NFP Leader says they never said they will reinstate GCC

Sunday, 27/07/2014

Leader of the National Federation Party, Professor Biman Prasad

The Leader of the National Federation Party, Professor Biman Prasad said they have not said anywhere in their manifesto that they want the Great Council of Chiefs to be reinstated.

Prasad said they have only said that within the first 100 days in
government, they will be calling a meeting of the Chiefs and the head of Yavusa’s to discuss issues in relation to the itaukei administration and discuss issues about other provisions in the constitution within the parliamentary process.

While speaking at a party campaign meeting at Navo Mandir in Nadi, Prasad also made the party’s stand clear on the 2013 constitution.

Meanwhile, Biman Prasad has also confirmed last night that lawyer, Faizal Koya will contest the general elections under NFP banner.

Story by Dhanjay Deo and Gulsher Ali


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  1. What NFP is saying is read my lips. We will call a meeting of the theifs but will not call them GcC.

    We will bullshitveveryone before elections and change our tune if we are elected.

    Our leader sai that if we have stable government and political stability, we can grow above 5%. Isn’t that what someone said and we called for his head.

    Biman is a good person but a bad politican. He thinks he is the only one smart.

    Some NFP people are not with him because right now the party is Biman and Eci.

  2. Go and see Aaina segment and 4 the records programme. Biman you will have to change your views on what makes a good politician. And then watch last week’s 4 the records programme where the interviewee was given questions beforehand and had been trained to answer the questions. Then tell all who is a good, trustworthy and genuine politician!

  3. Biman is an academic but like all academic – the Practitioner experience is always in question. What is wrong with him calling a meeting with GCC? that is a good sign. Having a good dialogue with GCC- its the best way forward. At least Biman is not a dictator, he is teacher and facilitator..I prefer him to a Dictator.

  4. Nothing wrong in calling chiefs to consult on issues affecting I-taukei people.

    NFP at least recognizes the leadership of the nation.

    I suggest to NFP to strengthen provincial leadership by allocating funds in running provincial council of chiefs as will be cost-effective and efficient.

    GCOF is a colonial hangover and the new Fiji is moving forward.

  5. Another vote wooing attempt to get itaukei votes. Either you want Gcc back or not. No middle ground to suit your agenda Biman.

    I just had there there were only 7 people in attendance to the NFP rally in Vunisamola.

    People are leaving NFP in droves. M sad to say that the party will die a natural death as the mango tree has lived its life of 50 years with no fruits for the last 15 years.

    Maybe, time for a new tree to germinate but not the mango tree or coconut palm.

  6. While I thank Biman for his wisdom and noble gesture, I think it is now time for us the native Fijians to get together to discuss and decide once and for all what we want as the indigenous people of Fiji. This includes fundamental issues such as land ownership and control, resource management, political representation, education, economic role and political power and control. This does not mean that we do so at the expense of our other members of our community. Rather, we should stop playing spectator and take responsibility for our own destiny as the indigenous people of Fiji. This should have been one of the vital roles of our defunct Fijian Administration ( Fijian Affairs )

    Our destiny must not be the prerogative of any party or Government. No, no, never again. We must make that our exclusive right and responsibility. We must decide that and no one else. Please have a think about these friends. I am willing to organise and fund this initiative. after the elections. I believe that the political stability of our nation is intricately related to our ability to govern ourselves and to succeed in these changing and challenging times. When we are happy and content, we will also be able to continue our vital role in this country, and that is to remain a wonderful host to other members of our society and to those who visit or choose to stay and live with us. A successful Native Fijian society will also minimise the culture of begging for things from cunning politicians and selling our souls to dangerous criminals such as Voreqe, Khaiyum, and Inoke. Vinaka

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