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Any sugestion that the people come before the MILITARY is unacceptable.

July 31, 2014 05:58:37 PM

Fiji’s military force says they are severing all ties with the Tui Namosi and territorial officer, Ratu Suliano Matanitobua, over his comments that the vanua and the people of Namosi take precedence over his military uniform.

Speaking to FijiLive, RFMF chief operations officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Amani Suliano said: “This is from the commander of the Fiji Military himself … he wants to make it clear to the Tui Namosi that we no longer want to be associated with him, we don’t have to do anything with him anymore, we are severing ties with him.”

He said the Tui Namosi should not involve the military in his political campaign.

“He has every right to contest the election. As a territorial officer, he does not need to resign. He only needs to inform us that he wants to contest unless he is a regular officer,” Lt-Col Suliano said.

“We are not happy with comments made by the Tui Namosi. He should know that as military officers we also serve the people. In fact he should not involve the military in his political campaign.

“For him to make comments like that is not right. He knows that we also have other officers from Namosi in the military who look up to him not only because of his chiefly status but because he is also a military officer. What he has done, he has put these officers in a situation where they feel confused as to what and who they should stand for. These other officers are also part of the development in Namosi.

The Tui Namosi had said in a statement this week that the vanua and the people of Namosi take precedence over his military uniform.

He also said that he decided on contesting as a SODELPA nominee out of concern to uphold and protect indigenous Fijian rights and resources.

“My role as Tui Namosi is one I am born into and I was bred to lead my people and thus I must exercise wisdom and determination to protect the interests of my people. That comes first to me over the army national uniform,” Ratu Suliano said.

“At the end of the day, I will be held accountable and will go down in the history books of my people. What that history will be, will be dependent on the choices I make for my people and the protection and preservation of what belongs to us and to our future generations.”



18 thoughts on “Any sugestion that the people come before the MILITARY is unacceptable.

  1. So what…we are very bold totell you we dont like you….thats our right!!…. Kwaca ga na vatu i ke kemudrau!!…

  2. Serve the poeple your BIG ARSE.

    The RFMF servered their OATH to Fiji and its people when they removed the very Government elected by the poeple, tortured Fiji citizens, abused Fiji citizens, sacked Fiji citizens, etc and the list goes on.

    No excuse today will justify the soldiers actions of 2006 till todate.

    Dou na tarogi na veika dau cauraka vei ira na leweni vanua o Viti.

  3. The RFMF must think we (the people) have a short memory.

    The GCC including each High Chief called onto soldiers (their own poeple) in 2006 not to follow orders to overthrow the Govermnent.

    They choose the uniform over the Vanua. One soldier was even on radio talking against the Tui Namosi.

    Sa kua mada na mai veilasutaki tiko……BOCI.

  4. Tui Namosi was born into his role as Tui Namosi. His chosen role was thus divinely delegated to him for this present time. For him to have decided to join the territorial unit was his own choice. That is why he has chosen his God-given charge over the RFMF.

    Lt. Col. Amani came out on the media politically biased which he should not have publicly exhibited as a military officer.

  5. Serve the people my Arse. All the Military has done since 1986 was serve itself and bugger the rest of the PEOPLE it was meant to serve.

  6. Dear SODELPANS – a solid 6 weeks to the elections, we need to get each and everyone registered, help out as much as we can through registering ourselves via the website, paint your house, paint your car, paint the sky, paint the buses, the market, the towns and lastly paint yourselves! Let us claim and claim our historic victory for our people and for our nation – we are all united standing shoulder to shoulder no matter what colour, creed or race you are – WE ARE ALL SODELPANS! VOTE SODELPA ON THE 17TH! RECLAIMING OUR FIJI!

  7. I hope Ratu suli had said the same thing when he joined the Namosi copper mining company. Did he think of his people then?

    Politics, politics, you can sell a double bed to the pope!

  8. Unfortunately Rt Suli is not very bright hence, the choices he made earlier. He needs good, responsible advisors esp. from amongst his own people to help him make good decisions for his people and himself.

    Being born into a chiefly position or with a silver spoon in your mouth is not synonymous with being bright, intelligent or wise. And we can all see this fact clearly evident amongst the chiefly as well as the priviledged ‘class’ (silver spoon-fed) in Fiji.

    These sought after, desirable traits are not elusive but they are definitely uninhertitable, nor can they be passed on genetically, from generation to generation. Each one of us need to work at it and earn it every step of The Way… Now, there’s a clue.

    Oh dear ragones back home, the choices, the choices, the choices we each have to make in our precious lives. True wisdom to help make those choices can only come from God…. and ALL people who are inherently good and reasonable will discern and affirm wise decisions when they see it.

  9. If the reported comments by Amani Suliano (RFMF) is true, then it reveals the very poor quality of leadership in our military. This is not surprising given Voreqe’s own pathetic, disgraceful and criminal actions and stunningly disgraceful character for many years as its commander.. Voreqe has single- handedly destroyed much of the great legacy our military once had. With the help of Gates, Shameem, Aiyaz and their criminal band, this small coterie of cowards have poisoned our nation, polluted the minds of our youth, robbed us of our rights and freedoms, decimated our mutual respect and trust and imperilled our lives for their own selfish benefit of temporary fame, fortune and pleasure for happiness and peace they will never have, neither here on earth nor in the hereafter. O God of heaven, please hear the cry of our people and nation. Please let your justice and will and purpose prevail. May we learn from the error of our ways and truly repent and return to fear your Name and love You and honour You always. In the name of Yeshuwah our Lord and Saviour we pray. Amen.

  10. I don’t see why Amani Suliano should even say anything at all. He just exposes and confirms the military’s political predisposition. Are these guys stupid or what? Well that goes to show the caliber of military leadership under the reign of the caliber of someone like Bainicici.

  11. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and to be in a position of power with no knowledge is disastrous.

    Fiji Military never had the knowledge but they are now in power…. As this is evidence in the situation re the comment made by some wanna be know it all Glorified Security Guard about the Rights of the Tui Namosi to decide for himself what he thinks fit in with his own belief.

    Military personnel are just that “GLORIFIED SECURITY GUARDS” and absolutely no different between the two professions, Military personnel are paid by the government whereas the Security Guards are paid by Civilians . Their duty is to take and obey orders.

    Higher education is not in the selection criteria for the army for as long as one can carry a gun and do what he or she is told. Now they are in the driving seats of the running of our beloved country.


    Noticed how they run their mouth without any thoughts given in the deliverance of any message they wish to deliver ????, Have you noticed how they regard building bridges roads, schools and medical centers as developments they have caused for the people yet failed to realise that the moral obligations of the government of the day is to provide those services and build those infrastructures for the the tax payer of Fiji??.

    Have you noticed how they looked for help from other countries which have no or little respect for the rights and freedoms of their people????. How they have abrogated the constitution and blatantly introduced a new one and included in it how they should be protected and unharmed for their actions in the hardship, torture, murder, rape, treason, atrocities that they have caused the citizens of Fiji??? How they are trying to supress the availability of the records of the election after the election to furnish their corrupt plans???.
    How they have caused the Asian company to dig up Vanualevu and ship soil and all to China without the feasibility studies required for the impact on the environment and land owners of those parcel of lands????
    How they have got the poor poorer and the rich richer in the taxation they introduced????
    How they have caused destructions and displacements of our beloved hardworking Indian brothers and Fijian Sugar cane Farmers all around the country, displacing them and not have anything in place to cater for these problems??? . Destroying railways and introducing mechanical cane harvestors which replaced unemployed men from the villagers and settlements who looked forward to the harvesting seasons as a source of miniscule income for their villages and families???

    Lack or no accountability when one of the military personnel did wrong??.

    Now do we still expect these thugs to run our country, our lives, take away our freedom and the freedom of our generations to come. Politic is not part of who they are because they don’t have the knowhow to be able to have wider views of the future and to make rational decision for the benefits of us all.

    In plain terms we don’t need another year of Military rule.

  12. I think your generalised characterisation of the military is wrong. Amani Suliano is clearly not the best example of the military professional for goodness sake. Your assertion that high education is not a criteria is wrong. Character, honour and leadership qualities are the most important criteria in the military. Suliano scroes low on that period. Just like his boss Frank. High education is actually useless without character and a moral compass.Look no further than Khaiyum and corrupt individuals across all ethnic devides in Fiji. Some have fronted the court others continue to hold government positions!!!
    The military as an institution is not the problem; Nor is the RFMF the problem; the problem are the power hungry low lifes that used the military for their purposes. However do not forget that the military wil always be a reflection of the society from which it is raised!!! When you look at the military you are looking at Fiji in the mirror. Good thing is that in no time the military will return and realign back the profession of honour it should be. Only after Frank and Khaiyum and their accomplices have faced the gallows will the country and its military return to their normal senses!!!

  13. Rose,

    the military is the problem, they have no guts, they take sides, and are full of egotistical gun totting idiots.

    The chiefs don’t hold the card, they can bark for as loud as they can but its the military that should stand fast beside the elected Government of the day.

    Of course they haven’t in the last 20 so years, they have taken sides and decided for themselves to rule in the last 25 years….

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