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It would be a rigged election if FF got all 50 seats.

Bainimarama doesn’t care if he is called ‘dictator’

Frank Bainimarama (via WhaleOil) <!–


Frank Bainimarama (via WhaleOil)

Fiji’s Prime Minister – unfazed by being labelled a dictator – is now talking about dictatorship of another kind.

Frank Bainimarama was in Auckland over the weekend drumming up support for his political party in the upcoming Fiji elections next month.

He told talkback on Radio Tarana he’s out to win all the parliamentary seats in the first elections to be held since his 2006 coup.

“I don’t want even a little chance of the other political parties winning one seat or two seats.

“I need all 50 seats.”

VIDEO: Frank Bainimarama Interview

Mr Bainimarama says he can’t afford to be sitting in parliament talking about development in Fiji, when there’s a group of people talking about secular state and bringing back the great council of chiefs.

He says dictators, presidents and Prime Ministers are people’s definition of leaders nowadays.

But he says for Fiji if he’s doing what needs to be done – then dictator it is.

Mr Bainimarama says the largest number of tourists to his country are from Australia and New Zealand and he will continue to maintain trade relations with the two countries.

But he says that after the coup, Fiji had to turn to other countries for support.

He says they kept a look out for other nations to assist Fiji in what Australia and Fiji couldn’t do, which is accept Fiji politically and China has done that, Russia has now come on board and India has always been there.



38 thoughts on “It would be a rigged election if FF got all 50 seats.

  1. Rajend Chor protecting his chor papa Mahen chor and accusing others of supporting the 2006 coup.

    Rajend should ask papa Mahend why is he going around telling everyone he is the one who put frank as PM?

    And what about the dossier and Jokapeci Koroi and who supported the coup?

  2. Vinaka VB my man.

    FijiFirst will win all 50 seats.

    For only with FijiFirst’s leadership will Fiji move forward.


  3. If you vote for FF it means it is a vote to Khayium the destroyer of i taukei and Methodist.
    Khayium’s thesis clearly spells out the destruction of i taukei and all it’s institution which is evident from the last 7 years of rule by Khayium.
    Time for Indo Fijians not be fooled and should work in harmony with i taukei.FF has divided the i taukei and Indo Fijians.

  4. The election is already NOT a free and fair election because of the unfair and drastic decrees that have been imposed. The UN and international community of democratic nations, if they are invited, will already see these anomalies. Whether the votes will be rigged remains to be seen but the election is already unfair and NOT free.

  5. Gaddafi and Saddam used to gloat about being dictators as well. One ended up being dragged out of a hole and strung up, the other ended in a sewage ditch with a head full of lead.

  6. Fiji times poll shows 2 horse race. PdP, FLP, NFP people are crying its rigged.

    Are you saying that anti-regime Fiji times poll is rigged?

    The reality is that fF will win land slide cone 17 Sep.

    I am not a FF fan but my vote is for 1 fiji.

  7. I was at Bainimarama’s campaign at Namaka Methodist hall last week. He had a smart campaign strategy – speak more so that there is less time for questions to be asked.

    Anyway, during the short question time, Bainimarama was happy to answer questions when people brought up their personal grievances (as usual and typical of him)however, during the one lone question that was directed at the 2013 Constitution, instead of providing any answers, a very angry Bainimarama started verbally attacking the person who raised the question and accusing SODELPA supporters of twisting the intentions of government etc etc!

    Around the grog bowl in the same Namaka hall after the meeting, we were of the same view in that it was of no use asking Bainimarama any questions about the current government policies as he cannot rationally explain any of it.

    What a useless leader should he be elected into parliment?

  8. Bainimarama is telling Fiji and the world that he is Fiji’s light to a better Fiji, under his dictatorship. BUT after eight years of Bainimarama’s dictatorship our beloved Fiji is facing its worst levels of
    high unemployment
    high poverty
    high cost of living
    high corruption and nepotism,
    child deaths from malnutrition
    theft of native lands
    While most Prime Minister’s jump at the chance to face the media, Bainimarama was afraid to face foreign journalists in N.Z.. They will ask difficult questions that will reinforce to the world Bainimarama’s lack of ability and intelligence befitting a Prime Minister.

  9. Come September we will have a truly democratic one party state with Khaiyum’s Fiji First winning all the seats in Parliament. It is obvious that we cannot afford the ugly talk fest that happens on a daily basis in dysfunctional Parliaments across the Western World. We need a Parliament that is truly democratic and fully supportive of the important development decisions that Khaiyum will have to take once elected. We will see a prosperous Fiji where our businesses can flourish and our bank accounts can swell even more, especially the once that we have in secret accounts in Hong Kong, Dubai and Switzerland. Please vote all for Khaiyum that your land can put to productive use under Khaiyum’s wise and generous leadership.

  10. While most Prime Minister’s jump at the chance to face the media, Bainimarama is afraid to face foreign journalists. They will ask difficult questions that will reinforce to the world Bainimarama’s lack of ability and intelligence befitting a Prime Minister.

    Bainimarama’s lies and fear tactics wont work on NZ journalists. So being the lying, corrupt dictator that he is, Bainimarama hid form the media and had other people answering questions put to him. As FijiFirst party leader Bainimarama shows that he is a leader by fear and lies, and he ended up looking like the puppet and a fool that we all know him to be.

    Both native Fijians and indo-Fijians need to fear Bainimarama. He is destroying native Fijian identify, land rights, customs and traditions and stealing Fiji’s wealth. Already Bainimarama has insulted and destroyed the Great Council of Chiefs and the Methodist Church leadership. Under Bainimarama and khaiyum there is no rule of law and native Fijians are no longer Fijians! They have been degraded! For now at least. Bainimarama’s so called equal citizenry is also driving a greater wedge between native Fijians and indo-Fijians, that has the real potential to develop into something more nasty. The innocent will be caught in the middle.

  11. SODELPA you need to broaden your manifesto and speak beyond matters of land, church and vanua. You are preaching to the converted base of supporters. You need to speak on the same wavelength with NFP, PDP, One Fiji and FLP on matters that matter to everyone. Some of these are:
    – FF came in through military coup
    – its continuation will perpetuate the legacy of military takeover cum-legitimization through popular vote under very unfair and ever changing rules
    – unaccountable and non-transparent governance
    – illicit and unscrupulous dealings with no mandate whatsoever
    – massive unemployment and hardship levels
    – high cost of living
    – a constitution that gives them immunity from everything they’ve done in the last eight years and for which no one was consulted.

    We must stand ready to face the consequences either way. If we vote them out, they will coup again so let the whole world know what they were all about in the first place.
    If we vote them in then expect more of the same and worse, it will be in a “legitimized” context. We will then be more obliged to accept them. I would rather we vote them out and face the consequences. Let’s not reward coups by legitimizing them!!

    Vote them out, lets face the consequences……

  12. It is a well known fact that Fijians appreciate a strong man, a leader with a firm hand, somebody who is not afraid to tell them what to do and what not to do. The traditional chiefs were all dictators, their actions beyond challenge by those ruled with a firm hand. A low level of education and a deeply ingrained cowardice are further factors that create a fertile environment for a thugs like Khaiyum and Bainimamara to blossom. In this context it is worth noting that the feeble resistance seen against Fiji’s military dictator was mostly directed towards the regional powers and the international community in an attempt to beg for help against the dictator. The same applies to a large number of African nations who are also ruled by the firm grip of tyrants and dictators and most certainly for Fiji’s new “friends” China and Russia.

    Where from here now? It is clear that in the absence of any noticeable internal resistance against the dictator, he is compelled to gloat about his rule knowing full well, that Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the so called Western World want appeasement and the business with Fiji to continue. As a matter of fact, doing business with dictators more often than not yields significantly higher profits than doing business with open democratic societies where every move of the respective governments is fully scrutinised by the media and civil society. Against this background it is extremely unlikely that regime change will occur in Fiji as long as the economy allows the regime to provide some hand outs to the uneducated masses. The only pressure point that could swing the economy downwards would be a boycott of Fiji by the large number of Australians and New Zealanders who flock to Fiji’s shores as tourists. Again an unlikely scenario as the typical tourist coming to Fiji is only interested in getting a good deal and a cheesy BULA at the resorts where they spend their time. My advise would therefore be to accept the facts of life that Fiji will remain a dictatorship and move on without antagonising the rulers.

  13. At least one good thing SODELPA will bring back is the transfer of qoliqoli to i-taukei owners . this will at least correct or re-distribute some wealth from hoteliers to i-taukei .

    This benefit of qoliqoli has been proven at tavarua with some villagers

  14. At least one good thing that SODELPA will do is the transfer of qoliqoli to i-taukei owners .

    By doing this historic transfer , some transfer of wealth and re-distribution will occur from hotel owners to qoliqoli owners .

    A bill in parliment will regulate this so there is no need for any hotelier to panic .

    Nabila and Momi villages have experienced and benefited from the tavarua qoliqoli in the last 10 years or so worth millions .

    The Queen has returned the land and qoliqoli in 1970 but unfortunately was given to the wrong people . this returned assets should have been received by the 13 high chiefs who ceded fiji in 1874 and included the Vunivalu Tui Kaba, Tui Cakau, RokoTui Dreketi, Ka Levu, Tui Namosi , Tui Tavuki, Qaranivalu, Tui Macuata, Tui Bua , Tui Lau , etc

    Ceding Fiji in 1874 was not easy for Ratu Cakobau as he tried twice before the third attempt so as far as history is concerned we must thank GOD and our chiefs for ceding fiji as part of our journey as a country.

    By transfering the qoliqoli will be a great achievement as justice will be done .

  15. The resort owners make millions of dollars with benefit llike duty free entry of so many things, tax concessions, marketing support from government etc. However apart from providing employment much benefit is not provided to the i taukei landowners for using the land and beaches.

  16. Who was Mahen Reddy trying to fool on outside the box program tonight. Saying we should not worry about duty on food items. Saying the 80% of those who voted for vat reduction are fools and don’t understand! He is truly the mouthpiece for Aiyaaz and a silly one too. He was the worst of the 3 speakers tonight. Is this the kind of ministers we want! Wake up Fiji. Vote wisely- we need sensible people, not silly asses like this fool

  17. People who are supporting Fiji First get ready to pay couple of dollars for the following grocery prices since we have both pickpocket so get ready to been MILK by Baiyum as he’s been doing this since 2006 … Choice is yours ????? WHOM DO YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR ??????

    1 ) Chicken #15 (crest) Price increases from $12.29 >>> $ 18.99

    2) Lamb Chops $13.85 /Kg >>> $ 21.95 /Kg.

    3) Rewa Life Milk $1.98 >>> $ 2.92

    4) Sugar from 78c a kg >>> $1.82 Kg

    5) Rewa powder was $4.38 for 500g to $ 8.14 for 750 g

    6) Oil was$ 7.99 for 4L in 2006. I>>> $11.39 for 4 L today

    7) Flour was $8.99 for 10 kg in 2006 , >>> $ 12.99 for 10Kg today

    8) 10kg rice was$ 9.99 >>> $11.99

    In addition to the price increase Baiyum plays a trick in which he gives free school and bus fare and in return he make double the amount in tax which are given to each student

  18. DON’T FORGET that Bainimarama and Khaiyum don’t even follow their own decrees but demand that all other political parties stick to the letter of their illegal electoral decrees. They have also changed their illegal decrees whenever and however they want, without consulting the people. So how can anyone believe what either Bainimarama or Khaiyum have to say?!

    Remember also, Khaiyum’s thesis to DESTROY NATIVE FIJIAN CULTURAL AUTONOMY. After the elections will be too late to stop them!
    You must vote at the next elections and stop these two criminals from destroying Fiji. —

  19. The VAT reduction to 10% is welcomed. Vote NFP. This will be a big relief to poor and everyone including the businesses particularly small businesses who are struggling with all differents costs installed by the illegal regime. This illegal regime has killed small and medium businesses and have assisted only big Guji owned businesses.

  20. VOTE SODELPA and other parties for peace and stability.
    The best choice is for SODELPA and small parties to form government.
    FF will only bring about instability, poverty and unemployment.
    The average economic growth for the last 7 years has been only 1.7%
    The country is running on borrowed money from China.
    No wonder influx of chinese and most of them carrying Fiji PASSPORT overnight.
    FF has already ruled illegally for 8 years.

  21. Never trust Mahen Reddy. He simply does not understand he is supporting an illegal government.This man is out of his senses. Next meeting we will throw rotten eggs on this guy.

  22. @Nagatalevu

    The Chiefs you list do not appear to have any clout now..

    Their people now realise they have to fend for themselves …

  23. Illegal sale of Fiji passports to Chinese

    Since July 2009, there has been 36,000 passports sold to the Chinese from mainland China who did not qualify under Fiji citizenship laws. This means that since July 2009 the illegal regime has been selling 22 passports a day! This equates to 3 passports issued to these mainland Chinese every hour since July 2009.

  24. Go to Fiji Leak and listen to Chaudhry in close Up.
    This man has rightly not stolen from the taxpayers. He is true anyone can build roads with borrowed money. I understand the cost of the road that is being build is 4 to 5 times higher.
    This man will make a good finance minister and many people know he is very hard working.

  25. The illegal Fiji Govt continues arrogantly and by force an undemocratically to rule and pass illegal decrees to grease the coming rigged election to benefit Fiji First Par so close to election and they do not flick an eyelid to the harm they are doing…see below how it is done responsibly in NZ

    Parliament has been dissolved ahead of the September 20 election.

    The proclamation, signed by Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae, was read on the main steps on Thursday morning by the Queen’s Herald, Philip O’Shea.

    It means all the bills on parliament’s agenda have lapsed, and will have to be reinstated when it sits again after the election.

    The cabinet is now a caretaker government.

    Ministers continue to hold their warrants until the next cabinet is sworn in, but no important decisions will be taken.

    If there’s a natural disaster or some other major event which needs government intervention, decisions will be taken in consultation with the leaders of opposition parties.

    The dissolution of parliament is the first step in the constitutional process of holding a general election.

    The next step will be the governor-general issuing a writ to the chief electoral officer directing him to conduct the election.

    The writ will specify the latest day for the nomination of candidates, polling day, and the date for the return of the writ with the names of the elected MPs on it.

  26. Ma Biu

    I am wondering why the N.Z governments lifted sanction against the illegal regime and allowed Bainimarma in the country. Perhaps it was a strategy of John Key to get Indo Fijan votes in N.Z. N..Z. will have a new Labour government after the election.

  27. A vote to Fiji First is a vote to Khayium. Remember all i taukei.
    Khayium is the one who is the destroyer of i taukei institution and culture. This is clearly spelled in his thesis. Khayium is one who did not allow the Methodist to have their conference for 7 years. While Khayium was meeting with his Muslim community and doing all network in mosque.
    All METHODIST voting for SODELPA.

  28. Bainimarma and Khayium are lying about their salary and asset.
    Can they produce an audited report to show the salary and asset since 2006.
    Why the illegal P.M. increased his salary as per the declaration?
    Why chinese loan are given in chinese currency and paid in US$?
    Why the road costs is 5 times high?
    Why chinese are given jobs ahead of the locals in construction projects?
    Why the term of loan is so high in costs?
    Why their is unemployment of 12,000 graduates?
    Why 30,000 people remain unemployed if their is development and economy is doing well?
    The above figures are from the National Employment Centre.
    Why the poverty has gone to 45%?
    Why the cost of food has gone up by 60%?
    Why the cost of milk has gone up by 70%?
    Why was Rewa Dairy sold to CJ Patel subsidiary and they got protection to import duty free powered milk but despite this the price of milk has increased so much.
    Food prices has gone up by 60% since 2006.
    Why prices of houses has sky rocketed and making it not affordable for locals? Is it to do with the chinese influx?
    Why chinese taking over small businesses from locals?
    Why so many rules for small businesses which are owned by Indians?
    Why chinese are allowed to do small businesses with hardly any major investment.
    What is the criteria to allow chinese to do business with no investment and which creates no jobs for locals?
    Which government department has allowed so many chinese and the criteria that was used?
    Why was government asset sold at low prices?
    How much was paid in kickback to Khayium for the sale of these government assets?
    Why the average economic growth was 1.7% for the last 7 years?
    Why the 2013 constitution was thrust on the people?
    Why poor quality medical acquired by Ministry of Health for so high prices?
    Why Permanent Secretary are paid over $200,000 when the civil servants who actually do the work are paid low in comparison to the increase to P.S.?
    Why minimum wage rate is $2 / hour? How can people survive?
    Why garment workers are so low paid when the owners are given duty free and tax free?
    Why government did not agree to the increase in the wages of garment workers and Father Kevin was removed for this reason?
    Why Jiko Levenui giving wood stove, sewing machine which has no parts now and other items? Is it vote buying scheme?
    Why we have no freedom of expression of 8 years?
    The list goes on and on on!!!

  29. Rajendra Chaudhry
    Letter to Mosese Tikoitoga:
    13 August 2014
    Mr Mosese Tikoitoga
    Dear Mr Tikoitoga
    Re: Bainimarama comments and threat of instability
    I write on the above subject, after having given it much thought. In writing to you I am guided by the annals of our history as it relates to acts of extra constitutionality since 14 May 1987.
    Fiji’s first coup was undertaken by Sitiveni Rabuka on 14 May 1987. Mr Rabuka has since apologized for his extra constitutional and illegal act (of treason). He has has laid blame on politicians and certain businesses.
    Regardless of his attempted justification, Mr Rabuka was able to do what he did on 14 May 1987 on account of a lapse in the security of the military, whereby the current Commander in Chief and President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, who was then RFMF commander was arrested and detained by a lower ranked officer so that the 1987 coup could be carried out.
    It is notable to state for the record that Ratu Epeli had at that time said that the military was loyal to the newly elected Bavadra coalition government.
    Mr Rabuka resigned from the RFMF in 1991 and went on to become Prime Minister in 1992 under the SVT banner and held that position until he was comprehensively defeated in the 1999 polls. He resigned from Parliament and became GCC Chair after his appointment to this position by the GCC.
    Since 1991, the RFMF has had 2 previous commanders, Ratu Epeli Ganilau (1991 – 1999) and Frank Bainimarama (1999 – 2014).
    It would appear that Mr Rabuka was unable to digest defeat at the polls and sought to undermine the government of the day first by his overtly anti Peoples Coalition comments.
    On the day of the 2000 coup, May 19, Mr Rabuka allegedly presented himself to the then President Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and said he was ready to assume the Prime Ministership. Ratu Sir Kamisese apparently got his ADC to show Mr Rabuka the door. In November 2000 Mr Rabuka was allegedly linked to the CRW instigated mutiny.
    In 2006 Mr Bainimarama committed treason when he overthrew the constitutionally elected government led by Mr Laisenia Qarase. I say treason on account of the Court of Appeal declaration of 9 April 2009, whereby the Court of Appeal said that Mr Bainimarama’s actions in removing the Qarase led government was unlawful.
    Mr Bainimarama resigned in April 2014 to contest the elections set for 17 September 2014. He has used and continues to use State resources to campaign and has said in an Auckland meeting last weekend that he could not guarantee that there would not be another coup if he lost. This latter part of the last sentence needs to be seen in context and requires the RFMF and the Police to take serious note.
    For there to be another coup, it would need the involvement of (parts or whole) of the military to succeed. This means that you, as Commander, have been made complicit in any future coup/s by Mr Bainimarama’s comments in Auckland.
    However, given your open comments of disassociating the RFMF with any political entities means that Mr Bainimarama’s designs may be more sinister and would involve your removal to effect his overthrow of a democratically elected government.
    I note that your tenure as Commander is still fairly young (3 months) and that many military officers around you are there on account of Mr Bainimarama putting them there.
    I believe that you have not yet fully stamped your authority on the RFMF and will thus be vulnerable to threats of (your) removal if Mr Bainimarama loses the elections next month. In essence, for Mr Bainimarama to execute a coup he would either need to involve you as RFMF Commander or remove/ have you removed and replaced by someone more pliant.
    In light of such a stated and hostile threat, of an extra constitutional act, against the State and the people of Fiji by Mr Bainimarama, should he lose the September elections, it is my suggestion that the RFMF institute its own inquires as the comments by Mr Bainimarama in Auckland would relate to the military and that such comments undermine the RFMF and your leadership.
    I also ask that you meet with the Police Commissioner to further discuss the comments by Mr Bainimarama of a future coup if he lost. Such comments are irresponsible and would create fear in the minds of electors. Most importantly, it would undermine the process of free and fair elections.
    Fiji has suffered immeasurably as a result of RFMF officers who have usurped the mandate of the people under one pretext or another.
    For the RFMF to cleanse its blemished image and restore the public’s confidence in it, it needs to act decisively against any threats to constitutional rule, beginning with Mr Bainimarama’s comments in Auckland on not being able to say that there would be no further coups if he did not win the September elections.
    Yours sincerely
    Rajendra Chaudhry

    Now let’s wait for the reply and see what Mosese has to say…if he replies is the other question!
    1 hr • Like • 1
    humbs up. Can they also giv a public statement jus to giv assurance that they wil stay disassociated.
    1 hr • Like • 1
    well done RC. This is the question I have been asking the supporters of the illegal regime & I still have not got an answer.. Hope the answer is published in the media so that the nation knows the truth soon.
    1 hr • Like • 1
    RC can fuq off to his father and sit on the donations they received from india. spare the rod and you spoil the child.
    54 mins • Like
    RC keep on keeping on. As for people like AR best ignored.
    43 mins • Like
    At least his father made significant changes in fiji wat did ur father do for fiji AR? Lol
    38 mins • Edited • Like • 4
    Rota is just a piece of…….. just like his dad…. wananavu RC
    yeshal Ram , don’t be dumb , could you speak on the subject or don’t bother even contributing in childish manner please.
    Ram…ooops AR…dude leave alone your father but do tell us what good have you done for people of Fiji. Its idiots like you who makes things worse…in simple words….get a life & talk on the subject or just keep shut!
    21 mins • Like

  30. Listening to Bai’s response to questions posed to him at his recent campaign in Auckland really demonstrated the quality of a leader he is; a leader who lacks knowledge and tack, and becomes very aggressive when he is confronted with issues that he doesn’t know the appropriate answers to.

  31. Miller

    Bainiamarma did not know the different between freehold and native land!!
    All development done is on loan money from china.
    Bainmarma must be voted out as he has ruled illeaglly for 8 years.
    Bai declare your audited salary since 2006!!!

  32. get back our “qoliqoli and our Land rights” lets put hands together itaukei and get the two thieves out!

  33. The rigging and cunning engineering of the proposed national election in Fiji is not a matter of IF, but more of WHEN and the DEGREE. It is a counterfeit process, an illusion and a farce, projected as a reality, to achieve a specific outcome: LEGITIMISE AND LEGALISE THE DICTATORSHIP AND THUG RULE OF Vorere – qe and his criminal conspirators and associates..

    To those who are still asking, the evidence is there in plain sight. Please just open your minds and see the dots, connect them and you may see the evil and ugly design of the future of Fiji. Unfortunately, many will never be able to see the truth because they have been effectively duped by the cunning and systematic programme of theatrics and psychological bombardment and force feeding of the general public over more than seven long years. May God help us. May we find the courage and wisdom to stand up for what is right, just, true, honourable, good and fair. Vinaka

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