SODELPA does not support Fijian to be common name for all – Qarase

Thursday, 07/08/2014

Former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase

Former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase said that the Social Democratic and Liberal Party will maintain its stand that it does not support the name Fijian to be used as a common name for all citizens of the country.

While speaking to villagers in Namosi, Qarase said that this is the idea by the current government to bring about equal citizenry.

He said this is one of the major concerns from SODELPA regarding the constitution and he believes that the name Fijian should only be given to the i-Taukei.

Qarase said the i-Taukei should be consulted on the usage of the name.

He also claimed in the campaign meeting that he has some friends who belong to other groups who told him that they do not want to be called Fijians and they totally disagree with the common name.

He also told the villagers of Namosi that SODELPA will make changes to the constitution if they form the next government.

Equal citizenry is guaranteed in the 2013 constitution.

It states in the preamble that “we the people of Fiji declare that we are all Fijians united by common and equal citizenry”.

The constitution states that all citizens of Fiji shall be known as Fijians.

Any changes to the constitution will require the support of 75% of the members of parliament and 75% of the registered voters in the country.

Story by Aliki Bia

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  1. Qarese is a racist unchristian biggot. He is the perfect example of the few that have and will bring Fiji down at any cost. A loser with no vision who has such low self esteem and talent that the only way he can make himself better is to try and make all the others worse.

    He has clearly demonstrated that SODELPA have absolutely nothing to offer anyone in Fiji, God help the young if the dinasours with attitudes like him ever get back into power.

  2. This man wanted Australian soldiers to come to Fiji in 2006 and shed the blood of itaukei soldiers to keep him in power!!

    His own grandchildren are Americans and Australians.

  3. By calling everyone Fijian does not mean anything. This is a vote buying strategy by FF to the Indo Fijians. The composition of P.S, military, police, civil service speaks volume.
    The indigenous people should be called Fijians and everyone should be called Fiji Islander.

  4. Qarase is protecting the indegenous FIJIANS rights which are fast eroding under the illegal Bai/Khaiyum decrees. So why is the voting number starting with 135? Most likely because it is a starting reference course as in Islam 135 which can be found under

  5. Bull fucken shit no one is protecting Native Fijian.s name , fucken arse hole. Why don’t you get it in your thick fucken head if you have one , only people not protecting your own rights is you. One finger pointing at everyone else and 3 pointing at you… You are not protecting your culture . Stop fucken telling other races that they are not equal , what happened sodelpa sites not commenting on this issue . What your mouth fucken shut because your know it’s not right. Fucken idiots who fucken talk shit thru their arse. Fucken blame others for your problems instead sodelpa still playing that racial game. What a bunch of losers . You think the other races are not equal fuck you and fuck you mouth. Fucken theif. Which fucken politician didn’t steal from the people , every and each one. Who you trying to fool fucken racist piece of shit. You think you can talk and hide behind indigenous issues and fucken blame other races for your downfall. No one is pulling your fucken toe into the sandpit. You are responsible for your own culture. People understand people want fucken peace and prosperity. You think any fucken party is taking fiji out of this bullshit . Mick is trying to cover up , people are not stupid , you politicians live in that age of bullshit. Some of these idiots don’t even know how to use a computor , that’s why they not on FB , fucken useless piece of self serving piece of shit.

  6. It is frightening to remember that Fiji was not so long ago ruled by a racist bigot like Qarase and he obviously has not changed! The alternative to the military junta we all crave for is definitely not a return to Qarase’s poisonous race politics. It’s time for SODELPA to stand him down, better still send him back to his island in Lau where he can practise & perfect his brand of racism & discrimination. SODELPA – do it now and do it quickly before you loose completely the last vestiges of non indigenous support you may have and suffer colossal damage at the September polls. I wonder what Beddoes and Nirmal Singh would be thinking now?

  7. @ True Fijian, You talk a lot of shit yourself. It appears to me that you are not of Fijian Ethnicity so you have a lot of nothing to bark about. You obviously live in the fantasy world of equality as such… It doesn’t exist in the real world, there are divisions in everywhere you look.

    Some divisions are acceptable for sound reasons. There are divides that are blatant obvious all over the world and Fiji is no different. Fijians are cultural and traditional people whom for generations after generations have kept that identity to identify who and what they are and about. It is not about equality of race, it is about being a Fijian and being identified as one. The same goes with Fiji Indians in all parts of the world, They don’t like being called Fijians but only as Fiji Indians. But you need to leave Fiji to experience that.

    Indigenous issues are real and they do serve a purpose in the Ethnicity of any race. You of cause are not of Fijian extractions or you are probably a foreigner trying to pass yourself out as a True Fijian and as a matter of fact no matter how loud you bark you will never be a Fijian. The term Fijian identify I taukei and Fiji Indians identify those who are of Indian extractions. Fijian means Fiji Natives, Indian means Indian natives. If you think the way that you do then you are in no mans land. We can call everyone from Fiji as KAI VITI meaning FROM FIJI yet keeping our true identity.

    Before you continue to bark at this issue go get your self a meaty bone or two and gnaw on it If you are lucky Bainimarama and Kaiyum just might lend you theirs as it was them who is trying to negate the fact that we are all of different ethnicity. Yes we all are but we all have the common love for Fiji. Lets call ourselves KAI VITI then…but of course you would not agree as you would be too busy gnawing on someone’s bone as you’ve always done.

  8. An Indian is an Indian because they reflect everything Indian as they do in India. A Fijian talks Fijian because they talk/eat/believe/ everything as Fijians do in Fiji and others do as their culture/religion/customary dictates they do… how can these practices be equal?. People just want to Politicise these things….We are all equal because we are all humans, and as an individual you can do whatever you want do for as long as you can and it is available to you…….but it is our practices, believes and our perception of Life that separates one from another. If you all think that this constitution makes us all equal overnight… it is, there’s nothing but FIRE coming out of every Fijian mouth right now. It is not looking good.

  9. Is Qarase for SODELPA or Fiji First? He seems to be assisting FF in any way he can. The SODELPA leadership need to discipline him and silence him.

    FLP are having trouble removing the stench of MPC from their party. It appears that SODELPA have the same problem with Qarase.

    If you are a citizen of Australia, regardless of your origin, you are Australian, whether you are aboriginal, multi generational or a new migrant. If you are a Fijian citizen you ARE Fijian.

    SODELPA need to show immediate leadership and distance themselves from Qarase and his comments.

  10. I was born a Fijian and will always be a Fijian but no one of Idian decent in Fiji will ever be a Fijian like me.
    They can be citizens of Fiji but not Fijians.

  11. I was born a Fijian and will always be a Fijian, and no Idian or chinese will ever be a Fijian like me.

    Citizens of Fiji yeah; Fijians nah not in a million years.

  12. The Indigenous People of Fiji were identified as Fijians by the English long before the Indians and other races came to Fiji. We cannot compare the situation in Fiji to that of a country like Australia where its citizens were identified as Australians because the country is called Australia by the English and its indigenous people were identified as Aborigines. In Fiji the word Fijian has been entrenched in every walks of life of its indigenous people since the English first entered its shore. To change the name of the indigenous people to I-Taukei would take a long debate in a democratic process not forced on the people under the Bai/Kaiyum 2013 Constitution. Why not use another name such as Fiji Islanders to identify all its citizens, which was first mooted by the illegal regime? This is not racial discrimination but a matter of identity and survival of a race which makes a tiny percentage of the world’s population.

  13. The word “aboriginal” is universal not specific to Australia. It means “inhabiting or existing in a land from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists;”.

    Australian means citizen of Australia. Fijian means citizen of Fiji. Why is that so hard for the racists to understand? I hate Frank and Khaiyum but after his recent outburst, Qarase has shown SODELPA’s intentions.

    “God gave Fiji to the Fijians”. My God is not a real estate agent. Have a good look around the world to see what happens when people claim to have some GOD GIVEN RIGHT.

    Educated itaukei will not vote for SODELA whilst they continue allowing a washed up, racist, has been to make such offensive and discriminatory public comments.

  14. The point of contention is that indigenous people of Fiji were called Fijians and in Australia aborigines.

  15. This contention about the use of ‘Fijian’ which has always been understood and accepted to mean the indigenous or native population of Fiji is rightly a cause for concern because the way it has been forcefully adopted by the illegal regime to cover all races in Fiji has been unlawful and very undemocratic to say the least. Apart from closing down parliament, abrogating the nation’s constitution, stealing state resources and not reporting it, torturing opponents, forcing the judiciary, police, civil service to its will, and breaking up state institutions, the Bainikaiyum regime is clearly a criminal syndicate! It started off with the ultimate crime and has continued with all sorts of crime to this day. Even the grabbing of a name that normally applies to a people of indigenous decent and forcefully imposing it on others is a crime. In fact the manufacture of the whole Bainkaiyum constitution is a crime! So I dont know what filtered the criminals’ minds when they stole the ‘Fijian’ tag and forcefully imposed it for others?? Give the indigenous populace a break……..they should at least be consulted for consent on the ‘stealing’ of their name. This is a case of undemocratic and unlawful behaviour gone too far and that is what the former PM may be saying and questioning too.

  16. Thank you Editor and friends for the valuable discussion on a sensitive matter. Apart from the very useful comments above, let us also remind ourselves about one issue. It is also an issue that affects every issue under discussion in various for a. There are matters of importance to Government. There are also very sensitive matters to our various communities that constitute our nation. e.g. the name Fijian, GCC, NLTB, Land Bank, etc.

    This illegal regime has intruded into our private and public life and have decided to make significant and profound changes which not even a properly elected Government will dare to make without the participation and consent of the people. This is absolutely unacceptable and must be challenged and rejected. No matter our political differences, we must be united as a society to vehemently oppose any such invasion and illegal intrusion of our private affairs and into matters that are so sensitive and important to us as groups, individuals and as a nation.

    Vorere and his regime has successfully done that over and over again and they have not been told against it. At the right time, we must stand up and tell these criminals and thugs, “STOP. Our best opportunity is coming up in the Sept elections. Even though the election is a farce, let us tell them ENOUGH OF THIS THUGGERY. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

    To not do so and allow them to continue would be our invitation for disaster of the worst kind.

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