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Equal Citizenry stirs political parties

Equal Citizenry stirs political parties

07:05 TodayTaken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Vosita Kotoiwasawasa

Political parties have voiced different opinions following comments made by SODELPA member, Laisenia Qarase on equal citizenry.

Laisenia Qarase said at a recent SODELPA meeting that he believes God has given Fiji to only the i-Taukei people and not any other racial group. FijiFirst Leader Voreqe Bainimarama says political parties should campaign about what they can do for the people of Fiji. “Every political party should fight on development. What we can do for the people of Fiji and that includes most important of all – equal citizenry. Because I cannot provide development to only the i-taukei leaving the Rotumans on one side, the Rabi islanders on one side and the indo-Fijian people on one side. I can’t provide development only for the old forgetting the youngsters; I can’t provide development only for the fit forgetting the disability. That’s equal citizenry.” Fiji Labour Party Leader, Mahendra Chaudhry condemned Qarase’s comments. “The country belongs to all its citizens. That’s the position of the Fiji Labour party and that is accepted by all the people of Fiji. It does not matter who says what, we have lived here peacefully, we’ve had our moments or turbulence but overall, people have lived peacefully and that’s their way Fiji will be……..(are you willing to work with such partners?)….There is no question about partnership at the moment. We’ve said that we are fighting elections on our own. At the end of the day, we will see. If the policies are opposed, it’ll have to be reconsidered.” The Electoral Commission is now working to verify comments made by Qarase during his campaign speech at Davuilevu in Nausori before making any decision whether to refer the case to FICAC.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21987/equal-citizenry-stirs-political-parties#sthash.cTvZc4d6.dpuf


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