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Ex RNZI … FijiFirsts Dr Luveni says it is all right for men to beat each other up. Shades of Francis Kean.

FijiFirst nominee reported over confrontation

Updated at 3:24 pm today

The president of the regime-backed FijiFirst party, Jiko Luveni, says she has reported a party nominee after he was involved in a confrontation at a party rally last month.

Dr Luveni says she understands a punch was thrown and swearwords uttered between two men, one the party’s nominee Nemani Bainivalu, over frustration at the answer given to a question.

She says she did not see the confrontation as she had her back to it when men and women separated for discussions after the meeting, but it needs to be viewed in a cultural context.

“If you understand the personalities and behaviour of iTaukei, such an incident can be brushed aside especially between two men. If it was to a woman I would have reacted. It was an isolated case of two people who knew each other well. The next morning it’s all back to normal.”

Dr Luveni who is also the Minister for Women and Social Welfare says the Prime Minister has addressed the issue and Mr Bainivalu remains a nominee for FijiFirst.


10 thoughts on “Ex RNZI … FijiFirsts Dr Luveni says it is all right for men to beat each other up. Shades of Francis Kean.

  1. That is a highly irresponsible comment from a wannabe politician. Her previous misguided comments were bad enough. This one takes the cake.

    The inferences that can be drawn from her comments are that itaukei men are violent thugs and that is acceptable due to their ” personalities and behaviour”. Assault is a crime in normal societies. I guess Fiji is different.

    I wonder if Fijian Tourism will publish her comments on their brochures.

  2. The status of our country debt friends.
    All these while we were worried that our ever escalating debts have reached to an alarming and worrying $4.8 billion. This is official and as reported by Reserve Bank as well.
    But what is not reported and even more freightening is the information on hand about unreported debts like contingency liabilities/debts etc which now amounts to approximately $7.4 Billion in total. In the absence of any Auditor Generals report, the onus is on the government of the day to be very transparent.
    Also, we have been informed that the recent public advertisement from Fiji First about GDP and Growth is manipulated. The double dipping of infrastructure development is double picked under capital investment and also under consumption/expenditure. Again government needs to explain this.

  3. This illegal regime is well known for manipulating statics and figures to mislead the people. Regime lasulasu duadua.

  4. Radio NZ: what was your phd thesis on Biman?

    Biman: call me prof or I will not answer your question.

    Radio NZ: sorry prof.

    Biman: It was on the rice farmer of my village. I had some great ideas but the farmers all killed the ideas and rice farming.

    Radio NZ: so what is the latest news on the ground?

    Biman: there is no news on the ground. The news is in the local media, I like fiji times news as we have pro nfp supporters.

    Radio NZ: will nfp win any seats.

    Biman: we have already got benches from the old bus stand and our carpenter will make a few chairs.

  5. 135 Controversy : Electoral Commission (EC)
    Number 135 and link to Quran – Electoral Commission chairman says number was chosen at random:
    Fiji’s Electoral Commission chairman Chen Bunn Young said the ballot paper numbering was selected at random and denies it has any other implication aside from starting with a three-digit number to avoid any confusion for voters.
    His comments follow statements reported to have been made by former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase who suggested it had religious implications leaning towards the Quran.
    Source: Fijilive, 6 August 2014
    Can the EC answer the following regarding the 135 issue?
    1. When was this done and who witnessed this process?
    2. Where was the random selection done?
    3. Was political parties present during this selection ?
    4. What were the other numbers in the draw?
    5. Why there was no publicity or media reports about the random selection?

  6. Why the numbers start at 135 Sayed? …Quran 4:135 ” O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah , even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted.”

  7. This guy was asked to fight elections

    He missed the election part of his instructions

    He just fought

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