STATEMENT No 21:    


 August 22 2014

Over the past few weeks certain sections of the media have set their sights on SODELPA through a number of issues. Those concerned have mounted a relentless effort to portray us as something other than a political party with sound values and principles. This is pro-regime propaganda.

It is quite extraordinary that the same media have nothing to say about the usurpers of our democracy, the draconian decrees they have in place, the plight of the 13 families [now 14 with the death of the robbery suspect while in Police custody], whose loved ones were killed, or the numerous citizens whose rights have been abused, with many of them subjected to beatings and other forms of torture, torment and persecution.

SODELPA will seek answers from these aiders and abettors of treason after the elections, but for now, I wish to state our position on the various issues that the media have, in our view, deliberately misconstrued.

1. Christian State

The SODELPA constitution and Manifesto do not call for a Christian State. What we say is that as a government, we will conduct ourselves based on Christian principles and values. These are values shared by all the world’s great religions. We are commanded to love our neighbors and do to others as we would have them do to us. We are required to forgive and to be merciful. We must care for the poor, the sick, the homeless, the forgotten and those in need. We must seek truth and social justice. These are the principles and values by which we shall govern.

We continuously stress that all religious groups in Fiji are free to practice their faith and beliefs without any fear or intimidation or threat from a SODELPA-led government.

The fact that SODELPA is committed to Christian values and principles makes our party more sensitive to the importance of respecting the values and principles of all other religions in the country.

This is in line with SODELPA’s vision of a Fiji that draws its strength from the rich variety of traditions, languages and cultures of its communities.

The alternative vision of a Fiji devoid of its cultural richness and diversity would give us a country that would be a pale imitation of the Fiji we know and love.

2. Common Name

SODELPA does not recognize or accept that two unelected people, who seized power through armed intervention, have the authority to decide arbitrarily that citizens of Fiji are called Fijians.International conventions and declarations of the rights of indigenous peoples stress the importance of prior consultation and consent on the use of their names as their identity. Article 19 of the UNDRIP (UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) says quote

‘States shall consult and cooperate in good faith with the indigenous peoples concerned through their own representative institutions in order to obtain their free, prior and informed consent before adopting and implementing legislative or administrative measures that may affect them’.

Again we stress that the indigenous Fijians do not recognize the right of unelected individuals to take away their established identity and give them another like iTaukei.

The indigenous people have, for well over a century, been commonly known as Fijians; that name now is part of their tradition and culture. SODELPA will retain it for the indigenous community.

The issue of a common name for all will be addressed by SODELPA once a democratic, transparent and accountable government is established after September 17th 2014. We will initiate a national conversation among all communities in Fiji to establish a common name that does not divide us but creates a sense of unity and patriotism.

It will not be an imposed decision.

3. Indigenous Rights

SODELPA’s position on the indigenous people of Fiji is in keeping with established conventions of the ILO 169 & UN Declarations on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). We are guided by these international instruments.

A SODELPA Government will adopt UNDRIP Articles that ensure:-

  1. Indigenous peoples have the right to the full enjoyment, as a collective or as individuals, of all human rights and fundamental freedoms as recognized in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international human rights law.
  2. Indigenous peoples and individuals are free and equal to all other peoples and individuals and have the right to be free from any kind of discrimination, in the exercise of their rights, in particular that based on their indigenous origin or identity.
  3. Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
  4. Indigenous peoples, in exercising their right to self-determination, have the right to autonomy or self-government in matters relating to their internal and local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing their autonomous functions.
  5. Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinct political, legal, economic, social and cultural institutions, while retaining their right to participate fully, if they so choose, in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the State.
  6. Every indigenous individual has the right to a nationality.
  7. Indigenous individuals have the rights to life, physical and mental integrity, liberty and security of person. Indigenous peoples have the collective right to live in freedom, peace and security as distinct peoples and shall not be subjected to any act of genocide or any other act of violence, including forcibly removing children of the group to another group.
  8. Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture:-
  9. States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and redress for:
  10. Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their
  11. cultural values or ethnic identities;
  12. Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
  13. Any form of forced population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;
  14. Any form of forced assimilation or integration;

4. Fair Distribution of rental income by Itaukei

SODELPA will allow the land owners themselves to decide how the lease funds received for their land should be distributed. This cannot be dictated to them. It is their money and therefore they should decide how it is shared.

SODELPA notes with concern the attempt by some media reporters to push the Bainimarama–Khaiyum policy of dictating how landowners should share their wealth. The regime’s motives for doing this are very much related to its continuing campaign to undermine indigenous traditions and way of life.

Members of other communities decide for themselves how their earnings should be shared. No one else tells them how this should be done. The same principle should apply to the indigenous people surely.

5. The Abolition of the Great Council of Chiefs

The abolition of the Great Council of Chiefs, like the imposition of a common name, was the decision of two unelected, unrepresentative usurpers of our democracy. They acted and continue to act without a mandate from our people.

The GCC is the pinnacle of Fijian society, and just as other communities continue to enjoy their community and cultural structures without interference from the state, so too must the indigenous people of Fiji have the same right.

SODELPA will bring back the GCC and in so doing take the opportunity to review its functions and operations so that it can be better resourced to ensure more effective delivery in addressing specific issues affecting not only the indigenous people but all the citizens of Fiji.

The decision on the future of the GCC will remain the prerogative of the Fijian people and we expect all other communities to respect that right in the same way that their rights are respected by the Fijian itaukei community.

This is the position of SODELPA on these issues.

Authorized By
Ro Teimumu Vuikaba Kepa
Party Leader, SODELPA
August 22, 2014


  1. The age old system used by dictators (like Hitler) is to create a problem then appear to be solving it, without letting anyone know you were the one who created it.

    By instructing the Clarendon House trolls to incite racial hatred in the guise of being anti-Fiji First, then speaking out in the media (which you completely control) for peace and unity, you can create fear and in turn create support.

    There is nothing new in what Frank and Aiyaz are doing here. Who exactly are these trolls? They are damaging Fiji severely.

    Who is falling for their tricks? We will only know after the elections.

  2. It is hard to know what to believe any more with the media suppression and our freedom of expression removed by the current regime.

    I suppose that is the number one reason not to vote for them. We are confused. We don’t really know who is saying what. Only when our freedoms are returned will we know what has happened since 2006.

  3. FF is founded and supported by Muslims. A vote to FF is a vote to Khayium the destroyer of i taukei and Methodist. Read his thesis to destroy the i taukei.

  4. A very well written clarification indeed. But Fiji cannot base its values, its state and its government on Christian values. A good example what happens if you do this is good old Germany which is for quite some time now governed by Dr. Angela Merkel, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union, a party that subscribes to the same old fashioned principles that SODELPA wants to introduce for Fiji.

    What do we see in Germany: An intolerant, undemocratic society, a collapsing economy, a country without proper heath care, a country ravaged by rabid unions who have abused the right to strike, a country that is unable to grow dalo, kawa and cassava. In a nutshell a Banana Republic of the first order where the leaders are not even able to sprint down a cassava patch when something goes wrong.

    Do we want to go where Germany is? Certainly not. We want to develop Fiji into a modern industrialised society where Fiji First has all seats in Parliament and where our wise and super intelligent leader Dr. Bainimarama shares his wisdom with all of us and guides us to prosperity and true democracy!

    Vote Fiji First if you support this analysis!!!

  5. Congratulations to a wonderful and courageous Fiji women who is a credit to her nation. She does not have to answer or apologise to any of these khaiyum regime lackeys. As for the junta media – look at the attacks on the thug deposed Fijian PM and proud Fijian women of standing by the indian racist scumbag Jyoti Prathiba. Not content with attacking Fijian culture, values and Christianity these scumbags are now making racist attacks directly on proud and courageous Fijians of standing in our community.

  6. A dentist swear Dr. Neil Sharma in a meeting in his office. Dr. Neil Sharma could not do anything to him. Now this dentist is talking about him doing abortion and his corrupt activities. More news coming soon!

  7. Bit late for SODELPA to call in a Qorvis equivalent now the damage has been done.

    What should be considered is why such simple explanations as termed above could clearly not be voiced by SODELPA representatives and most importantly their leader.

    It would be all too easy to say that they do not have the intellectual skill to speak to people but is it that simple? If they did or do not have the skills to openly talk how on earth are they going to operate a government?

    Or is this simply a ruse?

  8. This lady Ro Teimumu has the balls to tell the truth. I expect Khaiyum to move soon and take her out of the race. He can get her with at least 5 if not 6 of his degrees. And then we will see if there is anybody else around who has got what it takes.

  9. Thank you SODELPA.

    You have confirmed that all of your representatives have different views than what your spin doctors are telling the people.

    So why could they not say this verbally in front of an audience, conscience maybe?

  10. Well done. Not a ruse as some seem to explain. The lady’s first language is not English if you new Fijian or even better her Rewan dialect you would understand and the intent of the heart.

  11. Old Tricks for the new Fiji – you absolutely nailed it!

    We are all rolling over laughing at what is happening in animal farm! Qorvis and the Fiji media puppets must be wondering what they have got themselves into. Its not really working for the regime….the ‘Fijian’ common name…the Christian state…..the equal citizenry….and the spins they make of it all come back to bite them. Just proves that criminals running away from the law and criminals aiming to wipe out a race don’t gel too well! Their rhetoric of common aim to fight corruption was a mere con as their real ulterior objectives surfaced. The only real common aim they shared is their personal enrichment at the expense of the state. They are such a hopeless lot that their supporters might have already admitted. I pity their advisers and spin doctors who would have already discovered that they have been lumbered with more than what they bargained for…….makes it more humorous…..what a circus!!!

  12. Fiji Times Breaking News:

    FIJI’S Police commissioner Ben Groenewald has launched a criminal investigation into the death of Viliame Soko, the robbery suspect who died in their custody at the Lautoka hospital on Wednesday night. At a press conference this afternoon, Mr Groenewald said while they could not release the details of privileged evidence, reasoning its release has not been approved by the AG.
    “I want to state very clearly that under my leadership, the Fiji Police Force will not tolerate any misconduct by its officers, unless the PM declares that he would stand by the perpetrators as in the case of the torture of a convict.
    “If there is any concrete evidence of police wrongdoing, I will not hesitate to suspend, indict or terminate their duties, provided that approval is given by the AG.

    “This man deserved the quick justice South African style and I am determined to see more of this done in the future.”

    Mr Groenewald has tasked a senior officer who initially investigated this matter to leave no stone unturned to find a reason to close the case.

  13. Mr Qarase…you are very funny, you say that this media is doing selective reporting…isa they believe only one thing…believe and support whoever is in power,its the Fiji way, you have power ,they will suck you, you don’t have power and they will make you feel the way you do right now…how sad….remember the good ole’ days when you were king??? they uesd to worship SDL ,but now Khaiyum is king and you …well you have always been mischievous from the Alliance ,FDB days so stop crying and get on with life

  14. 120 civil servants denied their right to fair membership into Fiji Dental Association by Dr. Neil Sharma the Minister of Health despite him giving in writing in 2011 that a Special AGM should be called for all members?
    The Permanent Secretary who is earning over $240,000 in salary has done nothing for these civil servants. He thinks these civil servants are fool..
    The Fiji Dental Association rules are discriminatory and against the 2013 Constution.
    Can Dr. Neil Sharma study the rules and tell if it not discriminatory?
    All these 120 civil servants will go to work and protest by working slow at work till justice is given to them.
    Dr. SHARMA explain if everyone is treated equally?Where is equal citizenry?

  15. The Compol says:

    “If there is any concrete evidence of police wrongdoing, I will not hesitate to suspend, indict or terminate their duties, provided that approval is given by the AG.”

    Does the Compol answer to the AG? Does he have no independence in his office? It should be up to the DPP not the AG (even though the AG tells the DPP what to do)

    It is clear. Khaiyum runs the courts, the DPP, FICAC and the police.

    And fools like Crosbie Walsh claim their is a separation of powers in Fiji. When a Compol cannot suspend a police officer without the approval of the AG I would suggest the AG is now and has been since 2006, the Judge the Jury and the Executioner.

    Frank and Bai have used all law enforcement bodies and the DPP and the Courts for their own aims. And people think they are doing a good job????

  16. By the time the observers are granted access it will be too late….

    This is the free and fair election that Frank talks about. The Aus and NZ gov have donated millions. That appears to be a big mistake.

    Fiji domestic election observers unable to monitor campaign yet
    Updated 22 August 2014, 17:29 AEST
    A group of domestic election observers in Fiji say they haven’t received any response to a request to the government for them to be allowed to monitor next month’s poll.

    Fiji domestic election observers unable to monitor campaign yet (Credit: ABC)

    The Domestic Elections Observation Group was set up by a number of Fiji civil society organisations to look at the way the election is being conducted.

    But they can’t do that unless the Minister for Elections gives them official permission.

    Spokeswoman Suliana Siwatibau says Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum hasn’t responded any of their requests.

    Presenter: Bruce Hill

    Speaker: Suliana Siwatibau, co-spokesperson for the Fiji Domestic Elections Observation Group

  17. Can SODELPA Leader the adulturous bitchy lady tell the Fijian voters whether the sodelpa government will again release all jailed coup plotters who were former sdl sympathisers, like inoke magaitinamu takiveitaka and others be released at the speed of the sunlight as soon as they form a government.

    We all know that sodelpa is a lion in a sheeps costume so stop hoodwinking the Fijian voters.

  18. Torika, you sound like a very vindictive woman with a lot of axe to grind. Your personal bitterness is flowing out through the abusive language you use that you almost obstruct your message. It is obvious that you dislike Ro Teimumu and Ratu Inoke Takiveikata. Your bitterness has clouded your mind. You have not told us how you obtained your intelligence on the intentions of SODELPA if and when they become part of the next Government.

    Let me remind you that Ratu Inoke was imprisoned under Qarase government because the government allowed the rule of law and justice to take its course. It is the mentally unstable retard from Kiuva, Vorere who has compromised the legal and judicial system and all other systems he has touched. It was Vorere who got his brother in law Kean out of prison, paid him full salary while he was there, and promoted his brother in law to the highest position in a civil service department. It was Vorere who paid back Driti’s loyalty by putting him back in prison.

    Please calm down and think carefully before you put pen to paper. It is sad to note that you are in Shanghai and yet you cannot see things properly. Is it possible that you are one of Vorere’s beneficiaries? Is it also true that you have been following the Fiji election campaign and are worried that Vorere’s lies and deceits and cover up and theft and torture and murder are being exposed everyday? Or is your anger and verbal abuse based on your real worry that very soon, when a new Government comes to power, you and your other regime followers would sent back to Fiji without a job? Are you worried about your future income and loss of quality of life?

    Well that is good. Because that is not even close to how people here in Fiji have been feeling under your dictator’s rule. Many here are working and praying for a new Government. A government that really cares about all its people. You should be glad Torika. Cheer up, with God’s grace, we may finally, after 8 years of dictatorship, regain our freedom and rights and freedoms as free citizens in our won country. Then, we will see whether what you accuse SODELPA of is true or false. After all, after the election, the government shall be a truly elected Government of the people who have the people’s authority and approval to make the best decisions for them. So please calm down and just pray for God’s will to be done. And please do not swear. It is so unbecoming of a Adi like you to use foul language. Vinaka

  19. Well done SODELPA. That was what the people needed to hear. Concise, clear and unambiguous statements on key policy stance. Vinaka vakalevu.

    Identify pressing issues that matter to the people. Issues that matter to the nation. Act like our new leaders. Speak like our new leaders. Win our trust and respect. Convince the people you really care about them. Walk with the people. Talk with the people. Analyse, organise and speak to the people with humility and compassion. The people are crying out to you and other parties for leadership. Please continue to do your best. Be sincere. God bless you

  20. @Tomasi

    Methinks you are guilty of all the things you are accusing Adi Torika of.

    National Federation Party all the way !!

  21. Fiji leader Frank Bainimarama greeted by protesters outside Sydney election rally

    By Jemima Garrett

    Posted 48 minutes agoSat 23 Aug 2014, 3:22pm

    Protesters have greeted Fiji military leader Frank Bainimarama who was in Sydney for an election rally.
    Photo: Protesters greeted Fiji’s military leader Frank Bainimarama, who was in Sydney for an election rally. (ABC News: Jemima Garrett)

    Map: Sydney 2000

    Fiji’s military leader has been greeted by protesters in Sydney as he campaigns ahead of next month’s post-coup elections.

    Hundreds of Fijian citizens attended a rally in Sydney’s south-west to coincide with a visit by Frank Bainimarama.

    Supporters of Mr Bainimarama and others approved by his government were allowed inside Canterbury Town Hall for a question-and-answer session.

    However, other members of the Fijian community, including those in the Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement, were not allowed in and protested outside.

    A line of police stopped the protesters from entering the hall.

    The protesters said the election process favoured Mr Bainimarama’s party, Fiji First.

    They also condemned Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop for allowing Mr Bainimarama to visit.

    A Fiji citizen who attended the rally said she wanted to know Mr Bainimarama’s position on human rights, civil democracy and freedom of the press.

    “I am somebody who is genuinely curious in what he has to say,” she said.

    Fiji’s first post-coup election will be held on September 17.

  22. NZ Media 6 November 2006

    But Commodore Bainimarama, who is out of the country inspecting Fijian troops serving in the Middle East, said the military had no intention of taking power if the government did not agree to its demands or step down.

    “The military is not going to mount another coup,” he said in the interview recorded late yesterday.

    We can never believe a word this man says. There will be more and more coups unless this man is prosecuted for treason. There needs to be a strong message of deterrence to future military leaders who feel than can stage a coup whenever they like.

    He is a dangerous liar as well as a thief and a thug. Do we really want him to be our elected PM. Not me.

  23. @No Support in Aus

    You should read Croz Walsh’s latest position where he provides a very useful Bull Shit test for news and social media. Somebody has performed the BS test on the story that you refer to and came to the following conclusion:

    Thank you Croz for this guideline which has been long overdue. The media is so full of BS that we have to test everything we read. I used your guideline on a very recent piece of news peddled by an Australian media outlet, the ABC:
    “Fiji’s military leader has been greeted by protesters in Sydney as he campaigns ahead of next month’s post-coup elections.

    Hundreds of Fijian citizens attended a rally in Sydney’s south-west to coincide with a visit by Frank Bainimarama. Supporters of Mr Bainimarama and others approved by his government were allowed inside Canterbury Town Hall for a question-and-answer session. However, other members of the Fijian community, including those in the Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement, were not allowed in and protested outside. A line of police stopped the protesters from entering the hall. The protesters said the election process favoured Mr Bainimarama’s party, Fiji First. They also condemned Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop for allowing Mr Bainimarama to visit.

    Now lets check this:
    1.My own view: This message is not credible as our PM has 100% support from Fijians inside and outside the country. The ABC therefore spreads lies.
    2. Credibility: Unlike fair and unbiased blogs like yours, the ABC is known to have a huge agenda against Fiji which they consider to be ruled by human rights abusing thugs. Everybody knows that this is not true. Fiji is democratically government by an intelligent, benign and compassionate civilian who rightfully campaigns to win all seats in a free and fair election. So no credibility for ABC.
    3. The writer is not a professional journalist but a campaigner who is allowed by a very inadequate regulatory framework for media in Australia. Such reporting would never be allowed in Fiji where a modern legislation is in place that commits journalists to be professional and constructive.
    4. The writer had no first hand knowledge of what happened and got her information from the anti-government blog C4.5. The picture shown on ABC is a fake and shows protesters in Ferguson USA.
    5. The story was only reported on anti-government blogs and has therefore no credibility at all. If there was even the slightest kernel of truth, Croz would have picked the story up and reported it in a truly unbiased fashion.
    6. The story is based on false claims and shaky assumptions. There is no resistance against Fiji’s leadership as dozens of polls by the Fiji Sun (the only credible newspaper) have shown.

    To sum up, the ABC article fails the BS test on all six counts. It should be immediately removed from the ABC website and the journalist should be punished in line with the Fijian Media Decree. Unfortunately, there is no agreed regional standard for the media and the culprit will go unpunished.

  24. Shut your mouth. You don’t know what you are talking about. Don’t you know I am considered a God in Fiji. I say what is the truth.

    If I ever catch up with you and those evil tyrants from Amnesty International I am going to torture the shit out of you.

  25. Thank you Jhati Bhai. You are entltled to your opinion, whether right or wrong. I will respect your right to speak on matters that concern you also. But that is the reason why we should vote Vorere and his criminals out. Tum jano? Acha tik.

  26. SODELPA has thieves in their party who robbed Fiji in their previous roles as SDL.

    Qarase built his own wealth stop trying to dope the innocent Fijians. This election will show that Fijians are more educated and can see the truth.

    Fiji democratic movement is full of thieves who want to get back in position and rob fiji again as well.

  27. As much as sodelpa would like to show that they are a cleam party, the racist statements will not be forgotton by other races and god fearing itaukei.

    In sodelpa’s racist comments is also the death of FLP and NFP.

    Sodelpa will get a max of 50% of the itaukei votes or 25% of the total votes.

    Go ask the itaukei people or look at FF facebook to see itaukei support.

  28. @Tomasi

    I like your deceitful explanations, however you have clearly avoided my question.


    Please answer my above question.


  29. @ Adi Vekaveka

    I think that SODELPA / FLP or FNP are going to increase the coup plotter population in Naboro by two; your favorite Rear Admirer Bai and his puppet master, Khaiyum.

    Does THAT answer your question?

  30. @Anon

    Typical Nice try in the retard Fijian way. I can say nasty things about you as well.

    When you can not answer my question then you come up with something even more silly…..hahahah

  31. Torika, It might surprise you that I do not belong to Sodelpa, nor I do not belong to any party. But I do try and live on certain fundamental principles. Your first post was an accusation against Ro Teimumu and her party, that they will release Rt Inoke when they come to power. In my first response, I tried to point out the fallacy in your accusation, saying that Rt Inoke was taken to court and passed a gaol term for which he is still serving today, under the Qarase government. That was the thrust of my first response to you. I then concluded my observation by asking you what was it that made you so vindictive about Ro Teimumu and her party that made you curse them so badly.

    You see, some of us who appear on these blogs contribute to the discussions based on our genuine desire to protect our nation, our future and the things that we treasure. We try and steer the discussions from chatter, verbal abuse, disinformation and cunning red herrings by the regime to distract attention from the fundamental issues that concern us. Issues that will help many of our people see the real truths about the lies and deceitful actions by Vorere since December 2006.

    I concluded my first response to you by asking you a few questions and I pose them here again. Please tell us what are you doing in Shaghai. Are you one of those that have benefitted from Vorere’s trickery and treason? If so, are you worried that soon, shoud a new team was to come to power after the election, where will you people be? Please answer that question. I do not belong to SODELPA neither am I one of their agents. So I cannot answer your question about their pot election intentions. Nevertheless, I respect Mr Qarase and Ro Teimumu and I believe that in spite of their imperfections, their party represents the best hope for a return to democratic government. Their party is also the best option for restoring mutual respect, tolerance and understanding amongst all ethnic groups in Fiji. Their party, SODELPA, in coalition with FLP, NFP, PDP and other parties will be tremendous for all our different communities and the whole nation.

    Let me make myself very clear. Vorere your leader is an uneducated mental retard who has lied to avoid court and gaol. He has lied and deceived our nation almost each time he speaks in order to cover up his lies and deceit. He has been doing this for the last 7 years. He and his thugs realise the only way they will avoid gaol is to get a new constitution that will give them immunity. And they must get parliamentary approval to seal their constitution. The lection is all about them, to get to parliament and be the legitimate and lawful government of Fiji. If they do not win this election, then they also know they will end up in a proper court of law with many of the current judicial officers, and Naboro is waiting for them.

  32. The Illusion of equality

    Equality is an illusion, an aspiration that mortal humans seek to attain in a world of inequality.

    Let’s face it, as individuals we are at best unequal in ability, physiology, intelligence, and physical strength: tall or short, fat or thin, strong or weak, pretty or ugly, intelligent or stupid we represent diversity inherent in human beings and all forms of life.

    Even the honorable adage of being equal under the law is a mere fallacy that is played out around us in everyday life.

    Interestingly, the notion of equal citizenry is hotly debated, linked to the common name of “Fijian” for everyone. As pointed out by NFP leader Prof. Biman Prasad, it is important for people to define what equal citizenry means.

    Likewise, in a recent talk-back show the host referred to being a second class citizen in relation to indigenous rights. What does he mean by second class citizen?

    The fact remains that citizens of Fiji irrespective of a common name cannot all be classed as indigenous and therein lies the rights of this group as indeed recognised by the United Nations.

    Lets not delude ourselves with highfalutin rhetoric and come to grips with reality.

  33. I urge Indians both staying in Fiji and overseas to exercise commonsense. i taukei are the best people to stay with. Indians staying overseas must show respect and cautious as their action can lead to major backlash to Indians staying in Fiji.
    Do not over react to Bainimarma and Khayium. They are just trying to get votes and have looted the taxpayers.
    Remember i taukei own 94% land and Indians must show respect and work with the i taukei.
    The INDIANS own business so let the i taukei run the government.
    Indians should support i taukei in politics and let them run the government.

  34. Sharvada Sharma

    This is the illegal Solicitor General and PS Justice. Regime lackey and Khaiyum sucker.

    This man is responsible for drafting all the anti Fijian decrees and is currently defending the criminal SOE Mohammed Saneem in the candidate nomination fiasco.

    This bastard must and will be held to account post September elections. That is a promise

  35. @Anonymous above 10:48 PM

    “” The INDIANS own business so let the i taukei run the government.
    Indians should support i taukei in politics and let them run the government. “”

    How about some common sense and a non racial view such as putting the right person in the job. How about choosing someone for their potential to do good rather than choosing by colour, ethnicity, religion or age?

    People like you will always be looked down on and laughed at by whoever is at the top because you are simply a dumb bigoted lost cause.

  36. Good luck “SODELPA” NUR, very sorry!!! don’t waist your time cos we are the Fijians(iTaukei ) rt and we got the power……i think you have enough so u can go and bark somewhere else….don’t forget your tail !!

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