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FICAC searches CCF office for documents on Public Conversation Series

FICAC searches CCF office for documents

18:59 TodayCCF Office in SuvaTaken from/By: FBC News Report by: Ritika Pratap

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption Office has executed a search warrant at the office of the Citizen’s Constitutional Forum in Suva. It is believed the search was made after CCF held a public conversation at USP on a research document on “Discussion Paper on Free and Fair Elections” last month. In a statement last week, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem asked the CCF to recall its publication as well as to take down a live feed of the same paper from the website. CCF chief executive Reverend Akuila Yabaki says they have brought down the discussion and the video of the entire conversation event from its website upon the directive of the Supervisor

. He says CCF has displayed full compliance and disclosure with FICAC’s investigation regarding the first event of the Public Conversation Series. Meanwhile Yabaki has also condemned the allegations made by the Supervisor that the Forum breached the Electoral Decree 2014 by publishing a research paper on international benchmarks of free and fair elections and holding a public conversation on the same paper. Yabaki also claims that attempts to have a meeting with the Supervisor of Elections have been unsuccessful. He says CCF has also postponed its conversation event on Separation of Powers, Bill of Rights and Transition Process until future notice.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21977/ficac-searches-ccf-office-for-documents-#sthash.UK9mMkVp.dpuf


3 thoughts on “FICAC searches CCF office for documents on Public Conversation Series

  1. This CCF invasion has got Khaiyum’s name written all over it, and why FICAC instead of the police? – did the SAfrican police commissioner see through its stupidity and refused to be bullied? And at the same time Khaiyum derides the lack of in depth media analysis (& public discourse) on the September elections & on the state of the dictatorship! Bring on the next CCF panel discussion and get the election observers down to USP. My reckoning is more than 80% of what constitutes free & fair elections takes place outside polling day.

  2. An excellent move which will deter other opposition lunatics from going against Khaiyum and his Fiji First party. I expect to see a lot more of such action as the campaign rumbling grows louder. We have to ensure that only Khaiyum controls the election narrative, otherwise our goal to win all seats in parliament is in danger.

  3. As the election draws nearer, it will become more obvious to locals and those abroad that this self-managed polls is a grand scandal. Kaiyum’s manufactured decrees have given the game away from the inception of this scandalous election and the way the made-up rules have been enforced together with the ordering of the subserviant election commissioner by the illegal rulers who have campaigned while still in office using government resources, says it all!! The ill-schooled law officer who appointed himself AG at no one’s consent accept his partner in crime Bainimarama is finding it awkward stepping up to the mark on this one!! This election is undoubtedly scandalous and poses more questions than answers about the way Fiji will ever benefit from it.

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