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GCC rearing its head as a major electoral concern

Mixed reactions to GCC

Nasik Swami
Saturday, August 16, 2014

THE latest Tebbutt-Times Poll has canvassed the issue of the reinstatement of the Great Council of Chiefs and poll results are showing mixed reactions.

When asked should the GCC be restored, out of the 1047 surveyed in urban and peri urban areas of Suva, Nasinu, Lami, Nausori, Nadi, Lautoka and Ba between August 4 and 6, 2014, 33 per cent said they did not want the reinstatement of the GCC while 15 per cent said they did not care.

A total of 48 percent of the people surveyed in the poll said they wanted the reinstatement of the GCC while 4 per cent refused to provide their opinion on the question.

The results noted differences in opinion gender and ethnicity wise, with females more likely than males to support restoration (51 per cent and 44 per cent respectively).

A total of 65 per cent of the iTaukei population surveyed said they wanted the reinstatement of the GCC and 30 per cent of the Fijians of Indian decent supported its reinstatement.

The survey also highlighted that the younger generation (18 per cent) between the ages of 18 to 24 years said they did not care about the reinstatement of the GCC.

The poll results also revealed that more females (51 per cent) and fewer males (44 per cent) said they wanted the reinstatement of the GCC.


57 thoughts on “GCC rearing its head as a major electoral concern

  1. If this body is reinstated then its cost should be borne by those seeking its return, not the taxpayer

  2. no GCC, no Christian state. when things fall apart we Taukei don’t want any of this institutions to be the buffer between mercy/goodwill and genocide of indian race. Take it away, we prefer to go back to dark ages. Remember Bosnia/Serbia, 700 years of Christianity mean nothing since there were no such buffering institutions.

  3. Wjhats the use of bringing them back,they have not been there in the Last 8 years and we are just fine, send them under the Mango tree

  4. The three above are ungrateful migrants to Fiji and its generosity. I am not Fijian and yet I acknowledge the importance of the GGC

  5. Those who do not want the GCC back do not realize how important this Council is to the indigenous Fijians. It protects them from greedy people who would abuse and usurp the rights of native landowning units and the traditions and cultures of the majority of all who live in these islands. They would prefer to live here without recognizing the kindness and hospitality of its indigenous people. Perhaps they are only here for their selfish reasons of gain without some degree of pain and without contributing to the growth of all communities.

    The pollster has said that it polled only those who lived in urban and peri-urban areas. Had it taken the poll to those in the rural and outlying islands, a considerable number of the population, the percentage of those wanting the GCC back would have been a lot higher.

  6. Yes Victor the taxpayer should not fund an institution who represent the collective interest of 60% of population who have put much of their land resources that represent 87% of the total land resources for the development of sugar then tourism which built the economy of this country. Where do you live and where have you been?

  7. Yes nazhatshameemslackcunt lets forget about encouraging Christian principles and values live alone a Christian state and lets just return to being the hedonistic heathen cannibals that we were. Oh Victor you tasted so nice;-)

  8. GGC must be brought back asap. GCC is the cornerstone of the i taukei culture and tradition. They must be respected. Khayium clearly wants to destroy the i taukei community.

  9. The Fiji Dental Association has paid about $42,000 to a law firm in Suva to fight their court case action number 216 / 2011 against the membership of mostly government workers. The Minister Dr. Neil Sharma has failed to address the abuse of $42,000 of members fund by Fiji Dental Association and also allow membership of about 120 workers who are government workers in hospital throughout the country to be members of Fiji Dental Association under the decree.
    The court case has finished as the minister has powers under the decree to intervene and make decision which has not been done till now.
    The minister has failed to use his powers and allow government workers to be members of Fiji Dental Association. The decree clearly allows for membership into Fiji Dental Association but the government workers have not been allowed into Fiji Dental Association despite the directive from the minister to call a SPECIAL AGM for all the workers in 2012.
    How can the government get 120 votes from these workers and their families from these government workers who have been deprived of their membership for the last three years?
    The rules of the Fiji Dental Association was deliberately changed and the membership increased to $520 to be full member and $260 for affiliate members. If one pays $260 he / she has NO VOTING RIGHT. This is DISCRIMINATORY under the 2013 Constitution and under equal citizenry. The rules are discriminatory.
    PLEASE can the Honorable Prime Minister, Honorable A.G and the military Council look into this without delay as they may not have the support of these government workers and their families if they are not given their right to to be a member in a fair manner with voting rights.
    It is surprising why the Minster of Health Dr. Neil Sharma’s directive for Special AGM in 2012 has not been followed for all members to elect members of Fiji Dental Association.
    Why Dr. Neil Sharma has not exercised his powers?

  10. Khayium the destroyer of GCC and Methodist. Khayium masterminded that the conference of the Methodist should be held for 7 years.How can i taukei forgive Khayium.

  11. Khaiyum can you respond to the challenge by Labour leader to release the Audited Accounts for Ministerial salary from April 2010?
    On numerous occasions Mr Chaudhry and other political leaders have issued statements about this and there is widely held view that your relative Nur Bano administered the super salaries from April 2010.
    Whats the truth?
    If you have nothing to fear or conceal end the secrecy.
    Can you?

  12. To The cunt talking about genocide of Indian race.

    There are more than a billion Indians. If they started pissing on you, you and your ilk will drown !!

  13. Victor Piyar i guess that is directed at me. There is no inference to genocide of the indian race in my post. Its just eating YOU (Its a joke) as you don’t seem to understand enough to deserve to live amongst the rest of us, and resorting to swearing just proves my point further.

  14. I don’t think there anymore ungrateful migrants as Victor Piyar points out as we are all born here but there are the ignorant and disrespectful people amongst us who don’t know the price of fish but are happy to walk around spouting the rubbish being created and peculating in their sorry excuse for a brain.

  15. We really don’t care all that much what the peasants out there think or what their opinions are. The GCC cannot be reinstated because it would interfere with the great Khaiyum’s plan to gain control over Taukie land. Imagine if a bunch of home-brew drinkers start to interfere with our land bank plan! Not only would they demand a significant share in the profits that the AG and the PM will be making, they would also expose the deals that are already in the books and incite the peasants to resist the total control our wonderful decree gives to the PM. Remember we have a provision in the law saying that the PM’s decisions on Taukie land is final without the option to bring grievances to the courts!

  16. @ Victor Piyar

    Calm down my friend! The wise Indian, unlike you, know what is being contested here. The Indian continent where forefathers of Indians in Fiji hail from know what indigenous interest and the protection of indigenous rights are all about. India has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Worlds Indigenous Peoples. India carries the sentiments of indigenous people close to her heart and is not as unwise as the ungrateful attitude of descendants of her people living offshore! Imagine how mother India would be reacting if foreigners and descendants of its migrant communities were to break down its national and traditional institutions. Imagine if their religion and faith were to be ostracised like the way Fiji’s major faith group is being victimised. Imagine if a descendant of a migrant community told them that their Indian way of life is useless and abolished laws and bodies that represented them and stood for their collective interest. I would think India would be more ferocious in its response to such events, and rightly that would be because of the very damage the events would cause to her indigenous people. So grow up and stop behaving like a spoilt and ungrateful idiot who thinks grabbing power, grabbing wealth and grabbing land is a worthy cause! Look at the legacy that Ghandi left – the fight he led against the injustices brought on his people and you might understand what is at stake here. Or better still, go and spend some time in India (if you are Fiji born and bred and of Indian descent) and learn from their attitude and approach to countering forces and characters that try to impose their will on them, let alone change their institutions and way of life, and you might become wiser!

  17. The GCOF was established during the Colony to assist the Governor in controlling and leading the country.

    In the new Fiji we do not need to continue this colonial hangover but develop and establish our own . Will be cost-effective to have provincial council of chiefs that meets quarterly and National Council of Chiefs consisting only of the 13 high chiefs or their nominees which meets annually . these 13 high chiefs ceded Fiji in 1874 to HM Queen Victoria.

  18. Aunty Nur

    Yes I believe that is how rulers in animal farm have designed it and how they want it to be. But as all such rules and laws have come about unlawfully, it would be easier undoing them and reinstating the legal order that was originally in place. All that plagues and holds Fiji hostage today is the patchy scheme of decrees and policies that protect the interest of terrorist criminals that grabbed power and money unlawfully. This is part of the mess that will have to be cleaned up when the circus is over!



    We will not sell our great land to the foreigners and become slaves in our own country!

    We will not let them humiliate our lord Jesus Christ and our indigenous rights!

    We will not let allow foreigners to invade our land and leave our children to suffer

    We will not let Bainimarama and Aiyaz steal our identity, culture, tradition

    We will not let him use this country as his family football field whereby they give all the jobs and contracts to their family and friends and steal hundreds of millions while our own flesh and blood suffer!


  20. 99% people want GCC back except Khayium and Bainimarma.
    Bianimarma said to chiefs go and drink homebrew under the mango tree. He is now going to them to beg for votes. These two are lairs and biggest thief of taxpayers money.

  21. Its not a matter of bringing back the GCC its all about the unlawful way in which it was abolished by one dick head, son of a kutu.

  22. @ anonymous 1-45am..Dina sara… na luveni KUTUSEBE..who will representing the little fishermen like me when no Fiji First ever talk to me about my lively wood.. I don’t need a lawyer or pharmacist who doesn’t live in my island to speak for me.. FU all FF..

  23. Khayium is the one who was instrumental in the removal of GCC. This was the greatest insult on the i taukei. This one man has done so much harm to the i taukei.His removal is imminent if not the whole country will be in chaos after election..

  24. Land debate

    Let me add another perspective to the current land debate.

    It has been pointed out that changing land law can only be approved by 75per cent of Parliament.

    As an indigenous native landowner, this is a major problem for me because now under the 2013 Constitution politicians and non native landowners will determine the laws governing my native land.

    Under Section 185 of the 1997 Constitution, I as a native indigenous landowner was empowered via my Great Council of Chief senator, who I chose via the Rewa Provincial Council to the GCC, to have a direct say/ veto on native land law.

    Section 185 empowered me as a native indigenous landowner.

    Section 185 no longer exists and as far as I am concerned, I am powerless as far as my indigenous native land is concerned because that power is now in the hands of politicians, who I do not trust and who have shown throughout the history of indigenous peoples around the world, will have multiple interests.

    Thus, as of today, I am sitting on my native indigenous land in Rewa but I do not have any direct power on laws governing my own native land.

    Simply, I own the house, but do not have a direct say or power on the tenancy agreement.

    As a voter, I eagerly look forward to meeting the politicians head on regarding this matter.

  25. The GCC issue is a red herring as are all of the “election issues”. Here is a summary of the real issues at hand.

    1. Gates ruled that the doctrine of necessity applied and ruled the coup lawful.
    2. On appeal, that decision was overturned (2009) and an independent Court of Appeal ruled that the doctrine did not apply and the coup was unlawful.
    3. Bai and Khai sought advice from Shameem and Gates and was advised that the only way the illegal government could be legitimised was to hold power for at least a further 5 years. Under constitutional law principles, if a coup government has been in power for a lengthy time then they would be legitimised if they received a majority of votes in a free and fair election. Had elections been held in 2009, there was an insufficient passage of time to legitimise the coup government.
    4. Gates ruled the coup lawful and advised Bai and Khai as above. His ruling at first instance has proven to be is springboard the position of Chief Justice ( and President on occasion).
    5. The Court of Appeal acted independently with no conflict of vested interest. Gates acted out of self-interest and opportunism.
    6. If Fiji First win the election then these corrupt men will be legitimised. Gates plan to protect Frank and Khaiyum from prosecution will have succeeded. All decrees and the Constitution will be considered legally valid.

    If that happens, Fiji will be lost forever. Gates has designed the blueprint for future coups to succeed. If Fiji First win the election then coup culture will remain with us forever.
    Time has proven that NONE of the court of appeal members had a vested interest. Time has clearly shown that Gates did. From previous judgments where he ruled the Constitution to be immovable, to designing a situation whereby corruption can be legitimised.

    At the moment these coup criminals are just that, criminals. If they obtain the majority of votes they will have their corruption and criminal practices erased.

    It does not matter whether you like them or think they have done a few good things, what is at stake is far broader. It is democracy for all it is worth.

    A vote for Fiji First is a vote for the GUN and against democracy and freedom.

    The illegal regime have been able to use tax payers money and foreign loans to buy votes and win support.

    Let us be clear on one thing, Khaiyum, Bai, Gates and Shameem have become very wealthy from this coup. They do not care about the poor of Fiji or the economy. They are travelling in the only direction available to them that will allow them to keep their corrupt fortunes and keep them out of prison.

    I do not blame the people who support them. They do not understand the big picture and the price they may pay. They have been seduced by greedy, power hungry individuals who have sold the people a lie.

    The above summary calls it for what it is. CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. A Fiji First victory will retrospectively change that fact.

    Vote for democracy, freedom and the future of Fiji. Vote for anyone other than Fiji First. You only get one shot at this. I don’t support any particular party. I am simply opposed to Fiji First and their attempt to legalise their criminal behaviour.

    Even you who are benefiting from this illegal regime. Consider what I have said. Accept it or reject it. All I ask is that you consider it.

    Mr Firkin, please feel free to make this a stand alone article if you wish.

  26. MOST private dentist do not have qualified dental people working in their clinics.
    They are using school-leavers to make patient dentures and other dental work in the clinic.
    This is shocking.
    What is the minister Dr. Neil Sharma doing? Has he been bribed to keep his mouth close.
    Why he has not taken action on this abuse of $42,000 of members money?
    Why this has not been investigated?

  27. Their is rumour that one private dentist shut Dr. Neil Sharma and threaten legal action on him personally.Their was almost a fight in this meeting at his office. Bravo to this private dentist.

  28. Below an interesting exchange on the Croz Walsh blog which clearly shows where this gentlemen stands.

    AnonymousSaturday, August 16, 2014 at 7:23:00 PM GMT+12
    Perhaps we should stop talking about these polls and come out in support of our great leaders instead. The PM has made it abundantly clear when he spoke in New Zealand: He will win all seats in parliament in order to avoid a dysfunctional parliament where the opposition would snipe at him and obstruct progress through unproductive debate. Tune into the broadcast of NZ and Australia parliament sessions and you will understand what I mean. If only a single non Fiji First candidate makes to the parliament our uniquely Fijian style of democracy will be in jeopardy. So, Croz, please stop discussing these irrelevant polls and focus on how to make sure that all seats are won by our great leaders. This is the only way to ensure rapid progress in a truly democratic environment.


    Crosbie WalshSaturday, August 16, 2014 at 7:49:00 PM GMT+12
    @Anonymous 7:23. Both polls certainly seem to indicate that the minor parties, excepting NFP, will have no seats in Parliament. Like you, I’m fearful of an opposition that simply aims at negative snipping. NFP would behave more reasonably than SODELPA.

  29. I think Croz is right.

    NFP is looking more and more like a government in waiting.

    Sodelpa seems to have the “entitlement” disease.

  30. Whats wrong with these idiots wanting GCC back? The days of the noblemen and the serf are long gone–in Europe, in India the maharajas are finished. Why are we inviting these free loading bludgers to come back? Do you really enjoy kowtowing to the freeloaders, walking with our heads and backs bent in front of them? I don’t. This bondage and slavery in the name of Itaukei culture must stop. Kepa will naturally want it reinstated; it works to her advantage . But look at her critically and honestly–she is a zero. She is chief by accident of birth. No other redeeming ability or quality. Even her utterances are so common and racist. No sign of stateswomanship. She below average. I am totally against reinstatement of GCC. They shackle and retard us.

  31. @anon 902pm
    the GCC is a similar body as Fiji Muslim League, Sanatan Dharam, Sabha, etc representing the interest of a particular group

    to every Fijian the GCC is the pinnacle body representing our interests.

  32. People talking against the GCC don’t know anything about my Fiji (iTaukei Land ) The only thing u have to respect and bare in mind that the chiefs of FIJI (Itaukei) were the one who cared from the beginning untill now to all the people who migrated to Fiji by Boat or by “bilibili” etc; GCC is a body that clearly known for the Itaukei as well as the owner of this Land. People!! shut up and don’t talk about the GCC anymore just talk about self and where u come from!!! GCC is my identity to my FIJI. ” Tevoro” kakua qito tiko malua sa katia ko iko!!!!!

  33. Guys don’t let emotions wreck the rational part of your brains–if you have any. No one is taking away the chiefs –only these free loading snout in the trough GCC. Be honest with yourself. The GCC and its members have been responsible for all the coups in Fiji except the last one. Mara could not take defeat by Dr. Bavadra and encouraged Rabuka. Penaia got on the bandwagon as did the other GCC members. It was a nauseating sight to see them riding the wind with Spieght–Kepa, Samisoni, Talakuli etc. Don’t you remember Epenisa Cakobau walking behind Speight as if he was Speights ADC! Nah–GCC is a millstone around our neck and good riddance. We are 66% of population and are getting educated enough to think for ourselves. We don’t need a bunch of geriatric greedy and power hungry individuals to tell us what to do. You really need to grow up and stop believing your own propaganda that we are lost without the GCC. On the contrary their removal will liberate us — another chain off our feet

  34. Kutu Sebe
    Funny no appreciation of how GCC stabilised the nation in times of crisis…..
    GCC in some form or another needed as voice of indigenous whose resources now under pressure via 2013 constitution, decrees and land grabbers, bribers etc etc like kutu sebe
    Iko dua na tamata boci……stop bringing up the past……..

  35. You have to ask yourself the question that if the Chiefs are of such paramount importance to the indigenous Fijian and held in such high respect with guaranteed support why have they simply all not joined one party and they would have a 100% guaranteed win at the poll.

    This is not deriding the Chiefs in any way or anything to do with the GCC but a very simple solution to indigenous ways being ensured the priority of the majority.

  36. Kutu Sebe

    Surprising that you have a rational part of your brain. Franks snout, hands, feet and arse have been deep in the trough for 8 years..but I guess that does not count for those with irrational brains.

  37. Forget the GCC.

    The new Govt. will later on come up with a new and relevant solution in which a new Committee or institution will be formed specifically for our Chiefs and the roles for them to play.

    Everyone values our chiefs but the proper institution and specific roles need to be identified and clearly laid out.

  38. Bai & Kaiyum are hell bent on destroying the Fijian traditional structure. They must be eliminated at all cost.

  39. Tana and others;
    Amigos you seem to have a hearing problem. I am young–if you do not want to listen to my generation please yourself. Tana you tell me not to bring up the past–The whole political campaign of our sodelpa is based on past–chiefs, cession etc. Where would leave you?
    Let us not become irrelevant like chaudry. Ratu Sai welcome back. I see you still haven’t bought a mouthwash.

  40. Kutu Sebe. Yes, you are young and although you may have the right to speak, its wiser to listen more than you open your mouth on matters beyond your ears. Wisdom listens. Knowledge speaks. During our time, we let our elders speak and we would be content on simply listening. That’s how people accumulate wisdom over the years. A little knowledge is dangerous. Impatience , impudence and pride, when combined with ignorance can be a volatile mixture, for society and for the speaker.

    I understand you are a young person exercising your freedom to speak. Please do so wisely. Please note that whatever you say, you will certainly be held accountable for. You sow by every word you utter, depending on what you say and how you do so. I presume you read your Bible too. Please each time you wake up, go to the Book of Proverbs and read a chapter before you start a new day. Then you move on to the Book of Ecclesiastes. Then you wander on to the Book of Psalms. Then after a month or two, please return to the Book of Genesis to understand who you really are. Then go to the Book of John to appreciate your destiny through Jesus Christ. Then I humbly suggest you fly to the Book of Revelation, Chapetr 21 – 22 to catch a glimpse of how this whole life that we are so obsessed with will end.

    Then Kutu Sebe, after all that reading and praying for God to speak to you, have a think about whether or not you are yet qualified to speak more than you listen. You see, as your relative and a person who really cares about you and our youths and our nation, I humbly suggest that you make it your policy to read and listen and accumulate wisdom and knowledge and understanding in the things that really matter. God has a wonderful plan for you. You have chosen a negative name for yourself. Why don’t you let God speak to you more rather than being so hasty to let people hear you speak on matters that you have very little understanding about. Reading and listening will make you more wiser. Than when you speak, people will appreciate you more. Isn’t that what you really want? To be appreciated and to contribute positively in matters that really are important. Vinaka

  41. Tomasi the racist wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Beware of Tomasi the evil thing!!!

    Stop using God’s name and his good words in vain.

  42. Back to your stage at the Suva bus stand Tomasi.

    Wake up to reality, the world does not revolve around your idols.

  43. Dear Tomasi
    Your first paragraph is very revealing; and in itself reinforces what I am trying to say. You would have me shut up and obey what the white heads say–as if age somehow gives them wisdom. This is the age when dementia and loss of cognition sets in. Look at our history– they haven’ t done too well have they especially the GCC. All they have done is fought for their own power, enrichment getting the snout in their trough. Their behavior during all our coups has been dishonorable and shameful. Even out of coups they behave like lords and masters, sensitive to constructive criticism; giving everything a racial tinge and manipulating the emotions and insecurities of the kaivitis in a cynical and hypocritical style. Chiefs–yes by all means; GCC–no.
    I am 29 years old and reasonably educated. I and a lot of other Fijians are able to think and see for our selves as to what is right and wrong. Stop quoting fables from Bible–imbibe its true teachings. God isn’t doing too well these days. All his followers Christians, hindus, moslems etc are busy killing each other in His name.
    Tamana stop being so paternalistic, patronizing and preachy.
    Have a Blessed day

  44. Prakash, your name in Sanskrit means “light”. Please be a light in the darkness. Be wise and never be hasty to speak on matters you do not understand. This applies to people also. Do not judge them but observe and learn from them and acquire wisdom.

    Anonymous 12.47pm. Out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth speaks. I speak of God while you are fixated on your idols. I am who I am because of the God I believe in. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I will never ever be ashamed of that. Paul decared this philosophy so well when he said: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation for everyone that believes”. Now I ask you, who are you? What do you believe in? Remember that famous truth” The fool says in his heart, there is no God.” You are either a believer or a fool. So tell us, which one are you?

    To both of you and others who think that we can resolve our problems without God, let me remind you that you are delusional at best and absolutely foolish at worst. You seem to pour scorn on any reference to god or any items of faith and religion when matters of life and ethics and governance and finance are discussed. The whole world belongs to God. All that we are and all that we have comes from God. We came from Him and we will end with Him. So stop your smart aleck and foolish attitude. No matter how you wish, we cannot separate our faith from our lives. We are absolutely nothing without Him.

    To Kutu Sebe, you have great potential because of your education and youth. I speak with genuine love and care for you and other young people. Learn to be wise or you will become fools. The more you know, the more you know how little you do not know. The longer you live, the greater you realise one wastes his life on things that do not really matter. The wiser one becomes, the less one speaks out of line. Such is the lesson one learns from the school of experience. In some cultures, men do not get to speak in public until they are sixty years old. Why is that the case? Because the belief is that you have nothing really valuable to contribute until you have lived a purposeful life for more than sixty years. Then and only then you can share with others something of great value and worthy of sharing.

    I know there is a lot of wisdom in that story. The challenge for you our young people is to seek not only to be educated to gain knowledge and skills. It is also important for you to gain understanding, insight, wisdom and positive attitudes, the kind that will develop greatness of character. Ours is a relatively small nation. We do not have much to offer the world and compete with them on an equal footing. But one thing we can do well is our emphasis on building people and leaders of excellent character. Our greatness must come from our character and the extras can be added on that. “Righteousness exalts a nation. Sin is a reproach to any people.” Its not education, wealth, skills, technology, etc. Although these are important attributes, God said it is character that determines our destiny and determines our greatness.

    Oh by the way, even though I value high education and all its associated trappings, I still believe that it is our people’s character, our righteous character that is the most fundamental attribute we must strive for. I rest my case. Thank you.

  45. Dear Mr. Tomasi,
    Lets agree to disagree. You with your belief that old age and grey hair somehow makes people wise; that younger generation should shut up and read the bible.
    I believe education, reason and logic should dictate our conversations and thinking. That nobody has a patent on wisdom–Jesus was not very old. We should live the teachings of God and his Son–not quote out of context to justify our (rather racist) views.
    The strongest emotion is fear. What are you afraid of?
    With respect

  46. While I am not disputing one’s considerably ample amount of knowledge at a comparably young age, and congratulations to them for their efforts in achieving knowledge, may I say that through experience in age and through time spent in this mortality, one may become wiser. While many may confuse themselves that wisdom and knowledge are synonymous, I am of the humble opinion that wisdom may thus be defined as the “wise use of knowledge”.

  47. Vinaka Tualeita. Very well put, as usual. Its revealing to study the lives of the movers and shakers of human civilisations. In particular, the man of the millenium, Albert Einstein. He was rich in both knowledge of the earthly and scientific kind and also in the knowledge and wisdom of the spirit realm. His daily inspiration was the Torah and he was a Jew. He was able to see beyond what ordinary eyes could not see because he believe and operated in both realms simultaneously. What an inspiration for all of us, especially our young people and aspiring leaders.

    To Kutu Sebe, Jhati and others, please take the time to read about the duality of reality. You will see where many of us are coming from. It merely states that reality is made up of the visible and the invisible, the physical and the spiritual realms. The sad truth is that it is the spirit realm that constitutes the dominant and larger component of our reality. The physical world that we live in and the physical entities that exist, including us human beings, are merely spirits in physical bodies. Quantum physics and quantum theory will tell us that we are merely a collection of vibrations and quantum particles and waves and the smallest particle of matter is a sound wave.

    That being the case, we can conclude that the Genesis creation account is not a theory or a myth but an absolute reality that we must grapple with. We must acknowledge God our creator and live our lives in harmony with His will and purpose. It is therefore most foolish to deny God and to think that we can live our lives without Him or contrary to His stated purpose. This fact must enlighten all or discussions and decisions on all issues of our personal and corporate lives. All that there is in our billions of galaxies and the whole cosmos are simply a manifestation of the God of Israel and the God of Fiji. Just look and think about the tiny nation of Israel. Surrounded by its deadliest enemies, it continues to thrive as a nation. That is one of the most glaring and marvellous miracle in human history. It is my prayer that my land and country, Viti, will become that type of nation, one that fears God and whose future is founded on God’s miraculous power, wisdom, love and for mankind. I see no hope for Fiji unless it is the hope that is founded in God’s divinity and absolute sovereignty over all things. Vinaka

  48. Hey Tomasi
    The good book says that the earth was under water for 40 days and nights. Mt Everest is about 5 miles high and that that too must have been under water. Can you explain to me where did all this water go when the flood receded?
    God is an illusion/delusion/hallucination of your mind. Stop pushing this non existent entity in rational debates.

  49. Bula vinaka Anselme. Welcome to Fiji. Now tell me please, what are you? Are you an atheist, an agnostic or a lost soul seeking the truth? How do you know you really exist? How did you come to be? Are you an animal, a chemical compound, an accidental bunch of molecules of solids, liquids and gases? Are you an animal or a vegetable or something more than a lump of complex particles, energy and emotions? Why do you die as you live? Why are you here alive and well on earth? Where are you going Anselme?

    Please consider those questions for a moment before responding. Once you do that, then I will move to your next question. Oh I almost forgot. God loves you. He asked me to tell you that. He knows who, what, where and how you are at all times. He cares about you. Oh by the way, to help you answer the questions, He also wants me to tell you that if you open the eyes of your heart and scan and study the world around you, you will discover the Designer and Archiiect and Creator of our indescribably beautiful universe. Mt Everest and the flood are absolutely insignificant issues compared to that. Vinaka

  50. Tomasi
    I am an atheist. How typical your reply; ask any believer and he stars confabulating like you are doing here. You are the one taking bible literally–believing in hogwash like genesis etc.
    Just answer the question– if the earth was covered by water as you believers claim where did this water go when it receded. If you can’t just say so. And stop clouding issues with your preachy little essays. I don’t need saving.

  51. Bula vinaka Anselme. It is obvious you have closed your mind and are only obsessed with your justifying your own belief. I was trying to help you realise the fallacy of not believing in God because the natural world of which you speak constitute overwhelming evidence of His existence and character. You are trying to box me in to your very simple question which you think does lend credibility and foundation to your foolish view. Since you wanted a short explanation, here is a short answer and question for you?

    Who created the mountains and the whole earth with its many millions of beings? What marvellous mind authored the beauty and incredible design in nature, with the earths seasons and generations of life on multiple levels? How did these all come about and where will all these end? How is it that such natural diversity and complexity can still work in total and perpetual harmony over many millions of years? If you can answer that Anselme, then you will have answered your own question. Have a great week my friend. Vinaka

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