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Eligibility of candidates for elections and the Mickey Mouse games


Dear Sir

Mr Aiyaz Khaiyum advises NGOs like Citizens Constitutional Forum to not play “Mickey Mouse games” before the elections (Fiji Sun, 5 August 2014).  The public should consider that:

(a) The Bainimarama Government has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money encouraging the voter registration of Fiji citizens living overseas so that they can have a say in electing some candidate for the parliament, even if they have Permanent Residency of and presumably some commitment to other countries.

(b) Civil servants, even if they have been out of the country for the last two years “on government business”, may still be eligible as candidates for the elections, and may even belong to political parties, according to the Permanent Secretary of the PSC.

(c) BUT an ordinary Fiji citizen, like Ms Makareta Waqavonovono, a former Legal Aid and committed senior Fiji government official, who has been overseas for more than 18 months out of the last two years, is declared legally ineligible to be a candidate by a sudden last minute change of the law on the 31st of July 2014, just a month before the elections, after Ms Waqavonovono has already been announced as a candidate by the National Federation Party.

The moribund Fiji Law Society or one of its members, might want to ask the general question if laws are being changed to suit a specific circumstance or individual.

But more specifically, the public can ask why Ms Makareta Waqavonovono, a former senior civil servant, has been overseas for the last two years.

First, she has been guilty of bringing great credit to Fiji by working for AusAID and the Australian Government, arguably the most important donor to Fiji.

Second, she has been using her valuable legal skills in the Solomon Islands, a valuable member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group which Fiji often takes pride in helping, by providing much needed skilled human resources, similar to those possessed by Ms Waqavonovono.

Third, Ms Waqavonovono apparently has had the unpatriotic desire to waste her time and money by studying overseas (in Australia) and acquiring further educational qualifications that will undoubtedly be of great benefit to Fiji.

But with this latest decree by Mr Aiyaz Khaiyum (Attorney General and, apparently without any conflict of interest, also the General Secretary of the Fiji First Party), Ms Waqavonovono has been banned from offering to voters, the use of her extensive legal experience in the Fiji Parliament, the most important public service arena there is, superior even to the Government..

Anyone with common sense knows who exactly is playing “Mickey Mouse” games in Fiji with the elections and our people’s lives.


Professor Wadan Narsey


17 thoughts on “Eligibility of candidates for elections and the Mickey Mouse games

  1. How contradictory of them, Bainimarama visited NZ to seek support for his Bullshit party which means, those that have been living abroad, no matter for how long can vote, but a Fijian living abroad, and have not lived in Fiji for two years are not allowed to be a contestant in the election.

    This is the type of leadership, you will get when these good for nothing gets in power, again. An indication that with that type of control comes nepotism, they go hand in hand. Bainimarama given the chance, he will employ and place his own family members and friends and acquaintance in major government positions and if that’s the case then Fiji is doomed forever.

  2. Vinaka Professor Narsey. The election is already rigged and FF has won!
    The election will never be free and fair under the regime.
    The court is not independent and has been manipulated by Khayium.
    Two of the democratically elected Prime Minister have been framed and disqualified from the election.
    It is a fact that the level of corruption and nepotism is the highest under the regime.
    The salary declared by Bainimarma and Khayium are not true as they have robbed taxpayers money.
    Khayium sold his property at Berry Road to Tappos before the capital gain tax was introduced. This money was not declared by Khayium in his declaration.

  3. Voters should wake up to all the bulshit being pedalled by the Pig’s First Party. If We are to get rid of the coup culture it has to start now by voting out the last coup perpetrator once and for all.

  4. The Fiji Dental Association has paid about $42,000 to a law firm in Suva to fight their court case action number 216 / 2011 against the membership of mostly government workers. The Minister Dr. Neil Sharma has failed to address the abuse of $42,000 of members fund by Fiji Dental Association and also allow membership of about 120 workers who are government workers in hospital throughout the country to be members of Fiji Dental Association under the decree.
    The court case has finished as the minister has powers under the decree to intervene and make decision which has not been done till now.
    The minister has failed to use his powers and allow government workers to be members of Fiji Dental Association. The decree clearly allows for membership into Fiji Dental Association but the government workers have not been allowed into Fiji Dental Association despite the directive from the minister to call a SPECIAL AGM for all the workers in 2012.
    How can the government get 120 votes from these workers and their families from these government workers who have been deprived of their membership for the last three years?
    The rules of the Fiji Dental Association was deliberately changed and the membership increased to $520 to be full member and $260 for affiliate members. If one pays $260 he / she has NO VOTING RIGHT. This is DISCRIMINATORY under the 2013 Constitution and under equal citizenry. The rules are discriminatory.
    PLEASE can the Honorable Prime Minister, Honorable A.G and the military Council look into this without delay as they may not have the support of these government workers and their families if they are not given their right to to be a member in a fair manner with voting rights.
    It is surprising why the Minster of Health Dr. Neil Sharma’s directive for Special AGM in 2012 has not been followed for all members to elect members of Fiji Dental Association.
    Why Dr. Neil Sharma has not exercised his powers?

  5. Interesting that Mr Narsey who proclaims to be an expert on everything, has the academic knowledge to understand how to manipulate the reasoning by omission but does not want to do any more for Fiji than write opinionated articles.

    It makes you wonder why such an ‘expert’ is not using this self proclaimed talent of his to actually work for the people of Fiji.

    Perhaps the reason is obvious to those that can see through his grandstanding.

  6. Anon above

    He was working for the people of Fiji at USP but was forced out. What else do you expect from him? He is merely exercing his rights to comment on matters of national interest and as such he is providing free service to the people of Fiji. I have never heard him proclaim to an expert on everything but I do know he is well qualifed (unlike you) to comment on issues of public interest.

  7. Dr. Neil Sharma was insulted by one Fiji Dental Association executive during a meeting that the government and he could not do anything. What a shame on the government and minister that they could not take firm action on the executive and get membership of all government workers.
    Even e mail was written in this regard to many people by this executive.

  8. Dr. Neil Sharma wake up this is abuse of office of members money. $42,000 is lot of money for legal fees and give the rights of government workers.

  9. No wonder government workers do not perform as their basic right has not been given. However the important issue is the abuse of office by these executive of the Association and an not listening to the directive of the minister. This is going against the government directive.Can someone in authority get to the bottom of this abuse and why the government workers have been denied their right to join the Fiji Dental Association.How can you pay $260 with voting rights.
    The Minister must move in and take immediate action!!!!

  10. Prof Wadan narsey, the one and only expert in Fiji who know everything. In my view, he is over-rated with his one sided and biased views to the extend that he changes his views to suit his agenda.

    He wrote that we will have a hung parliament. All the polls are showing that PDP, FLP, One Fiji, FUP will not pass the 5% threshold. Its also likely that NFP will not meet the minimum benchmark as the recent rallies in the west showed less than 10 people in attendance.

    My high school maths therefore tells me that there will be a clear winner if this race is between FF and sodelpa.

    Its 32 days till elections and I hope wadan is right and I am wrong. Time will tell.

  11. Only people attended a NFP rally in Ba. This is the begining of the end for the longest party. After being on life support for the last 15 years, its time to say, Moce Mada NFP. Rest in peace.

  12. Instead of ranting on the sidelines, Narsey should consider joining Khaiyum’s Fiji First. Like everyone else who supports our great leader, he will reward handsomely and it is not too late to become a candidate for FF. A little brain power would neatly round up the FF line up which at the moment may be just a little bit FFMF heavy. But then, if he wants to be out in the cold, hey this is a free country where everybody can voice their opinions without any constraint. A word of warning may however be in order: Statements that undermine Fiji’s economy can land the good professor in jail for five years. Go and read the media decree. It covers blogs as well.

  13. @ Anonymous 9:45 PM above

    “” Only people attended a NFP rally in Ba. “”

    Were not expecting dogs and chickens as well?

  14. NFP candidate Ms Chand made false allegation on another law student who was admitted to the Bar recently. She was grilled by the CJ and had to eat her own words.

    Now I can say she has the politican in her with her twisted words and lies.

    Welcome to NFP, the party called “Not For People”

  15. @Anonymous 8:32 AM above

    Good to see you saw the humour I had intended, this politics stuff is getting far to serious for me, cheers.

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