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Of greater impact and more questionable are the inherent advantages the Bainimarama Government enjoys by being able to distribute taxpayers’ funds as a “government”, right up to election day, possibly influencing voters

‘Irregularities unlikely’ in Sept

Professor Wadan Narsey
Saturday, August 02, 2014

I suggest that most of these previous allegations were not evidence of “widespread electoral fraud” by either the SVT or SDL, but merely symptoms of government inefficiencies and a “bad” electoral system (giving and counting of preferences in the alternative vote system, “above the line” and “below the line” ambiguities).

* Lack of institutional knowledge by Supervisor of Elections.

* Elections Office lacking funding.

* Electoral officials favouring some party.

* Disenfranchisement of certain voter groups.

* Flawed registration processes.

* Lack of integrity in the electoral roll.

* The main voter roll not ready on time.

* Excessive ballot papers being printed.

* Old traditional wooden ballot boxes being used with “sufficient gaps beneath the lids to allow ballot papers to be inserted after the boxes were sealed.

* Inappropriate allocation of polling stations and ballot boxes.

* Only 12 per cent of polling stations were being headed by women.

* Composition of the polling staff not reflecting the balance of Fiji’s ethnic communities.

* High levels of invalid votes.

* No recount of some close votes.

I suspect that none of these allegations will have any relevance in the September 2014 election.

Of greater impact and more questionable are the inherent advantages the Bainimarama Government enjoys by being able to distribute taxpayers’ funds as a “government”, right up to election day, possibly influencing voters towards some government ministers or civil servants who are going to be candidates in the September election.

* These are the views of Professor Wadan Narsey and not of The Fiji Times.


15 thoughts on “Of greater impact and more questionable are the inherent advantages the Bainimarama Government enjoys by being able to distribute taxpayers’ funds as a “government”, right up to election day, possibly influencing voters

  1. 2014 will never never be free and fair under the regime.The point is the regime was never elected in the first place so an interim government for a short time is the only way for free and fair election.All signs for FF to win by rigging.

  2. Narsey’s article in the Fiji Times say’s right at the end: “The only real possibility of “vote rigging” will be if results from polling stations are systematically changed in the reporting to the central Elections Office.”

  3. The election will be 100% rigged by Khayium. All the system has been put in place.Do not go and go vote. Do not complain after the election result.

  4. “” Do not go and go vote. Do not complain after the election result “”

    The mind boggles at times.

  5. Auditor General’s Reports 2007 – 2013) & the reason why Chapter (10) of 2013 Constitution on Immunity is so entrenched?
    It is clear now from Bainimarama’s statement today that the Reports of the Auditor General from 2007 -2013 will not be accessible to anyone until the next parliamentary session.
    This therefore means, all instances of deliberate omissions, abuse, scandalous dealings, conflicting interest undertakings, kicks-backs, nepotism, abuse of office and self enrichment arising between (2007 – 2014) from the $17 Billion expenditure undertaken by Bainimarama and Khaiyum will not be known until after the Elections
    Now, after the Elections when the change of government does take place and the accounts for the past 8 years is examined from audit findings those implicated in the Bainimarama government will be immune from prosecution.
    The 2013 Constitution imposed on the people has blanket immunity provided for all civil and criminal liability for all members of Bainimarama regime from 2006 December to the date of the first sitting of parliament. This means they cannot be prosecuted for any instances as they have full immunity covering corrupt practices and abuse of office in both civil and criminal jurisdiction.
    Simply WOW!
    The above should tell us clearly;
    1. Why the Yash Ghai Draft was trashed and discarded?
    2. Why such blatant and broad immunity provision was included in the Constitution
    which protects the regime members from all financial and other offences?
    3. Why the Auditor Generals Reports are hidden and concealed?
    4. Why it is virtually impossible to change/amend the Constitution?
    Read the immunity provision below and then you will understand why there is so much secrecy on all aspects of the regime ‘modus operandi’.
    Further immunity
    157. Absolute and unconditional immunity is irrevocably granted to any person
    (whether in their official or personal or individual capacity) holding the office of, or
    holding the office in, as the case may be—
    (a) the President;
    (b) the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers;
    (c) Republic of Fiji Military Forces;
    (d) Fiji Police Force;
    (e) Fiji Corrections Service;
    (f) Judiciary;
    (g) public service; and
    (h) any public office,
    from any criminal prosecution and from any civil or other liability in any court,
    tribunal or commission, in any proceeding including any legal, military, disciplinary
    or professional proceedings and from any order or judgment of any court, tribunal
    or commission, as a result of any direct or indirect participation, appointment or
    involvement in the Government from 5 December 2006 to the date of the first
    sitting of the first Parliament elected after the commencement of this Constitution,
    provided however any such immunity shall not apply to any act or omission that
    constitutes an offence under sections 133 to 146, 148 to 236, 288 to 351, 356 to
    361, 364 to 374, and 377 to 386 of the Crimes Decree 2009 (as prescribed in the
    Crimes Decree 2009 at the date of the commencement of this Constitution)

  6. BAI nd KY, Pls. enough lies to the people, u are “fooling yourselves” u big thieves!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wat a shame to you Bainimarama? u should know who u are to God and to your people……..”kua ni lasutaki keimami tiko na kawa i taukei”

  7. As much I would like a strong challenge to FF, the truth is that the opposition is weak, scattered and self centered. With 6 or 7 opposition parties, the choice for voters is less likely to go to tom, dick or harry (kepa, biman or felix) as frank is more popular.

    Had the opposition been united as 1 party, the race would have been easily won. But its clear all are power hungry.

    So I predict FF by a large margin with sodelpa the other confirmed party in parliament. Out of the remaining parties, only one more has a chance. Its between NFP and FLp.

  8. Its official, NFP is joining Sodelpa after elections. A few official from both sides met at FTA office over the last few days but no official statement will be made.

  9. Wadan, what crap man.

    Rigging is rigging. If there were more votes than those registered, its fishy. Why give legitamacy to it. So when is a crime not a crime.

    Suggest that you have your head checked.

  10. Khaiyum’s Fiji First will win by a very large margin, consistent with the poll results shown in the Sun.

  11. Boy, this guy just loves himself, another piece of pointless drivel. Narsey may just have written it may rain on election day it would have had just as much significance.

  12. The blind support behind bai and kai is based on the premise of the lack of intellect and inability to discern the right from wrong on the act that is being showcased by the regime. All the many road works currently happening and other goodies here and there are just the regime’s ploy to build points and at the same time gain supports for the elections. So why wasn’t free schooling introduced years ago instead of this year the year of election. And as mentioned by Anonymous scribe above why will the Audit’s report never be released until after the elections. Why also the immunity provision protecting the current illegal ruler sfrom prosecution from financial misdeeds. The problem with the current opposition parties is there are not building their attacking strategies using the above as ammo. All the regime’s claim to all things good will be exposed when the how it was achieved and its implications are revealed.

  13. Annon 1.25pm

    And you can support Wadan bro as its your right. The Mr know all Wadan can condone something like that make me wonder if he is trying to cover up the ills of the former supervisor of elections.

    A wrong is a wrong. There is nothing like a big wrong or a small wrong.


  15. Someone joking on FB about civil unrest if Bhai wins election……tribes are preparing to die! and resume canibalism!!…..

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