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Ex Fijileaks

FijiFIST Party: Fijifirst party candidate Nemani Bainivalu loses temper and assaults man in the Wainivula Church Hall: “O iko na luveni kailoma sega kemu qele”; Luveni turned blind eye to co-candidate’s violent rage!


13 thoughts on “Ex Fijileaks

  1. “Oh, you, son of a Part-European, you don’t have any land”
    By Fijileaks Ex-Fiji SUN Election Team in Fiji

    Reports have been received from Wainivula that Fiji First candidate Nemani Bainivalu lost control when he was bombarded with questions from voters. Dr Jiko Luveni was also present. Bainivalu used abusive language and assaulted a man when answering questions.

    The Fiji First party was queried on pressing issues such as:

    · The deletion of the entrenched legislation which gave veto powers to 9 members of the GCC to the senate to oversee legislation that may affect any changes to the Native Land Trust Act

    · The effects of the Land Use Decree 2010 and the complete powers given to one person the PM to control the administration of land deposited in the Land Bank

    In the exchange of heated debate Bainivalu told the man in Fijian:

    “…..o iko na luveni kailoma sega na kemu qele”; Bainivalu then physically assaulted the man.This was done in front of people gathered at the Wainivula Church Hall. They were completely shocked at the behavior of Bainivalu and the lack of control from Luveni and other party officials.

    This is a glaring example of the dictatorial attitude now displayed by Fiji First candidates who are following in the footsteps of their leader.

    The heat is up and the lies of the regime are now being exposed as the general public is now being informed of the real intent of Bainimarama and Khaiyum to enslave all of us in their constitution.

  2. When the heat is on the true color of the members gets exposed which is they are not people friendly really. They just walk around with a false cover as being benevolent to people. In fact they only try to gain support by all that they do and when put to the true test they fail. The regime is selective with whom they are friendly with which is shown in this episode. They like people who do not ask the hard questions. Those who do become victims of the regime’s spite. Another bai who has become a true disciple of the bigger bai.

  3. This is just a little taste of what is about to come. Fiji First will fight for every seat in parliament and it will not hesitate to use all tools in the box to achieve this. As Fijians can be a bit stubborn, some of them will need a bit of physical education to help understanding why Khaiyum’s Fiji First is the only choice that will be tolerated. Only with Fiji First in power we will be able to satisfy our urgent need to control Taukie land.

  4. Dearest Aunty,

    The ignorance of the uneducated masses never ceases to amaze me.

    When we said “we would fight for their rights and equality”, they have obviously misinterpreted. We should have made it clearer by letting them know we are fighting THEM for their rights and equality. That is why these morons need us. That is why the dumb Fijians should not have any rights. That is why we are fighting them for their rights. It can’t get any more simple than that.

    Also, there is a physical connotation to fighting. We have instructed our candidates to use violence and verbal abuse if they get any questions they can’t properly (or truthfully) answer. The standing instruction is (in such a situation) find the smallest and weakest person in the immediate vicinity and punch them in the face. This will also act as a metaphor for how we intend to campaign.

  5. Nemani Bainivalu- India trained and supposedly a symbol and preacher of racial tolerance at its best. Ditch the Koran and get the Bible back my friend. Politics would be too hot for you.
    Wa nanavu.

  6. Way to go luvena. Beat the shit out of them if they disagree. How dare they ask silly questions. Well done!

  7. Lol…..what more would anyone expect from a dumb ass nigger of a Fijian with a coconut for a head. Does not take much to drop the coconut, just need to shake the tree and the coconut fell…lol…Oh oh oh wasn’t/ isn’t Fiji First a champion of Equality…no not for the Kailoma’s….sorry fellers…you are a son of a white man and you have no land hence, you have no say…..lol.,….well the coconut does not fall far from the tree that grew it and Im sure Franky boy must love hi Bainivalu….

  8. Who u calling nigger u illegal immigrants brought here by the british and stayed here without proper papers and now the cause of all this problems happening in Fiji.We were warriors true to our chiefs but u came here and spread to us the lamusona sickness and all this lawaki,stealing,suiside.

  9. Fiji has and will continue to have the government its’ population deserves. If you ask the government silly questions, well you do not get a hearing in court, but a punch in the nose. Wonderful country really.

  10. bwahahahahaha, tu na da! Bainivalu can’t take the heat, go home and wank yourself to oblivion. Cava na via veivacu tiko ni o sa tarogi mai ena taro mosimosi? Cici levu. Dou vicai vakaukauwa na Fiji First, yavu fuckall kei nomudou liuliu..

  11. What Bainivalu has been alleged to have done is nothing compared to what his gang leader Voreqe has done on a regular basis since 2000. Bainivalu also demonstrates he does not have any reservation at all to swear and abuse people he has differences with. Both characters represent the kind of stupid and simple minded people who think that leadership is anyone’s ‘game’, just like touch rugby. Why does Bainivalu think he has what it takes to be a parliamentarian? Why does our one-legged athlete think he must be voted into parliament? How does running with one leg qualify him to be a lawmaker and a productive member of Fiji’s new parliament?

    The answer again stares at us in the face, in the person of the lying, criminal, murderous, half school, arrogant, stupid, dimwit, mentally unstable thief called Voreqe. If such a person can appoint himself as pm, multiple minister and party leader, Bainivalu and our famous athlete are also more than worthy to stand for their kind of parliament of fools and thieves.

    One way to approach this question of candidacy and elections is to envision what sort of parliament will it be if we allow anybody to become a member. Let’s fast forward and imagine the new parliament of Fiji. We have Voreqe as the PM, Khaiyum as his deputy and AG, Shameem as the Chief Justice, Gates as President, etc etc Then we have Bainivalu, and others making up the numbers. The bullshit constitution is now the paramount law of the Voreqe.Khai kingdom of Fijiana. They are judged blameless and ruled as untouchable by their Law. Can you see what will happen? Bainivalu and all our other idiots who trotted to parliament under Voreqe’s wings will just go there and have a good time. They are not needed because whatever the king’s brain says is right and good and just and equal goes. No one can disagree, no questions, no ifs and buts and where and why and how? And it does not really matter what others think. It is their kingdom and everybody is there at their behest. Total power, total control, over all people, all resources, all organisations, etc. Remember, no more GCC, no more opposition. Imagine what it will be like ?

    The king and his brain owns Fiji Airways already through Waqavuka. They control FNPF, FIRCA, ATH, and other strategic entities through their Sri Lanka dog, They control the judiciary and the courts. They control the media. They control people’s minds. They control all the tertiary institutions in Fiji. They actually now ‘own’ Fiji. What about their supporters and electorate who voted for them? What about the people of Fiji? What? What people?

    Well, you ask, what about the name of their party? Oh, that’s right. Fiji First? Well, that was simply a winning slogan for the election campaign to further confuse and mislead people like Hon Bainivalu and our Hon One legged Champion athlete. Well, If they had a clear brain, they would have seen the constitution for what it really is. They would have seen the whole series of activities and strategies behind the elections, campaign, Qorvis, Shazzer, media decrees, Methodist ban, GCC dissolution, Yellow Ribbon, free bus fares, free education, etc etc . The constitution is really a document that declared the establishment of a new kingdom in Fiji. The King and head is Voreqe and the brain is Khaiyum, and the power that wields the legal power is Shameem as CJ. The so called new parliament is really a grand circus to entertain the masses and gives the fijiana smile to the world. The kingdom belongs to the king, his brains and his children and inner ci. All the rest of the monkeys in parliament will just dance and shake to the music provided by the band. Then they share the goodies and whatever remains is shared amongst the rest of the people of Fiji. This is the future that Voreqe secretly yearns for. But this is not the kind of future we want for Fiji.

    I wonder what Bainivalu, Taukei, Nabua Prince, and all the many barking dogs are going to do then? The answer is painfully obvious. Absolutely nothing. No one else matters, except the king, his brain, his powerful hand, and his children and servants. Now you wonder why Voreqe realises what he is doing. Oh yes, just a reminder. He was treated at St Giles. He robbed our nation. He took the Government by force. He has tortured and killed many innocent people. he pardoned his bro in law. he promoted his children. He lied to everyone. he swears and cheats and abuses people, even his loyal priest. I am quite sure he lied to the Pope when he and Mary were in Rome. All that is nothing because they were done illegally. But now, in the new parliament, he is absolutely free to be himself, without legal and moral bounds. It will be his kingdom of Fijiana. Welcome to the future everyone.

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