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Rumours are false says AG

Rumours are false says AG

05:34 TodayTaken from/By: Report by: Edwin Nand

The Government has refuted allegations, and malicious misinformation about the registration requirements, for all i-Taukei Fijians. Some political parties and commentators on the social media claim there have been changes. One of these changes is the Registrar-General is no longer allowing the registration of mataqali, yavusa, koro and tikina of all i-Taukei Fijians. Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says these allegation or rumour are completely false and malicious. He says the registration of births and marriages has always been done under the Birth, Deaths and Marriages Act and it has never changed. Sayed-Khaiyum also refutes allegations that a person can’t add the hereditary title of Ratu or Adi, saying any i-Taukei person can register their children in this manner. He adds the Registrar-General is duty bound under the Act to record hereditary titles and other relevant information – and will continue to do so.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/22041/rumours-are-false-says-ag#sthash.zKjc9E28.dpuf


16 thoughts on “Rumours are false says AG

  1. Never trust the illegal A.G. The people know the 2013 constitution was thrust to them by the illegal A.G. The Yash Ghai constution was the best as it had the inputs of the people.
    Never trust a Moslem.

  2. Over the last 8 years the average economic growth has been 1.7% on average with 12,000 graduates with no job.This government plans to bring the retirement age to 50 if elected into office.This is not the right strategy to resolve the unemployment and poverty problem in the country. Till Khayium rules the confidence will not be there in the economy for quality investment. This is evident from the 8 years of Khayium rule.
    Khayium is a threat to long term peace and stability.

  3. Bringing down the retirement age to 50 will only exacerbate the financial hardship the people of Fiji are facing. The illegal regime had already reduced that from 60 to 55 including reduction in FNPF pension while the selected few including the dumb head illegal pm continues to work indefinitely. Where is fairness in that? The only reason they reduced the retirement age of civil servants is to get rid of oppositions to their illegal rule. If the illegal regime cannot create employment for the unemployed then they should do the noble thing and quit. After all no one elected them into government.

  4. Tamai
    You are true the illegal regime had their share for 8 years and must allow change for real economic growth. Why this group wants to hold on to power? Isn’t 8 years of them looting the taxpayers money not enough. No justification given by Khayium can be accepted. He has committed treason. The retirement age to 55 had really affected many people who were paying their mortgage. Just talk to these people who were asked to leave at 55 years.They were left with lots of problems whist the illegal P.M. who is over 60 years still wants to be the P.M.
    The current development in infrastructure are all on borrowed money. The regime had no choice but to show the people that they are doing development however the reality is quite different.
    The country is paying the price for borrowed money from China with the influx of chinese who are involved in all sort of activities.


  6. Why are Indians discussing GCC and other kai viti issues – that is for us the kai viti to decide you madachods

  7. Edwin Nand was insisting Professor Biman on NFP’S position on CCG on t.v. programme 4 the record. Edwin Nand and the likes of him in FBC stop talking about GCC . GCC should be left to the i taukei. Edwin you and your community learn to respect GCC. Let me tell you all Bainimarma will not be there for his life.
    Edwin and the likes of you in FBC and Fiji Sun do not act smart.

  8. All Taukies should know by now that they have a true friend in the Honourable Khaiyum. He has already written in his thesis that he is a staunch supporter of Taukei culture and tradition and that he will protect indigenous rights in line with the UN convention on the subject that Fiji has signed. The only thing he is really interested in is changing the administration of Taukei land: Instead of having the land sitting idle because the Taukies are too lazy to make use of it, he wants it in a land bank that is controlled by his PM, whose decisions cannot be challenged in court. Guarding government decisions from frivolous court action is the hallmark of all truly democratic societies, so the Taukies can rest assured that everything Khaiyum’s PM does, is in the best interest of the people.

  9. Anything is possible under Khayium’s rule. We have seen all this under his rule. He will destroy all the i tukei institution as clearly spelled out in his thesis. It is very clear from his 7 years of illegal rule that he will destroy the i taukei and all it’s related institution..
    Khayium stole our name Fijian and trust his constitution on the people.Why was Yash Ghai’s Constitution not accepted as this was the initiated by the regime and had the input of all people. Khayium cannot be trusted.
    Khayium’s action so far will one day have a very bad consequences on the Indo Fijians which most Indo Fijians do not agree.Khayium has undoubtedly helped his Muslim community which the entire country knows by now by putting them in top posts who act as his spy.

  10. We should really stop to irritate our AG, he is the best thing Fiji ever had. His achievements are nothing short of absolutely amazing: Never before has a muslim Indian controlled the RFMF and made sure that these unsavoury thugs obey his constitution and other decrees. Lets all support his incredibly democratic Fiji First party! Lets all vote for him in support of a multicultural society where old fashioned medieval iTaukei culture and tradition and backward methodist fundamentalism have no place. In return he will give us what we want and need: a kick in our lazy arses!

  11. Too many bullshit rumors and waste time comments from you antis.

    FijiFirst will win this election fair and square!!!

    FijiFirst is a party that cares for all races and can move Fiji and ALL its people together to greater heights.

    Come and join and Vote for FijiFirst!!!

  12. Ladies and gentlemen. I urge you to read Khaiyum’s Hong Kong thesis. Then get a copy of all the documents, decrees and the 2913 document they are trying to impose on us as their constitution. Then have a listen to Niko Nawaikula’s take on all of these. Then you make up your minds whether or not to believe Khaiyum.

    Not many of us are lawyers. But many of us can read English, thanks to our colonial leaders who left us an excellent education system. Like many of you, I have been fortunate to obtain extensive education and training and work/life experience. I have done the above and I am so alarmed and sad that a person like Khaiyum can actually do this. He is absolutely committed to impose ‘equality’ for all people in Fiji regardless on its disastrous impact on our indigenous community. Have a specifc study on the 17 land and Fijian related decrees this regime has imposed. Then refer to his Hong Kong thesis. I am sure you will draw the conclusion I have. Khaiyum has taken away our rights as indigenous people and landowners of Fiji.

    Please vote wisely. All decisions and actions have consequences. Khaiyum has sown a seed of disaster that will destroy our peaceful way of life. Khaiyum has unilaterally robbed the Fijian people of their rights and power over their land and resources. He knows that we are gradually discovering his callous and deceitful actions. He will answer for that. He and his accomplices will surely answer for their actions when more of the Fijian population find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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