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Fiji the way the world should be……. How far we have fallen

People seek help at campaign meet

Repeka Nasiko
Sunday, August 10, 2014

A LARGE number of people turned up at a FijiFirst party meeting at the Nasereci Methodist Hall in Namaka, Nadi, on Thursday night, the majority making a direct plea to Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama for assistance in personal hardships they faced.

These included sugarcane farmers, sacked workers, concerned parents and landowners. An unemployed parent whose children attend Shri A.D Patel Memorial Primary School informed the PM he was still paying for his children’s bus fare.

The father of three said efforts to get assistance from the Ministry of Education and relevant authorities were futile since the scheme was introduced last year.

Another speaker, a sugarcane farmer, said he was receiving little assistance from the police and the military for the protection of his farm despite making numerous calls. He said lately his sugarcane farm had been destroyed by disgruntled individuals while farm animals were stolen.

“I’ve been writing to a lot of people but nobody seems to want to help me out,” he said.

“Half of my crop has been eaten by cows, my fence has been cut.

“I’ve seen the police and the military but nobody seems to be bothered about this.”

Another woman wanted to know if there was a provision in the Crimes Decree that protected individuals whose properties were damaged in a criminal act.

The Nadi resident said part of her home was damaged by a reckless driver and it cost the family $8500 in repair.

In response to these and the many other grievances raised, Mr Bainimarama asked the party’s support staff to record the details of the complaints.


4 thoughts on “Fiji the way the world should be……. How far we have fallen

  1. It goes to show that Public Service under Bainimaramas leadership has been and continues to be inefficient, deprived of resources and selective in terms of who gets services. So Bainimarama how have you been an effective Leader and made the public service better?….” take their records and details of complaints”….I think you need to go to the police station and they have his record there and in full details

  2. At least the people feel confident to approach the leader of the government and to bring up these matters.

    Just because this happens you can not assume the public services are worse now than they were before, far from it.

  3. u guys are worse than forever…….can’t u sweat for yourselves for what u want, don’t u know that Bai and Khy doing their best to win this election for the amount of money they borrow from china!!! they are in the “BIG LEQA” now and don’t vote for them, try another one so u will get wat u want…..see u next and fresh Government!!

  4. FijiFirst really cares about all people and races.

    FijiFirst listens to the people even if they’re poor and down the hierarchy.

    Thank you FijiFirst for caring about everyone.

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