaign. Government was doing well and development works have continued and people were happy. But now we are going through a phase of campaign where we will be hearing all sorts of negativity about this Government,” Dr Luveni said.
“We are having free and fair elections with no loopholes and we feel the people should accept the results of this election.
“Even if we don’t win the next elections we will accept the result of the elections so the onus is back to our people.”
She also reminded them to choose a party they knew would best represent their interests after the elections.
Dhirendra Prasad asked Dr Luveni if the FijiFirst party was ready to contest the poll.
“People are ready to make their decisions. The only thing that I can say to you is ‘Don’t waste your vote on a party you think is going to lose.’
“Choose a party that you know is going to win. All these issues that have been brought up by these different parties during their campaigns are normal things that happen during campaigns,” she said.
“Remember, democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people and the leaders that have been elected are accountable to the people so that people’s voices are heard.”
Close to 40 people attended the meeting.

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2 thoughts on “Close to 40 people attended the meeting……… I was there and it was 31 people and not hard to count.

  1. Change is inevitable. We must accept change, but not all changes are good. I used to know Jiko Luveni while she was at UNFPA some years ago. She impressed me as a confident, smart and intelligent woman. But over the last few years under Vorere and Khai, the woman has changed immensely, in a darker evil sort of way. So sad indeed. Maybe her fortunes of war with democracy have seduced her and blinded her. “For the love of money is the root of all evil. ”

    Jiko, please do not sell your soul to the devil or his minions. If you have been bought, remember, you can always learn from the story of the prodigal son. Repent, confess and turn from your clumsy (wicked) ways and walk the right path. We will forgive you. But the devil’s minions have to hang on the people’s gallows, if such is the declared wish of the people. You live by the decrees, you will die by the decrees. You live by the sword, you will die by the sword. That is THE DECREE you all have to negotiate with.

  2. “REPENT” JIKO LUVENI AND YOUR ITAUKEI FRIENDS, u guys should know your doors from your Ancestors. GOD Almighty is watching…..let BAI nd KHY jump in the drain not u guys….but forget not !!LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!!

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