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Chaudhry nominated as FLP leader for election

10:30 TodayTaken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Shanal Sivan

Convicted Fiji Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry has nominated himself as the person who will lead the FLP into the elections. The FLP filed its nomination in the last hour with fourty-two candidates. Chaudhry confirmed to FBC News outside the Fijian Elections Office that he remains party leader and will stay on until his legal battle is complete. Under the Electoral Decree Chaudhry is not eligible to contest the elections and this throws into question whether party nomination signed under his name will be valid. Appeals and objections to party nominations will be finalized by Friday. The Social Democratic Liberal Party is currently at the Elections Office filing its nomination. One of the first parties to lodge it’s nominations on the final day today was the National Federation Party. The deadline for nominations is 12pm. – See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/22261/chaudhry-nominated-as-flp-leader-for-election#sthash.xf9h6pGq.dpuf


36 thoughts on “Chaudhry nominated as FLP leader for election

  1. What is it that Chaudhry doesn’t get?.
    My theory is that he will get FLP technically disqualified from contesting the elections as his name is on the leaders list and FLP maybe disqualified by having a convicted person on the list
    This way FLP will be saved from being trashed at the polls

  2. Biman had a big picture in today’s Fiji times. What the FT did not say that while he was campaigning in Varavu, there were only 15 people in attendance. Yes, 15 people including a few minors.

    NFP will not win 16-18 seats. They will be lucky to get 16-18k votes which will not be enough to get themselves in Parliament.

    Attar should take over as NFP leader is Biman has not shown leadership but lack of it. NFP should also ditch big mouth small ear, kamal iyer.

  3. NFP will do much better than Labour.

    They have a great multiracial team of untainted politicians.

  4. FLP may get more voted than NFP.

    People will luimuri NFP again. Its time we chop the mango tree. The tree has not given any fruits for over 15 years.

  5. Do Indians ever do anything but shoot themselves in the foot. The I-taukei military has them by the nuts!

  6. I was really expecting a very good debate between Ro Teimumu and Bainimarama on Fiji TV. But Bainimarama did not turn up. I thought soldiers and ex soldiers were not supposed to be afraid, especially of a woman. Anyway, it was disappointing on that matter.

    However, Ro Teimumu touched on most of SODELPA’s manifestos and even faced up to several of the biased questionings that were presented to her. I thought that she endured well.

    I wonder if Bainimarama were there and were confronted some hard to answer questions. I would not be surprised if would just swear at the questioners like he swore at Father Kevin Barr. But, as I come to think of it, I think that Bainimarama was wise in not attending, realizing that the audience would consider him a fool each time he would have opened his mouth on TV.

  7. The election minister will pick them out one by one: FLP is already disqualified from participating in elections as Khaiyum considers them to be a criminal organisation led by a convict. SODELPA will be next. A case is currently being build to charge them with incitement of disaffection with the government and harbouring another convict in their party. The rest are irrelevant anyway. Frank has said he need to win all seats and what Frank wants he gets (or else). The unique Fijian style of democracy does not permit any other way.

  8. Ro kepa is the puppet and LQ is the donkey leading the puppet. Her answers on the FM96 show tonight reveals that she has one agenda and nothingh to unite and lead fiji forward.

  9. Talent Deficit Syndrome:The Story of FijiFirst Party
    by Sai Lealea
    Jul 9
    by Sai Lealea

    Even before full campaigning starts, one thing is getting clearer each day; how Fiji has been lumped with a bunch of lackluster people in government with Dictator Bainimarama who lack talent when compared to the candidates of parties now announced to stand in the 17 September Election.

    Pound for pound on intellect, intelligence and common touch, Bainimarama and his lot have absolutely no match. For that simple yardstick, he would do well to repeat his dash for his life down the tavioka patch at Nabua camp just to stay in touch. Across all the main parties standing against him, the weight and spread of talent and ability pose as a tidal wave that will engulf his mottled crew of dropouts, hangers-on, underarchivers and past used by dates. For Fiji the array of candidates on display with the other parties, is a refreshing site and prospect, one it has been denied for near 8 years.

    Such has been the very high opportunity cost of Dictator Bainimarama’s rule over these years. Fiji has missed out on the potential of its people. Sad to say Fiji’s loss has been a blessing to other Pacific governments and businesses who have snapped up those talents and benefiting from it. No doubt only a return to democratic government will entice the return of these lost talents. Yet imagine the loss in aggregate productivity as a result of it and it baffles the mind.
    Read some more:

  10. Typical comment above by someone who professes to be guided by God. Iam ashamed to be called a christain.

    Hope your parents know who you are. The number of rape and incest cases by our fellow christain itaukei people does not reflect good on us.

  11. Kamal iyer of the NFP is going around telling everyone that he will become a minister if NFP comes into power. He is also telling people that NFP will form govt with all parties except FF, even with sodelpa.

  12. Bichara Ronald. Were you expecting to be called by your leader to become a minister. The current regime didn’t even go through elections. Whether NFP wins or loses, at least the decision who runs the country will be hopefully a democratic one. Not a dictatorial one that you fancy so much.

  13. Chaudhry has been living with the guilt of having his hidden millions uncovered for so long that it was eating him up. He knew full well that he would never get to lead Fiji again and has carefully engineered every move of his so as to make it look as if it’s the present government that has caused his downfall.

    His persistent arrogance has clouded his realisation that every one in Fiji just asks themselves one simple question;

    ‘ How does a politician in a third world country have millions of dollars in personal foreign bank accounts? ‘

    The public are not as gullible as he hoped they would be.

  14. And in his selfishness and arrogance he has knowingly done this at the cost of the FLP and people of Fiji.

  15. Biman looked as he has not slept in ages in the tv news today. And his talk of colition govt now means reality is sinking in him. The question is will it make the 5% mark to be in parliament?

    NFP’s problem is its leader who came via a coup to oust Raman pratap singh and then using dictator like tricks to kick attar, parmod etc out and got tupou as president.

    And then NFP has stuck with a GS that has a very consistent track record. Yes consistent record of no seats in parliament.

    How can we TRUST this new NFP if it still has the age peche style politics?

  16. Yp reddy and 2 other businessmen (one former nfp MP with hardware business and the other a yaqona tycoon) have agreed to pour in 5 figure donation to assist NFP get into parliament. The financers want NFP to get in at all cost and hence the gutter political stance taKen by the party.

    Biman on the other hand is saying that he will again be on the losing side after being humiliated 15 years ago.

    He is now calling the indo fijian as traitors in private. No wonder the indo fijians have not been turing up at his rally.

  17. I saw the TV interview on FBC and Ro Teimumu Kepa did a good interview. However, the FBC interviewer was irritating and clearly was biased because whenever he referred to Qarase and Chaudhry, he always used the adjective “convicted” Mr so and so. I also noticed this at Mr Beddoes recent interview. Is this a directive from the top FBC boss?

  18. Chaudary speaking on straight talk last night denied that all money collected from Canada USA and elsewhere was not collected by him and that money sent from India was for his own personal use

  19. 1 in 20 indo fijians will vote for NFP. 1 in 100 itaukei will vote for NFP.

    Now u do the maths if NFP will be in Parliament.

    A vote for NFP is a vote for sodelpa.

  20. Beta Biman, pls come home. Leave politics. You have become very naughty. You are becoming a liar. You look very old despite coloring your hair dark black. You look a lost child in the tv debate and I could not stand it when you keep shoving your nose.

    Beta, pls forget about politics. You cried day night for 13 years after losing the 1999 elections.

    I even heard our own relatives saying they will not vote for you as you never helped or supported them all these years.

    Beta, aree beta, pls I hope you don’t come crying home again.

  21. Pyare nana. Good to hear from you. I have been thinking about you a lot since your death. Seems you don’t like much in heaven. It seems you don’t get the pampering and gifts at present. You died 8 years ago but I thought the new god in heaven was looking after you well. Anyway the rest in our family, village and the area are all doing very well. Most children have now studied thanks to foster care my family has provided. There are some sour grapes and dockey headed who are so selfish and scared of the consequences of thir deads that they are even waking the dead to help them. Don’t worry. You try to stay calm in heaven. Truth will prevail and justice will be done. Peace to you in heaven.

  22. Aree bhacha, you killing your nana. Now, you behaving like a real politican. Telling everyone I am dead. I wish I was dead after reading your post.

  23. Mr. Chaudhary seems to have a lot of problems eg Asha Lakha and Vir Mati, Rajendra Chaudrary etc. His biggest problems however are his sticky fingers in money dealings, his relevance as a politician at the present time, his inflated ego (like Saiyad Khaiyum) and this belief he has that only he is right all the time. (He reminds me of Ms Shamima Ali in this last aspect.)
    He lies with utter conviction; but look into his eyes–they are shifty and a choro resides there.
    When issues like collection of funds overseas are raised; he denies them. Lets ask people like Dr. Karam Singh who were raising thousands of dollars for him If he didn’t receive it then they must have stolen it!
    He is never happy and satisfied with anything–including one wife! He, like his acolytes Rajend Naidu, Victor Lal, Sukha Singh, is forever whinging and moaning about something or the other. He feels national politic is like his FPSA. If he falls down he will claim that he hasn’t fallen because his legs are up in the air; little realizing that when the legs are raised the arse hole is exposed.
    Lets kick him and other politicians like him on the butt.

  24. Bacha, you want to kill me. Go kill yourself after the election results are out. The last time you lost, I had to beg you not to hang your self as you were about to commit suicide from the mango tree. Bichara.

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