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There is no such thing as equal citizenry in the 2013 constitution




AUGUST 6, 2014

The Bainimarama government has no right to lecture anyone on the merits of equal citizenry. Its 2013

Constitution contradicts the very essence of what this means.

It claims equal citizenry as a founding value. But then goes on to provides absolute, unconditional and

irrevocable immunity to the President, Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers, members of the Republic of

the Fiji Military forces, Fiji Police, Fiji Correction Services, the Judiciary, the Public Service and any public

office holder.

They are immune from any criminal prosecution and from any civil or other liability in any proceedings as a

result of any direct or indirect participation in the Government from the 5th Dec 2006 until the first sitting of

the first parliament enacted after the start of the 2013 constitution.

The same chapter bans law-abiding citizens from making any claims for losses or injuries caused by the

actions of persons covered by this immunity.

It is hypocritical that the institutions responsible for administering law and order should themselves be

protected by this immunity while charging or passing judgment on citizens who have no such protection.

What this means is that a group of people who committed crimes have been placed above and beyond the

reach of the law. This is a perfect example of the constitution giving superior citizenry to some, while

denying this to the vast majority. This supports the comments that Qarase was trying to make that there is

no such thing as equal citizenry in the 2013 constitution


28 thoughts on “There is no such thing as equal citizenry in the 2013 constitution

  1. The problem with Bai is that he does not know the meaning of terms he uses, especially if they are written for him.

  2. So instead of either explaining, defending, rebutting Qarase’s statement about some being more equal than others, the former drummer of Theminsex, Millis Beddoes , starts having a GO at Bai.

    I have never heard Beddoes and Co articulating their positive plan for Fiji. Always negativity, specially ever since he lost the perks of being Opposition Leader with very good salary, allowances, car etc. Seems he’s on a personal vendetta.

  3. To those in NZ especially to those living in Auckland who will join the demonstration against Bainimarama in Manukau Ack NZ this Saturday when he is at the fund raising festival by the Fiji First Party at Manukau please bring with you the above article and write ups about this treasonous Govt and the cruel Bainimarama…then use them for basis of confronting the Dictator. Yes bring a lot of eggs…and rotten ones if you have any. Am sure Bainimarama and his team on this political trip will be relying on Fiji Government to pay their bills to this political propaganda jaunt . People in Fiji should raise the issue and ask FFP to explain.

  4. To Ab ki Baar Modi Sarkaar
    Have ever known Bainimarama saying anything good about Bedoes, Qarase and so called Old politicians who ran Govt along Parliamentary basis before Bhai came along and illegally overthrew Gov in 2006??

  5. The status of our country debt friends.
    All these while we were worried that our ever escalating debts have reached to an alarming and worrying $4.8 billion. This is official and as reported by Reserve Bank as well.
    But what is not reported and even more freightening is the information on hand about unreported debts like contingency liabilities/debts etc which now amounts to approximately $7.4 Billion in total. In the absence of any Auditor Generals report, the onus is on the government of the day to be very transparent.
    Also, we have been informed that the recent public advertisement from Fiji First about GDP and Growth is manipulated. The double dipping of infrastructure development is double picked under capital investment and also under consumption/expenditure. Again government needs to explain this.

  6. Eye patients cry foul over uncertainty of surgery…Visiting eye team in the country( Lautoka)….Patients booked by the local team, yet the visiting team have brought in their own set of patients from abroad jus to have cataract surgeries done locally.Most of these cases travel far for consultations, yet given false hopes that they will be called back for operation.The Ministry should do background checks on visiting teams coming into the country…”

  7. Bianimarma and his team in N.Z. at taxpayers expense to campaign and raise funds for FF.
    Indians in Fiji are not equal as claimed by Bainimarma. See the number of diplomats, P.S. military, police , civil servants.
    The exception to this are the Muslims in Fiji who are only 3%.

  8. Indigenous Rights
    The rights and interests of the indigenous Fijian peoples must always be paramount.
    Native land must always be an entrenched provision in a legitimate constitution.
    The rights of all other communities in Fiji will be equal to the indigenous Fijian people’s subject to the above caveats.

  9. Come with rotten eggs. How can N.Z. allow a dictator? N.Z. this is indeed sad state of affairs for allowing a dictator. I remember that a young boy from Lautoka died because he was not allowed in N.Z. for dialysis.

  10. New quarters for teachers of Ahmidiyya Muslim Secondary School
    Thursday, 07/08/2014
    Permanent Secretary for Public Service Commission Parmesh Chand
    Good news for the teachers of Ahmidiyya Muslim Secondary School in Voloca, Macuata as they now have new teachers quarters at the school compound.
    While opening the teachers quarters Permanent Secretary for Public Service Commission Parmesh Chand said that the new teachers quarters marks another milestone for the school.
    Chand said teachers have a challenging role to create a conducive learning environment, create the right attitude and develop positive mind set in the lives of students under their care.
    The secondary school was given a grant of $53,000 from the Ministry of Education to fund the construction of the teachers quarters.
    Meanwhile, Ahmadiyya Musilm Secondary School is looking into introducing Year 13 from next year and offer classes in applied technology, computing and physics to the additional subjects that are currently being taught at the school.

  11. Annon 11.40am

    The debt figure quoated is from Arvind Bakewa dutts Facebook. Its not correct.

    The truth is that under LQ, debt rose by $1.5b. It rose by less than $1b under Frank.

    Go check rbf website.

  12. I heard today the debate between Professor Biman and Khayium.
    Why this lady Veena Batnagar whose daughter eloped with a Muslim trying to safeguard Khayium.
    Why she interrupts each time Professor Biman was speaking?
    Why she does not want to discuss about the last illegal rule for 8 years?
    Why she interrupts when Professor Biman asks for Auditor General’s report?
    What is this lady’s qualification?

  13. The figures for debt is totally wrong which is provided by RBF. The RBF report are inflated figures to make the economy look good which is far from the truth on ground. The fact is poverty and unemployment is the highest in the country’s history due to illegal rule and many missed opportunities.

  14. This is not the time to reduce Value Added Tax and lose income. This is according to the FijiFirst Party’s proposed candidate Dr. Mahendra Reddy who said that close to $300 million will be lost if VAT is reduced from 15% to 10%. During a campaign meeting at Vashisht Muni College in Navua, Dr. Reddy clarified to close to 20 people.

  15. Vote NFP and you vote sodelpa.

    Behind the scene discussion by some NFP politicans already underway.

    Ask Attar, Parmod, Biman and sada Sivam.
    A few of the itaukei NFP politicans are the go between.

  16. I always suspected that one can never trust NFP. Esp this LA person called aeroplane. Heard lot of stories about his politics at usp, including how he and sunil used to give special attention to a few female students.

    Let’s dig some cobwebs Biman.

  17. Mr Aiyaz Khaiyum advises NGOs like Citizens Constitutional Forum to not play “Mickey Mouse games” before the elections (Fiji Sun, 5 August 2014).

    The public should consider that:

    (a) The Bainimarama Government has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money encouraging the voter registration of Fiji citizens living overseas so that they can have a say in electing some candidate for the parliament, even if they have Permanent Residency of and presumably some commitment to other countries.

    (b) Civil servants, even if they have been out of the country for the last two years “on government business”, may still be eligible as candidates for the elections, and may even belong to political parties, according to the Permanent Secretary of the PSC.

    (c) BUT an ordinary Fiji citizen, like Ms Makareta Waqavonovono, a former Legal Aid and committed senior Fiji government official, who has been overseas for more than 18 months out of the last two years, is declared legally ineligible to be a candidate by a sudden last minute change of the law on the 31st of July 2014, just a month before the elections, after Ms Waqavonovono has already been announced as a candidate by the National Federation Party.

    Miki Asi punching out any perceived rivals to his paymaster
    The moribund Fiji Law Society or one of its members, might want to ask the general question if laws are being changed to suit a specific circumstance or individual.

    But more specifically, the public can ask why Ms Makareta Waqavonovono, a former senior civil servant, has been overseas for the last two years.

    First, she has been guilty of bringing great credit to Fiji by working for AusAID and the Australian Government, arguably the most important donor to Fiji.

    Second, she has been using her valuable legal skills in the Solomon Islands, a valuable member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group which Fiji often takes pride in helping, by providing much needed skilled human resources, similar to those possessed by Ms Waqavonovono.

    Third, Ms Waqavonovono apparently has had the unpatriotic desire to waste her time and money by studying overseas (in Australia) and acquiring further educational qualifications that will undoubtedly be of great benefit to Fiji.

    But with this latest decree by Mr Aiyaz Khaiyum (Attorney General and, apparently without any conflict of interest, also the General Secretary of the Fiji First Party), Ms Waqavonovono has been banned from offering to voters, the use of her extensive legal experience in the Fiji Parliament, the most important public service arena there is, superior even to the Government..

    Anyone with common sense knows who exactly is playing “Mickey Mouse” games in Fiji with the elections and our people’s lives.

    Professor Wadan Narsey

  18. NFP got the best policies – VAT COMING DOWN TO 10 % big relief to the poor.
    NFP many indo Fijians and i taukei voting for NFP.
    NFP got the best people around.
    FF has illegally ruled for 8 years.
    Time for a change.

  19. All LA people throughout the country and overseas voting for Professor Biman. Professor Biman keep LA proud.Keep the fight. People enjoyed listening to your debate with thief Khayium on FBC. That bitch Veena Batnagar is a regime licker. Throw her out when you in government.
    Your debate has opened the eyes of Indo Fijjans. We need more of this debate and simple information dissemination to the people especially Indo Fijians.
    Please can you update the people on Radio NAVTRANG and FM – Communication Fiji if you have difficult with FBC.
    Professor you must reach to the Indo Fijians via radio particularity in the rural areas.
    People are very happy with the VAT TO BE REDUCED TO 10%.
    Vote NFP for the next government and best polices.

  20. Where are the Auditor General’s reports?

    The Auditor General is responsible for the audit of all government and public sector agencies to:
    promote public accountability in the public administration of the country
    audit annual financial statements of the country, government departments and regional authorities
    conduct performance audits.
    Every year, the Auditor General is supposed to audit every one of the country’s public sector entities. From the largest government department to the smallest local authority to the most remote school board of trustees, our public sector touches every aspect of our lives – social, environmental, and economic.

    The Auditor General’s job is to carry out in-depth audits, studies, and inquiries into the public sector to provide assurance to public entities, Parliament, and the public that ALL public money has and is being used wisely and as intended. BUT this is NOT being done IN FIJI.

    BAINIMARAMA has dictated that NO Auditor General Report is to be made public for anyone to see the truth about how they have mismanaged Fiji and defrauded Fiji of millions of dollars!

    Meanwhile, Bainimarama and Khaiyum are travelling the country and lying to the people about how much good they are doing for Fiji, while they hide the truth in the Auditor General’s reports from being published.

    The free school fees, free bus rides, free scholarships and goodies you get now all come at a cost to the people of Fiji. The real costs may never be know so longs as Khaiyum and Bainimarama ban the auditor general from publishing his reports. The consequence of this evil we see every day, but take for granted. Since Bainimarama and Khaiyum took over, we had the:
    highest number of unemployed in our history
    highest levels of poverty
    highest cost of living
    highest levels of government corruption
    highest levels of national debt, that every man woman and baby owes over $7,55 each in overseas debt
    highest rate of nepotism with Bainimarama and Khaiyum giving top jobs to members of their uneducated and unqualified family and friends
    highest rates of crime and rape
    highest rate of land theft
    highest rate of torture and intimidation
    All this for a few pieces of silver in the form of free fees, free bus fare, free sewing machines, and free brush cutters!!

  21. With all the top NFP guns in ltka, there was only 20 people if you exclude the candidates.

    I am sorry but I don’t see NFP in parliament again.

    I blame Wadan and Biman for not advising JRam reddy to have the propotionate system in 99.

  22. Biman lost the 99 elections badly. He was thrashed in his home town. He was hiding since then. This time, he will get a even bigger hiding.

    No itaukei will vote for the man that does not support GCC.

  23. I have never seen a more hypocrite self serving man than Mick. He still owes tax payers money for not paying his NBF loan.

    Can Mick show a proof that he has fully paid his loan? No he can’t.

  24. Wadan has a very good overview of Ms Waqavonovono’s situation which points to the manipulation of iarse in steering the election to disadvantage opposition parties and strengthen the regime position in the race when good and able contestants are disqualified in the most dubious circumstances.

    On the issue of equal citizenry the point made above is very pertinent and true when it questioned the immunity provision to one group of people. It seems this group is above everyone else. Hardly equal to me.

  25. The more Frank and his cronies talk about equal citizenry, the more I think of the animal farm! And to worsen matters, the election looks more like circus than anything else!

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