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Grand coalition
Dr Sushil K Sharma, Lautoka
Though not an impossible task, but a very difficult and uphill battle because of the very short time left before the September 17 elections, the Bainimarama Government is beatable at the polls by a unified grand coalition team of all the opposition parties, provided they have the spine to work in the interest of Fiji, rising above petty party politics, often immersed in personal egos, blinkered aims and short-term goals.
This scenario is possible provided all the opposition parties meet face to face and talk and unify urgently and immediately into a focused agenda- driven grand coalition, able to provide an alternative preapproved and publicised cohesive national unity team.
The grand coalition team has to be willing to take over the reins of government on September 17 democratically, by providing a reformed agenda of leading a new government of national unity with a common purpose to work for the people by understanding their needs and wants first and foremost.
If at all required, any future review of the 2013 constitution by this grand coalition, has to be done as per process and procedure outlined in the 2013 Constitution.
This means that changes will need full mandate and approval of 75 per cent or more of the parliamentarians after a bill for the amendment has been raised in parliament and read at least three times with the second and third reading at least 30 days apart with full debate and providing the 75 per cent threshold mandate at both the second and third reading, further provided that before the third reading of the Bill in Parliament can take place, the relevant committee of Parliament has reported to Parliament.
After approval and notification to the President, who shall then refer the Bill to the Electoral Commission to conduct a referendum of all the registered voters in Fiji to vote on the Bill, the President will assent to the Bill provided that three-quarters of the total number of registered voters in Fiji have agreed to the Bill.
Now that we are guided by the 2013 Constitution which Bainimarama helped accomplish, and this remains no secret; it is not true and definitely a myth that only the Bainimarama Government can and will be able to offer the mission and visions articulated in the new constitution.
In my opinion, it is best that all the opposition parties combine well before the elections and announce their national unity message and their offerings to Fiji as a grand coalition.
In my personal view, a government of national unity is the only way forward for multi-cultural and diverse Fiji and will provide much needed stability; not by the barrel of the gun, but by the pooling of thoughts, ideas, ability to work together and reach compromises establishing a genuine notion and determination to create a truly all-inclusive Fijian society, ahead of self-interest and grandstanding.


30 thoughts on “Ex Fiji Sun

  1. How can this be achieved when SODELPA (for instance) will make sure Fiji becomes a Christian state and bring back the Qoliqoli Bill when NFP/FLP/PDP are all opposed to these two important SODELPA issues?

    Marriage of inconvenience dina ga qo and a very unlikely dream which leads to nowhere!!!

    Fiji must come first – So vote for FijiFirst!!!

    A vote for Fiji First will also ensure true democracy and equality for all. iTaukei rights will be protected and so are all other races’ rights.

    Fiji must unite and build a new and better beginning for our future under FijiFirst.

  2. Taukei

    Indo Fijians are been fooled by the regime. Civil service, police etc have over 75% i takuei. Bai is hoodwinking the Indo Fijians to get votes.Their is no equal citizenry and it will never be!
    By calling everyone Fijian does not matter when nothing is equal.
    This election is for the i taukei to decide their future. Simple.
    SODELPA or FF.

  3. There has not been any real growth in the economy and an average 1.7% is very minimal plus the devaluation of Fiji dollar.
    To make worse we are living in an animal Farm kind of society where there are some that are more equal then others.PS are paid $220,000.00 which NOT justifiable when 45% of people live in poverty.
    Voreqe and Khaihum are paid over $1.3 Million more than the PM of Australia and NZ.
    Cost of living has increased to 40% in the last 8 years.

  4. This election has only one primary goal. To legitimise the power, authority and control of Bai, Khai and their band of criminals. Wait for more irregularities to come. So what do we do in response to this? Do we just fold our arms and thank young Saneem and his coach Khaiyum? What about the false declaration of assets? Please my fellow countrymen. It is time we tell them enough is enough. No more of this evil and cunning decisions and actions.

  5. I suppose there will always be dreamers around, and this article has been written by one of them.

    If the present government is as bad and as disliked as we read here and on the other major blogs it will surely be kicked out in September.

    But we all know that even if the opposition parties were to form one big coalition before the election and possibly win all we would be in for is 4 years on infighting between a few selfish individuals arguing over who should be king or queen of parliament. Whilst this goes on Fiji will simply stagnate or disintegrate !

  6. Biman needs to acknowldge the fact that Fiji has grown for 5 consecutive years not achieved since the early 1990s.

    What type of academic is prof Beman when his own articles state that fiji was affected by the coup, commodity prices and GFC prior to 2009.

    Prof, do you agree that the govt has arrested the decline in the economy and is now growing at above potential.

    Secondly, any first year student will tell you that average is not a good measure. Especially if you include out lier years such as the GFC.

    Thirdly, this growth has been achieved without international support.

    The reality is that NFP will not win any seat again.

    Rishi ram is compalining about the stickers on taxis. Can he stop being a hyporcrite as Biman’s picture is on some taxis.

    A vote for NFP is a vote for GCC,No GCC and buying 2 chickens for 40 cents.

  7. A good idea Sushill and can work provided that thieving, and lying bastard chaudhary is not involved in any way. I see great potential for consensus amongst the other party leaders – as I believe that they will be able to work towards putting Fiji first. It is not going to be easy but someone needs to take the lead and I suggest that either Temumu or Biman start the discussions.

  8. Come on Kai Colo, SODELPA can not even sort their own party out and work together now. Two wannabes vying for for the throne, it’s a joke.

  9. NF at 9.41 and Anonymous at 9.52 your ideas seem part of hallucinations that you are having to give yourself some satisfaction. Think of something more serious and real. Your ideas are getting boring.

  10. NFP will sleep with Fiji first after elections. That’s what their candidates are saying at rallies. They say, don’t vote for Ff, vote for us as we will be in coalition with FF.

    NFP should ask its candidates.

  11. Biman or Beman.

    Ask the usp lectures except sunil, neelesh, baljeet as they all were sucking up to Beman. Sunil and beman were dating the same student.

  12. 12 people attended NFP rally in Nasinu.
    7 in vunisamola ba
    14 in wailoku
    25 in lautoka
    35 minus 10 officials at ba sangam
    13 in valley road
    24 in nasinu
    There were 100 villages who came to dance and fill in the chairs at the manifesto launch
    And the list goes on

    NFP khalas mama

  13. Has beman declined his contract earnings from forum sec?

    Maybe his pal shiu can spill some beans?

    Beman has no interest of the people of fiji as his wife and family are in NZ. He has no allegience to fiji.

  14. FLP at 10.52
    Does that mean the woman who has been teaching at USP all these years, and stays with him isn’t his wife. Seriously, check your facts. Can’t digest the truth that Biman has a family staying with him here in Fiji! Definitely another of Labour lies.

  15. NFP is looking stronger day by day due to quality and competent nominations for parliament.

    I-taukei members are of high caliber with experience, education and qualification , etc

    Professor Biman is behaving like a true leader now , a strong and stable modern leader who is not afraid to talk issues that affect the people.

    Go on Professor and win the election and deliver high class services to the people which NFP was denied in 1987 for Mr Koya to become PM .

  16. NFP – The National Traitors

    “Conversely, many Indo-Fijian supporters of the National Federation Party (NFP) in the 2001 poll may not have been aware that votes for NFP candidates, all of whom lost, were to be transferred to the indigenous-dominated United Fiji Party (SDL). Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase of the SDL has admitted that his party won a number of seats on NFP “preferences,” as transferred votes are known.” (Source: Wikipedia)

  17. Before the elections of 2001 and 2006, NFP demanded that if FLP wanted its preference then FLP should give 7 of its ‘blue ribbon’ seats to NFP!! FLP naturally refused to accept this unholy demand. As a result, the shameless traitors as NFP was and is gave its preference to SDL. The funny thing was that NFP did not make any demand for seats from SDL. NFP sold its soul for FREE!!

  18. Lelo – true colors of FNPF.

    Biman said new FNPF. Wasn’t he there in 1999? Attar, raman pratap, parmod and others,

    Beman should stop fooling the people and tell the people will he join sodelpa or FF?

  19. @Boring NF & Anonymous 10:13 PM

    “” NF at 9.41 and Anonymous at 9.52 your ideas seem part of hallucinations that you are having to give yourself some satisfaction. Think of something more serious and real. Your ideas are getting boring.””

    Obviously you have not got the intelligence to recognise the reality, let alone the seriousness of it. It may be boring to you but having to repeatedly hear something you wish to deny would become monotonous.

  20. Annon 8.57pm

    Freedom of speech my friend, unless you you have your own defination and interpretation to suit your agenda.

    NFP stands for not for parliament.
    The new NFP is no different from the old – just less people now.

  21. VERY SORRY TO YOU “FIJI FIRST” YOURS IS THE PIT OF HELL THIS SEPTEMBER ELECTION……….Bai nd Kai don’t play around with the Government Asset or iTaukei Land etc;……iTAUKEI people and the indo fijians pls. don’t vote for this party they are taking us to danger!!!!! To all the Chiefly post in all the 14 Provinces in Fiji, Pls. do wake up regarding to the “2013 Bullshit Constitution” they made(hired someone from overseas) BAI, don’t u know that Khai is using u to get wat he wants? Stop fooling your fellow ITaukei people!!! Your eyes are blind and your ears are deaf and u barking around like a dog with no tail.


  23. Taukei, why do you question our desire to have our country a Christian state. The God of Abraham is the God of all nations. He is the Creator of the universe. He loves all people and nations and He controls, force, matter, time, space, energy, the physical, metaphysical and all realms and has absolute and total power, authority and control of everything past, present and future. Do you really know him Taukei? Please seek to know Him more intimately before you open your foolish mouth. Better you stop opening your foolish mouth before you warrant His justice and wrath.

    Allah is not the God of the Torah and the Bible. His followers have become some of the most violent and murderous creatures known. They hate our God and they hate Israel. They have pledged to exterminate the Jews and annihilate the nation of Israel. Where do we stand Taukei? Are you with Aiyaz and his false god or are you with us and the God of Heaven and Earth and Israel? The day is coming Taukei. No, let me make this very clear to you and to all our people in Fiji, especially Christians of all ethnic groups. This election and the current national situation is a call for us to stand for God and His principles. Parties and candidates are not perfect. people are not perfect. But our choices will largely reflect our stand for God and for His love and purpose for all people. Our God is the God of all nations and people. But He has given us the choice, to stand with Him or against Him.

    One day soon, we will account for every thought, word and action. Only what we choose to do for God will stand. All other decisions are of little or no eternal value. Please make the right choice and choose Jesus Christ. Without Him, there shall be no peace in your heart. No peace for the community. No peace and blessing for our nation.

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