Labour leader challenges media

Shalveen Chand
Monday, August 04, 2014

THE media was challenged by the Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry on Saturday not to withhold information from the public regarding questions about the electoral process.

Chaudhry said the media continued to exercise restraint in publishing articles questioning the credibility of the polls.

“A number of our statements questioning the process have been ignored by the mainstream media. It’s not that we didn’t try to get your attention. We gave media releases throwing attention on to this but they were not broadcast or published,” he said.

“And I would like to make it very clear that the local media has a duty to the people. The media has a duty to the people which overrides its commercial interest.

“They have a duty to inform the people, inform them correctly and if they are withholding information from the people, knowing well that the information is true, important and vital, then they are not doing their duty.

“The media will be failing in its duty to the nation if it wilfully ignores developments that are questionable and potentially dangerous.”

Chaudhry said FLP was looking at removing all laws restraining media freedom.


12 thoughts on “

  1. Indigenous Fijians and Fiji First

    Any indigenous Fijian voting for Fiji First is like a Jew voting for Hitler.

    Bainimarama has and continues to do immeasurable damage to indigenous Fijians, with respect to their tradition, culture and resources. Hitler did the same with the Jews.

    The only difference was that Hitler was not a Jew targeting Jews whereas Bainimarama is a Fijian who is decimating Fijian culture tradition and resources for his own benefit and survival. He is a traitor to his race and to Fiji.

    Reject the treasonous Bainimarama, the thieving Khaiyum and the FFP!

  2. The election will be be rigged. All planning has been done by tailban. FBC and Fiji Sun have denied the people the right to fair information.
    Veena Batanagar has been openly campaigning for FF in FBC.

  3. Ordinary Fijians receiving more money from rents , not like before when the Chiefs got the lion’s share ……Thank You Bainimarama.

  4. Now Chodo, give us a break, will ya? You have been too stupid to effectively hide your loot in overseas accounts, a pretty poor performance for a Finance Minister. Compared to your blunders, we have managed a lot better with assets of the great Khaiyum and his Rear Admiral.

  5. Chaudhry should know that the media should not publish unsubstantiated articles.

    Yes they have a duty to publish truth so that the public are aware, but they have a choice when it comes the whining rumours from anyone.

  6. MPC money phace criminal or mahen paka chor.

    He is the last one to speak.

    FLP is tata in this election.

  7. Fiji first and sedelpa will be in parliament.

    No other party will be there.

    Biman will not be able to salvage NFP.

    Joolom mama

  8. Veena Batnagar from FBC you mai—- better address NFP leader by “Professor” Biman Prasad.
    Everyone knows your daughter has eloped with a Muslim.

  9. My fellow citizens of Fiji. This election is nothing less than the final touchdown in the most evil game of deceit, treachery and criminal actions ever perpetrated against the people of Fiji by a few cunning men and women. It is the final nail in the national coffin which will bury the rights and freedoms which distinguishes us as free men and women. This election is really the final act to the most elaborate drama of blatant criminal sabotage of our nation.

    Do you ever wonder why the ballot papers will only have numbers with no faces? These thugs don’t care about us. They only care about themselves and no one else. Their sole reason is to get the numbers to get to parliament where they will be ordained and sworn in as the indisputable rulers of Fiji for as long as they want, according to their rules.

    But the real question is what are we going to do about it? When Voreqe, Kahiyum and their group win this election, what then? It will be too late to complain. Too late to protest. Too late to call for a recount. Too late to recommend a caretaker Government. Too late to petition the useless idiot at Government House. Too late for peaceful action. Too late to reason with these criminals. The only way out of our reality after they have declared election victory would be a physical confrontation to oust them from power.

    I sure hope the other parties and leaders have carefully analysed the situation and have accounted for every contingency. Is the post – election confrontation part of the pre-election strategy ? I sure hope it is. But if it is not, then I suggest its not too late to act and get this election in order. Otherwise, we are playing right into their hands. They have been lying and deceiving and robbing us for more than seven years. This election is the frap they have crafted. Be warned and let us be prepared for the worst while we strive for the best.

  10. Latest 2 news. Veena has resigned from fbc since she is standing in the election as a FF candidate. So those who won’t vote for Aiyaaz have another choice for minister of information. Also a few weeks ago she was seen frockling in the swimming pool at a hotel in nadi in skimpy swimwear with someone – not her husband. Kaila- the caliber of fbc presenters and party candidates. Hip hip hooray

  11. Tomasi you and your anti friends will loose.

    FijiFirst will win all 50 seats.

    Stop wasting your time and join FijiFirst and help move Fiji forward together as one nation all equal before the Lord.

    Stop being a racist and reform your boxed up little mind.

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