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An unlikely request……………………”He also urged the media to be as fair and balanced as possible in their reporting.”

Fiji Commission urges ethics before election

Updated at 7:50 am today

Fiji’s Electoral Commission has urged political parties, the media and the public to conduct themselves ethically over the elections.

Fiji Broadcasting reports the Commission’s chairperson Chen Bunn Young has appealed to people to refrain from violence against people or property.

He also stressed that racial incitement during campaigning is against Fiji’s law.

He also urged the media to be as fair and balanced as possible in their reporting.

Last week the Minister of Elections Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum urged the Commission to step in after the stoning of taxis carrying stickers advertising his party, FijiFirst.


14 thoughts on “An unlikely request……………………”He also urged the media to be as fair and balanced as possible in their reporting.”

  1. Khaiyum just ‘tells’ the electoral commission…..and it shall be done!. What kind of nepotism is this?……

  2. “” The electoral commission and the election’s office has no CREDIT ABILITY. “”

    And this comment makes no sense whatsoever which suggests it has no credibility.


    Jone Vakalalabure says he has been denied his political right as a Fiji citizen under the 2013 Constitution following his disqualification to contest the 2014 Elections. Vakalalabure who today confirmed his stepping down as a candidate for the National Federation Party (NFP) along with former Legal Aid Director Makereta Waqavonovono says he has been discriminated because of the recent change to the Electoral Decree.

    The amendment to the decree changed last Thursday required that persons must be living in the country for at least 18 months immediately before being nominated, effectively ruling out the duo because they had been away for studies last year. Vakalalabure was away in Australia for a year to pursue higher professional studies after which he returned to Fiji in mid-2013.

  4. Aiyaz and Riyaz Kaiyum, just go crawl back into your mother’s asshole where you were born from. We hate you both to death. You your immediate families and descendants will be boiled alive.

  5. Khaiyum scared to confront truth about muslim domination and favoritism. Gets the police to censor LQ.
    Can the police also update the public on the progress on the complaints lodged against Bainimarama by Mick Beddoes, Assault case on Felix Anthony and the Brutality Case of the Prisoners?

  6. Too many idiotic comments by you antis!

    Grow up!

    The Elections Office is independent and does not side with anyone!

  7. Civil disobedience is usually generated for good reason. When people feel frustrated after living under insane, tyrannical leaders who loot their country, then the only power they have is to throw rocks.

    As for the Elections Office being independent, I’m proud to be Fijian – you may not have had rocks thrown at you, but you are stoned out of your mind.

  8. Anyone in good mind and senses know the Election office is not independent.
    They are controlled by Khayium. The election will never be free, fair and credible.
    Enough of looting of taxpayers money by the regime.

  9. Bainiamrma should stop fooling the Indians that they have equal citizenry. Bainimarma and Khayium should go and look at the meaning of equal citizenry. You two liars just fooling Indians to get votes.

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