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When the shoe is on the other foot scream intimidation…….

FijiFirst cries foul over intimidation

Updated at 8:44 am today

The FijiFirst party is calling on the Electoral Commission to address intimidation of its supporters.

A party official and Fiji’s Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says vehicles carrying the party’s stickers have been stoned and drivers harrassed in recent weeks.

Sally Round reports from the Fiji capital.

“The rear windows of many Fiji taxis are plastered with the FijiFirst poster which carries the image of its leader Frank Bainimarama.

Others carry flags but many say it’s too dangerous to carry the logo and it’s not worth the cost because of likely damage to their vehicles.

FijiFirst says some drivers now want the stickers removed.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum says some members of the police force, Land Transport Authority officials and members of the public are also harrassing the vehicles drivers and their passengers and he’s accused some officers of promoting their own political agenda.

He says the Electoral Commission needs to step in and give people confidence they can express themselves.”

FijiFirst HeadquartersFijiFirst Headquarters

Photo: RNZI / Sally Round


3 thoughts on “When the shoe is on the other foot scream intimidation…….

  1. Intimidation of their ‘supporters’? It is common knowledge that those taxi’s are being paid to plaster themselves in propaganda bastardising the Fiji flag as if the association of patriotism to the flag has any remote connection to the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama.

    Have their ‘supporters’ started whining yet about a downturn in business because taxi users don’t want to be seen cruising in all that blue muck with a treasonous coupster beaming from the back of their heads? Epic fail much.

  2. Glaring example of hypocrisy here! He cries foul over recent intimidation of taxi drivers over Fiji First stickers on their back screen. Fair enough. But why has he been deaf to the cries of many who have ben intimidated by the goons and his useless band of thieves over the past 7 years! The problem with this halfschooled lawyer is that he likes to wave the victim card when he is on the loosing end but will not allow others to grieve their victimisation when deprived of their rights and freedoms. He wants people to see him as victim when he likes it and not see others as victims when they have suffered. It is sign and certainly a behaviour of an extreme egocentric person that has no place in Fiji’s future if the country were to get back on track. We currently have the worst types of egocentric characters holding Fiji hostage today. The first is Bainimarama who has taken the country on a downward spiral because his own aim of saving himself from justice has frustratingly derailed the country’s efforts towards stability and lasting growth. The second is this useless self-promoted lawyer who has manufactured decrees like no one’s business and enforces them on people to follow as if they were stupid and had no brains! It conveys similarities in characters of Banimarama and his pet half-schooled lawyer and that is their common extreme egocentric trait. I suppose this is what Fiji will get when it votes Fiji First. The worst kinds of egocentric characters as leaders. The worst kind of self-centric government and the worst kind of people who only cry foul when they are hurt but turn a deaf ear and blind eye to others when they are hurt!!

  3. All the Bai’s cartoon stickers should be cleared out from all the Taxi’s etc; before the election day before it’s too late…..they get the cartonist sticker free nd who will pay for the damage? government money!!!

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