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Fiji bullies Solomons

Fiji suspends code-share flight with Air Niugini

Tuesday, 29/07/2014

The Solomon Airlines has strongly condemned the action of the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji for suspending its code-share flight with Air Niugini however the Fijian government stresses that it is ready for talks to break the impasse.

This came after the airline’s current Honiara-Nadi code share flights operated by Air Niugini were suspended last week forcing many passengers booked through Solomon Airlines to miss their flights.

In a letter to the Solomon Airlines, Fiji’s Permanent Secretary for Civil Aviation, Sharvada Sharma stated that given the breach of the Air Services Agreement and the suspension of services to Fiji by Solomon Airlines, any designated airline of the Solomon Islands will not be allowed to operate or sell services to Fiji from the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Airlines CEO, Captain Ron Sumsum said Fiji Airways has had every opportunity to code share with Air Niugini from Nadi to Port Moresby but has decided not to participate.

He added its approach to this entire situation can only be described as a ‘Bully Boy’ approach and one that they do not intend taking too lightly.

Attorney-General and Minister for Civil Aviation, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, said after the Solomons Government banned two successive Fiji Airways flights from Nadi to Honiara in breach of our Air Services Agreement, the decision was made to suspend all Solomon Airlines flights until the matter is resolved

Sayed-Khaiyum explained that the suspension includes selling seats on airlines designated by Solomon Islands as code share partners.

He said they regret the inconvenience to the travelling public but this action was triggered by Solomon Islands and the responsibility lies with Honiara to make the first move.

Sayed-Khaiyum reiterates that Fiji is willing to hold discussions to break the impasse, but he made Fiji’s conditions very clear.

Story by Filipe Naikaso


2 thoughts on “Fiji bullies Solomons

  1. Seems everyone else is to blame for everything under the sun but ASK and the Civil Aviation Ministry. Got to wonder why the PS for Civil Aviation left. Just before elections…

  2. Word from Sols is that Fiji is not only bullying but also seriously undermining the deeply entrenched relationship Fiji and Sols always had from more than 100 years ago. Wantok brothers think this is really just the regime (Aiyaz) way of rubbing it in. Fiji government had to beg Sol Government to pay Fiji Government for its delegation to go and celebrate its independence last year, and this was the return gesture as a mark of appreciation for that investment in the deep relationship both countries always had.

    Anyway, most Sol people thought that when the delegation was in Honiara they acted like Solomon people owed them the world. They saw the delegation (mostly military) as arrogant and presumptuous, if not uppity. They acted like they were recent war combatants from middle east instead of the tucked-in- hole-in-the-ground peacekeepers that they really are. But they were fainting all over the place during the parades (from the heat!!). Even the war veterans from the WWII they took over for the celebrations fared better by comparison, which reflects the completely different caliber of soldiers we have now compared to those ‘real’ veterans.

    Sol people now understand the nature of this regime and the kind of attitude it has to the Solomon Islands. Their useless Ambassador to Fiji, Patterson Oti, is now being singled out as a hopeless non-performing regime puppet being manipulated by Inoke Kubuabola. By the way where is Inoke right now during this fiasco? He is in China lifting his sulu and bending over as usual to the authorities there. Sols is the least of his concerns.

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