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Changing the law weeks before the election?

Changes in the Electoral Decree

7:26 TodayTaken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

Changes have been made to the Electoral Decree provision on the eligibility of candidates that wish to contest the elections. Section 23 of the Decree states that a person is eligible; if they are ordinarily resident in Fiji for at least two years – immediately before being nominated. Subsection five says, a person is deemed to be ordinarily resident if that person has been out of Fiji for official government duties or holding an official government position in any other country. Now, following the amendment, which was gazetted by the Chief Justice and Acting President Anthony Gates, a person can only qualify if that person has been “present and living in Fiji for a total period of not less than 18 months out of the two years immediately before being nominated”. The amendment, dated 31st July is now in effect.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21871/changes-in-the-electoral-decree#sthash.29FKedKR.dpuf


46 thoughts on “Changing the law weeks before the election?

  1. Well its only fair that the people who have resided in Fiji in the twenty four leading up to the election be selected in the first instance.

    Cant have any fly-by-niter arriving on your door steps after being abroad for any length of time and expect to be selected aye?

    By-the bye not one of the parties vying for office have ever address the needs of the common people.

    In to-days papers the soli-sona party are concerned about roads, the National-FarkedUp-Party are concerned about the PWD while the Labour Party and its convicted leader seems to be concerned about the biasness of the media.

    Common guys stop your self-preservation and concern yourself with needs of the people instead of finding ways to line your pockets.

  2. The permanent secretary earn over $200,000 while the civil servants earn below the poverty line.Why their has been just a big gap in the salary for civil servants compared to what P.S. are receiving?

  3. Anon.

    You seem to be hard done by with your sup-positional claims, facts is whats need, nothing more nothing less.

    How much paisa was your father receiving while in office among other crooked dealings?

    Who in their right mind can trust a thief?

  4. Remember this, the 2014 Budget: selling the farm assets? Yes, Rewa Dairy was also sold to CJ Patel, the same crook who owns pro-dictatorship Fiji Sun newspaper. It was facilitated by the corrupt and lying Khaiyum’s corrupt Aunty Bano Ali, who got paid over one million dollars for her services. The Fiji Airways AIRBUS planes do not belong to the people of Fiji! They belong instead to Waqavuka Limited, which is also run by Bano Ali on behalf of Khiayum and Bainimarama …… What else are these lying, corrupt, criminals also hiding from the people of Fiji?! Especially when the y have banned the auditor general from revealing any of their secret deals and multiple salaries!

    So if Khaiyum and Bainimarama win the elections then they will do more than just hide the truth from you the people, they will continue to:
    steal Fiji’s wealth and resources
    give their uneducated children, family and friends top jobs that they know nothing about
    steal native lands
    lie to your faces
    beat-up and intimidate citizens
    rule Fiji for ever, because they will change all the laws and the constitution to give them what they want, and worst of all will become acceptable under their dictatorship!

  5. Anon.

    You quite wrong in that Papa Frank made certain your convicted father would never see the light of day participating in politics,hence the reason he and his head henchman set about ensnaring the both of you.

    Look at you now, nothing more than a useless arse-wipe.

  6. My apologies for the deceitful mongoose trying to pretend he is a Fijian. As we have seen the last few years – it is in our genes.

  7. It’s appalling how the Aaina host Veena Bhatnagar is blatantly debating with Prof. Biman Prasad on behalf of government/Fiji First Party. This is in stark contrast to the treatment she gave to the AG on her shows. She looks totally irked every time something positive is said about NFP and takes cheap shots at Prof. Prasad. This show is so outrageous that it can become a classic case study for gutter level/partisan media politics.

  8. Lord Sharma.

    What’s in your genes?

    I think you have confused brawn for brains.

    Here i tell what find yourself a 200mm long piece of sliced carrot and and shove where the sun don’t shine and try breathing in and out in a rapid motion to see if it makes any difference to your genes.

  9. Veena Bhatnagar is only doing her job, asking the tough questions and in a laid-back sort of way shove the wind up Biman.

    It would be fair to say the likes of FLP and NFP is wasting their time the Indian people have kicked them for six.

  10. Ratu Sai
    Time will tell Indians will not vote for FF. Veena is a regime supporter. Why she does not ask questions to regime :
    1.Why auditor general’s report has not been published since 2006?
    2. Why the salary was done by aunty nur for the regime ministers?
    3. Why the salary for Bai was increased to $280,000?
    4. Why cost of food has gone up by 60% since 2006?

  11. All decisions by the Bainimarama govt are unlawful – NFP
    Monday, 04/08/2014

    NFP President Tupou Draunidalo at a NFP campaign meeting. [ Photo: NFP Facebook ]
    The National Federation Party has made its stand clear in a campaign meeting in Tamavua that all the decisions made by the Bainimarama led government over the past eight years are unlawful.

    NFP President Tupou Draunidalo said the NFP strongly believes that the decisions will only be legalized through the people’s vote.

    While speaking at Tamavua Primary School, Draunidalo said NFP has never supported coups and questioned people on whether they want to vote for parties that have coup makers and coup supporters.

    About 500 people attended the campaign meeting in Tamavua.

  12. The EUS data at the household level indicate that the percentage of population in households below an estimated poverty line, changes as follows, between 2004-05 and 2010-11:

    * in Fiji overall, poverty increased from 30% to 45%
    * in rural areas, poverty increased from 34% to 55%
    * in urban areas, poverty increased from 25% to 35%

    The EUS individual worker data indicate that

    * poverty of the workers depending on subsistence increased from 35% to 67%.

  13. Anon.

    You assertions are implausible in fact its what we call back in the days as ucu mai duru in your case its ucu mai noumi sona.

  14. Auditor General’s Reports 2007 – 2013) & the reason why Chapter (10) of 2013 Constitution on Immunity is so entrenched?
    It is clear now from Bainimarama’s statement today that the Reports of the Auditor General from 2007 -2013 will not be accessible to anyone until the next parliamentary session.
    This therefore means, all instances of deliberate omissions, abuse, scandalous dealings, conflicting interest undertakings, kicks-backs, nepotism, abuse of office and self enrichment arising between (2007 – 2014) from the $17 Billion expenditure undertaken by Bainimarama and Khaiyum will not be known until after the Elections
    Now, after the Elections when the change of government does take place and the accounts for the past 8 years is examined from audit findings those implicated in the Bainimarama government will be immune from prosecution.
    The 2013 Constitution imposed on the people has blanket immunity provided for all civil and criminal liability for all members of Bainimarama regime from 2006 December to the date of the first sitting of parliament. This means they cannot be prosecuted for any instances as they have full immunity covering corrupt practices and abuse of office in both civil and criminal jurisdiction.
    Simply WOW!
    The above should tell us clearly;
    1. Why the Yash Ghai Draft was trashed and discarded?
    2. Why such blatant and broad immunity provision was included in the Constitution
    which protects the regime members from all financial and other offences?
    3. Why the Auditor Generals Reports are hidden and concealed?
    4. Why it is virtually impossible to change/amend the Constitution?
    Read the immunity provision below and then you will understand why there is so much secrecy on all aspects of the regime ‘modus operandi’.

  15. Bainimarama has finally revealed his pay. It comes in at nearly $280,000. That makes Frank Bainimarama the highest paid Prime Minister EVER in Fiji’s History. There is NO WAY TO VERIFY these claims because:
    There are NO AUDITED ACCOUNTS of Government
    There are NO AUDITED ACCOUNTS of the PM’s Office funds

    If you are a regime supporter or the Fiji Sun you will take them at face Value but if you are a thinking voter or even a true journalist you will want to have some questions answered.

    1- When Bainimarama held the coup he insisted all ministers have a 30% pay cut. He himself said he would continue to receive only the commanders pay of circa $70,000. He is now receiving 4 times that amount. Who else in Fiji has had a fourfold increase in Salary in the last 8 years? Most people are now earning less in real terms than they were in 2006.

    He went on the record in 2006 and said NO ONE INVOLVED IN THE COUP would benefit financially. $280,000 IS A HUGE BENEFIT

    2- Who authorized Bainimarama’s massive pay increase?
    3- When did he get his 400% pay Rise?
    3- Why is he paid by Aliz Pacific and not by the Ministry of Finance?
    4- Where are the declarations about his children?
    5- Are there any Trust accounts of which he or any member of his family is a beneficiary, a contributor or a Trustee?

  16. Anon.

    The immunity clause in the current constitution is no different to the 1990 constitution where the said document give blanket immunity to Rabuka and his subordinates.

    This auditors generals report isn’t worth the paper its written on in fact all its good for is arse-wipes.

    The NFP ought to know all Laws decreed immediately after Qarase and his members of parliament ran for their lives is legal for this reason the lauan dickhead left the halls of power vacant.What Frank suppose to do?

    I certainly wouldn’t want him as captain of my ship?

    Maybe you still hurting from the 200 coup?

  17. Anon.

    Tender more credible documents rather going ape and making a right a-hole of yourself.

    Enough of the lies.

    Like your father you both have no integrity or credibility left.

    You clutching at straws.

  18. So the qualifying time is now that you must have been resident (on Fiji soil) for 18 months within the past 24 months rather that 24 months out of 24.

    Unless of course you were out Fiji on government business.

    Is that not an improvement?

  19. Every one holding a Fiji citizen should have the right to contest. Full stop Sai is no different from no school Bai.Bai is form four only and earns $280,000 in salary while graduates have no job.

  20. As THE MILITARY ALWAYS SAY: LEST WE FORGET !!!!! Very soon your time is coming Aunty NOOR and family, Aiyaz and family, and the most hated indigenous fijian family…isa how the mighty shall fall and then run and then get buturaki and then fall again….keep changing the decrees Tony ,I have already seen a vision of the buturaki meted to you.AND to the ulukau Ratu Sai you can talk whilst in the second hand green uniform from paddy’s market…..keep it and dye it orange because the prison uniform is orange .

  21. VAT will increase the disposal income for everyone. This will be spread to everyone. The people are looking forward for the reduction of VAT and will vote in numbers for NFP.
    People cannot afford three meals with the cost of food being so high when the illegal P.M. has increased his salary from $70,000 to $280,000.

  22. NFP will reduce Vat and increase duty so no impact on Prices. NFP will also increase corporate and personal taxes. So those of you who bought cars, houses etc, be prepared to have it be sold by the banks as your take home pay will go up by at least $400 per fortnight if you earning $30,000. If you earn $50k, you take home pay will be cut by approx $600 per fortnight.

    Biman is not telling you where he will get the money.

  23. Sorry you take home pay will go down by $400 per fornight of you earn $30k.

    It will go down by $200 per fornight if you earn $20k.

  24. M happy that itaukei will vote for NFP.

    It makes the chances for FF to win even greater as indo fijians will not vote for the old parties like nfp and flp.

  25. Biman is for the poor my foot.

    What has he done for the poor?

    He was milking big money all these years and only resigned because he did not get the post, not because he wants to serve the people.

    Has biman ever given money to charity? No, never.

    The ploy to reduce vat is political, not for the poor.

  26. Another stupid press release by NFP, biman and his right cherry, Kamal big mouth Ear.

    CEO FRCA is correct. Biman is behaving like a typical teacher/lecturer who can’t accept any other view except his own.

  27. Why is Biman and NFP standing under the elections if they its illegal.

    If they have ethics, they should boycott.

    But Biman is a politican that lost badly since 99. Biman himself lost badly in his home town.

    Maybe, Biman may honestly admit this.

  28. NFP will not get votes as 95% of people have already decided who to vote.

    Not For People is another name for NFP.

  29. $2,000,000 in assets declared by Biman. How about the property in NZ.

    And what have you given to the poor people in charity.

    NFP – not for Poor.

  30. Aeroplane will be flying to NZ on 18 september after losing the electioons. Biman’s ticket has been booked already.

    Biman should come clean on where and how he acquired so many properties. Did he declare his earnings from Forum Secretariat which his buddy Shiu gave to him under the table.

    Shiu is one anti fiji person. He hates the itaukei staff.

  31. Biman has wife and kids in NZ. He hasn’t done anything for his family and village. He has not declared his assets in NZ. He hasn’t declared his earnings from Forum. Have heard all these for weeks. Can you provide any evidence. I am yet to decide who to vote. But your stories about Biman has never provided any evidence. If you know so much about him, bring out photos of his NZ wife, details of NZ asset and his bank details. I will then be convinced that you are telling us some truth.

  32. This is the first time in history that school kids don’t have to pay fees and Uni fees can be paid once you start working. I call this improvement. Our poor kids are being educated for free. Everyone is be educated. No one left to beg on the streets. What is NFP going to do for poor everyday people. Is he associated to any charity? Has Biman given to the needy? From where I am sitting its clear who to vote. Unless Biman comes up with something valid. He was not answering the questions asked in Aaina instead twisting them. And for gods sake, speak either Eglnglish or Fiji Hindi. What’s up with Urdu. Mate, if you in fiji do as Fijian do! Vinaka!

  33. @A Fijian 9.41pm above. Thank you for your comments, but please think about this for a moment. The Government’s primary roles are very clear. One of these is to create an environment for all our citizens to freely live and dream and work to pursue and achieve their dreams. Government must not only ensure our freedoms but must also protect those freedoms. It is when people are free to live to the best of their abilities in harmony with others around them that we can expect and enjoy peace and harmony in our land. Freedom is therefore absolutely fundamental to achieving our personal and corporate goals.

    On education and other freebies. There may always be people who need assistance to get them started. This includes educational assistance. Education has always had a large budget allocation because of the importance of education. A responsible Government must ensure that all its citizens have the opportunity of good education. But it is our primarily responsibility as citizens to work and pay for our own education. Families must budget for the education of their children. When people expect the Government to give them free services, then we are encouraging a dependency syndrome which is not sustainable and will create more problems in the longer term. Fiji’s economy and its vast development needs should caution us to stop relying on the Government on what is rightfully our responsibility to shoulder. I think that the better policy strategy for Government would be to encourage the growth of industries, and business enterprises so that more employment opportunities are created. Then more people will have the means to pay their own education and other goods and services that the Government cannot and is not properly expected to provide freely. Let us hope that the hand-out mentality encouraged by this regime is only a temporary phenomenon. Vinaka.

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