Fiji: Bainimarama must end climate of fear

Headline Title:  Bainimarama must end climate of fear 06 August 2014 Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama’s eight years in power have seen ongoing serious human rights violations fuel a climate of fear that must be brought to an end, Amnesty International said in a new briefing published ahead of the leader’s visit to New Zealand this week. As Fiji prepares for parliamentary elections next month – the first in the eight years since Bainimarama took power in the 2006 military coup – Fiji: Play Fair, A human rights agenda documents the continued suppression of freedom of expression,…

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  1. The status of our country debt friends.
    All these while we were worried that our ever escalating debts have reached to an alarming and worrying $4.8 billion. This is official and as reported by Reserve Bank as well.
    But what is not reported and even more freightening is the information on hand about unreported debts like contingency liabilities/debts etc which now amounts to approximately $7.4 Billion in total. In the absence of any Auditor Generals report, the onus is on the government of the day to be very transparent.
    Also, we have been informed that the recent public advertisement from Fiji First about GDP and Growth is manipulated. The double dipping of infrastructure development is double picked under capital investment and also under consumption/expenditure. Again government needs to explain this.

  2. How ironical is it to ask Vorere to end this climate of fear when he himself suffers from acute fear. It was his fear of arrest and subsequent imprisonment that drove him to conduct the 2006 coup. It was his fear for being found out that he lied and stole and robbed and murdered and squandered the nation’s resources. It was this same fear that drove him to burn Yash Ghai’s constitution. It was his fear that made him want a new constitution. It was his fear that they insisted on immunity clauses in their monkey paper of a constitution. It was his fear that forced him to abandon his army and desert the battle like a common coward through the cassava plantation. It is fear that is at the back of his mind when he stands up and speaks during election campaigns. It is fear that makes him travel with several bodyguards. It is fear that will eat out his heart and turn him into an empty shell of a man, always running away from confrontations,. It is this fear and compounded guilt that will paralyse his mind and he will become a vegetable.

    Vorere is his proper label. He is the personification of fear. Bainimarama will never find real peace until he has confronted his fears and come to terms with them. He needs our prayers, and NOT our votes. The guy is a fearful weakling running away from his own shadow. He needs help. He is very unstable, of very low character and poor intellect. He is an absolute embarrassment and a disgrace to our Fijian community and to our nation. The most generous thing we could do for him is to isolate him to a peaceful place like Nukulau or Naboro Maximum Hospital where he can rest and receive proper treatment. We should let the people decide that. Because he has wronged the people, the people’s court should sit and hear his case and judge him for the same.

    Come to think of it, how is it possible for one man, out of his fear of arrest and imprisonment, can deceive a nation and cause them to live in fear of this coward for more than seven long years. Talk about con artists and conmen. Vorere and his gang are some of the worst Fiji has experienced. Let the people decide.

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