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EX Fijileaks


11 thoughts on “EX Fijileaks

  1. This Kai Samoa inoke should be hanged,we don’t Know where they,the kubuabolas stole the RATU title from .kawa Ca BOKALA.

  2. I thought the Rear Admirer wanted to be all about ‘new blood’ and not ‘old politicians’?

    What now? MORE LIES from Mr Bainimarama? When will the lies stop and truth begin?

    He must be getting desperate…

  3. He is one real bast*rd of Fiji politics.

    In May 2007 and again in May 2000, he came across as a real thug.

  4. Inoke Kubuabola was drawing closer to God before 1987,or so some people were led to believe. Something happened to him. He began to crave for power, fame and fortune. I wonder which verse in the Bible inspired him to change direction. While in the Bible Society, he was supposed to be dying (his old self) and for Christ to live. But time reveals the truth and the hidden inner desires of man. Since the 1987 coup, Inoke Kubuabola has shown that he cares less for justice, principles and peace. He has become so blinded by the lure of fortune and wealth.

    Check out his record with the collapsed NBF. Check out his conspiracy contribution to the coups of 1987 and 2006. This man has become the very illustration of Judas Iscariot. he has betrayed His Lord and God. He has betrayed his people. he has betrayed his fellow Christians. he has betrayed the country. What kind of person has he become? Yes, sadly, the conclusion is very obvious and apparent. He stands only for what benefits him, his own income, good life, and happiness. No one else matters. Nothing else matters. So to see him standing again for election only reinforces what I have just said.

    The only question I wish to pose to you Inoke is this. It is the same question you used to preach and teach about some years ago. But I hope you will take the time to seriously ask and answer for yourself: What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world , but loses his own soul…? Oh Inoke Kubuabola, please share that question with Baini and Saiyad. Please repent Inoke before its too late. The Lord is returning soon. Where will you be when that day comes? I hope my friend you will have repented by then. I surely do. You will have no peace until you do. You also know that too.

  5. “” I wonder which verse in the Bible inspired him to change direction.””

    Oh Tomasi, I see you are still under the impression that your idol has to be involved in everything.

  6. No different from qaease, kepa and others. Has been moderate of the years.

    More racists people in Sodelpa and no different or worse than the taukei movement. And they said they are guided by the bible.

  7. That was precisely my point Anon 4.52. It was not God of course, It was the devil that spoke cunningly to him, just like Adam at the very beginning. I do not believe in idols for your information. Vinaka

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