Protests expected at Fijian PM’s speech today

Published: 6:18AM Saturday August 09, 2014 Source: ONE News

Heated protests are expected when Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama takes the stage at the Vodafone Events Centre Auckland today.

It’s the self-appointed PM’s first visit to New Zealand in eight years after travel restrictions against the former military commander were lifted recently.

He’s here campaigning and seeking donations for his Fiji First party which is contesting Fiji’s election next month, the first since Bainimarama took power in the 2006 military coup.

Prime Minister John Key will not be meeting with Mr Bainimarama but says he’s comfortable with him coming to the country.

Amnesty International says Mr Bainimarama’s eight years in power have seen ongoing serious human rights violations fuel a climate of fear that must be brought to an end.

“A combination of draconian laws, a pattern of intimidation and harassment of those who are critical of the government, as well as reports of torture by the security forces, have created a climate of fear in Fiji,” said Grant Bayldon, executive director at Amnesty International New Zealand.


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