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Ex Fijileaks

“It is a matter of grave concern that a defendant in live proceedings, who happens to be AG as well general secretary of a rival political party and Minister Responsible for Elections and the Electoral Decree, be allowed to change electoral rules by decree, weeks away from the elections. It is also very disrespectful to the Court.” NFP Statement

Fijileaks: Aiyaz Khaiyum and his side-kick Frank Bainimarama saw nothing wrong in appointing Robin Nair as Fiji’s Ambassador to UAE – even though he held Australian citizenship and had bought his dual citizenship under the regime’s Dual Citizenship Decree of 2009

Justice Kamal Kumar should have disqualified himself from hearing case, for he was once senior associate with lawyer Young, chairman of the Electoral Commission, one of the defendants


5 thoughts on “Ex Fijileaks

  1. Conflict of Interest and Nepotism the list goes on…………so what corruption is this Government trying to curb? the corruption of the past?…what about the corruption of the present?

  2. The election has been stolen by the FF.Robin Nair since he is holding Aust citizenship should have been given diplomatic posts. The embassy staff are having nice time in there respective countries.The regime has opened embassy and consulate in various countries like Nepal, Maldavies etc where the diplomats are travelling and wasting tax payers money without any output.

  3. Kamal big mouth Ear. This is no new policy. It was there in the old one. Go read thakur Ranjit singh

  4. How on earth could we have allowed a disgusting person like Gay Anthony to become the chief justice, let alone a judge? How could we have a person of Voreqe’s character become the military commander? He ran from battle, took the Government by force and has ruled over Fiji for more than seven long years? Where are the checks and balances in our systems? We must revisit our fundamentals again. Job interviews, MQR, standard tests and exams, probationary periods, reporting systems, etc etc Please ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot to do to restore order and sound management to our national government.

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