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Ex RNZI………………….. It wasn’t a safe space anymore

Fiji politician says police affecting her campaign

Updated at 8:11 pm on 6 August 2014

An aspiring independent election candidate in Fiji, Roshika Deo, says police intimidation and surveillance are affecting her campaign.

She says police are monitoring her whereabouts, attending and filming her community meetings, talking to attendees afterwards and hassling her volunteers.

Ms Deo says this puts potential supporters off coming to her meetings and talking freely.

It’s left her more wary about giving advance notice of gatherings.

“A policeman in civilian clothes came and sat in a meeting with a group of women and I wasn’t aware he wasn’t from the community but the women were, so initially they were talking but as soon as he came he started recording quite evidently and the women stopped talking and interacting so that also affected our interaction with the women. It wasn’t a safe space anymore.”

Roshika DeoRoshika Deo

Photo: AFP

Ms Deo says she has questioned police about the surveillance and they tell her it is under orders from Suva.

Fiji police have so far refused to comment on Ms Deo’s claims.


2 thoughts on “Ex RNZI………………….. It wasn’t a safe space anymore

  1. Let’s face it we all hear of the corruption and bias within the Fiji Police force so it’s very likely there are certain middle to senior officers with their own agendas giving the police a bad name.

    On the other hand it could be that these officers are being used by other parties to get some ideas of the competition and Roshika should be flattered.

    Perhaps LQ should spend some time studying Roshika’s method of campaigning as he would certainly learn a thing or two.

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